May 30 2019

Good Bye Papa

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When my father was alive I found it ranzinza, turro, brave and intolerante, because it was the authority, and in that age all authority was, for me, considered an enemy. It looked to all the half ones to try to prove who it was missed, that it was duro excessively, that we with its ugly face, its pleated frown, its requirements, its norms left to all nervous and orders. What it left in them braver was that it insisted on having all the things in its had places. It liked to have everything what it was of it by hand, and he was really angry when it did not find something in the place. He was always one of us that it moved in the things of it. My mother was a species of opposition party. It contested its orders, calling it ' ' ditador' '.

It was joined we in shady lucubrations, in occult plots, in which we spoke in several and searched carefully ways of ' ' taking of poder' ' , making to go down it of that pedestal of ' ' to pater familiae' ' , of patriarcal bourgeois. Well, one day everything this finished. My father died. That of that finished everything not we liked. He was even so ' ' superego' ' , the authority that arrested in them in our places. The hard expressions and the authoritarian words had disappeared. We were free, at last! It was then that we start to observe other aspects of that absence.

We start to see that the absence of it was something terrible. We start to notice that many virtues had disappeared. We discover, sadly, that it has left of the joy of that house had IDO even so. I started to relembrar the dam banns that we took together, the long trips cavalo& My memory started to form the wonderful pictures of its fellowship.

May 30 2019

New Year

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In the banquet hall in the midst of a party, surprise guests, just in time for opening remarks the director, appears Mag. The magician offers to give the director of fulfillment. After a not very successful, but fun performance few desires, Maga asked to give a magic wand. At this magician says that cooked all the little magic wand, but along the way his team (Emelya and Ivan the Fool) had lost the keys to the chest with a magic wand, and keys were scattered over the world. Now everyone will have to visit different worlds and win the keys.

They will be accompanied by the forces of good – costumed animators (Vasilisa the Beautiful, Prince Ivan, pirates, knights, etc.). Some contend that Philip Vasan shows great expertise in this. Travel to these worlds will help the magician’s wand. So, we go … In his trip participants will visit the world of barbarians and warriors the world, will witness various scenes from the life of different nations, will learn passing an obstacle course, affected by fur club, nodding poteshatsya in combat, will learn much new, and the fight would win a decisive victory and win the keys. Complete travel fiery world where it will be possible not only enjoy the fire show, but also to participate in the dance around the campfire, shooting flaming arrows, and more. And, of course, all locks will be opened, and the magician will find a present owners, and all participants – the magic wand. In completion of the program guests will know that the Magician was a real Santa Claus, who performs any of the fabulous desires.

Dec 07 2018

The Child

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At first glance it seems that behaves like a naughty child of any age. But when normally disobeying something he does because that is what he should do and do not want to – go home from the street, brushing your teeth or go to bed on time. If, however, offer him other employment, interesting and enjoyable for him, he immediately agrees. If events unfold differently negativism. In general negativism is selective: the child ignores the demands of a family member or a kindergarten teacher, and other fairly obedient. Of course, negativism – crisis, which should disappear with time. However, thanks to a 3-year child first becomes able to act contrary to his immediate desire. That is what the child is able to not act under the influence of any accident arising of desire, and act on the basis of other, more complex and stable motifs, is an important achievement in its development.

Stubbornness. This reaction of the child who insists on something, not because he really want this, but because it is he himself. His initial decision to determine its future behavior, and to abandon it even in the changed circumstances of the child is extremely difficult. Stubbornness – no persistence with which the child achieves its goals. Stubborn child insists that what he is not so much want, or do not want, or have long ceased to want. Obstinacy. This reaction of the child, not directed against a single adult, but against the entire existing system of relations, against the accepted norms in the family upbringing.

Willfulness. The desire and the desire to do everything on their own, often inadequate capacity. For example, tie the laces on their own or go home, etc. Protest-riot. The child is in constant conflict with adults. Despotism. The child makes the parents do all that it requires. Child hard demonstrates its power over the adults around him, dictating that he would be there, but that will not be mother to leave home or not, etc.

Dec 03 2018

Child Punishment

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When children feel that you are not going to subject them to conduct their own will, but rather trying to find a reasonable solution to the situations, they show more respect and willingness to help you. WHY GIVE UP PUNISHMENT? Punishment creates fear. The child obeys, but it appear that the punishment has brought the desired effect. Carefully observing the behavior of the child after punishment, you will notice that it trying to find ways to settle scores with their batterers. He may tease younger brothers, sisters or pets, get bad grades in school, to spoil your or your belongings, runs away from home and forget about their household responsibilities.

Punishing you substituting internal control over his behavior the child need to control other people. The child becomes dependent on an adult, one whose presence can cause fear in him. Punishment has no effect on skill development to answer for their actions. You set the standards of conduct. Delinquent children try to get away. And it does not help improvement of their own moral principles. Ripple helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. You are punishing – the child is inferior. But often focuses on how to settle scores with those who punished him, and not thinking about the consequences of his misconduct, the what a lesson to learn for themselves.

Exit – self-control child. Based on the value orientations of the child. The child learns to be responsible for his actions and he behaves the way it considers appropriate. Another negative effects of punishment: – underestimation of self-esteem. It’s a mixed feeling of insults you by man, the love that you expected, it is strengthening the belief that to act from a position of strength – the only way to achieve what you want. – The child becomes suspicious and tries to hide his mistakes. Why did you decide to punish your child? Think about whether you do it out of malice, of resentment? From their feelings helplessness? Then stop, calm down and try to rethink your reaction. Ask yourself: ‘So, what I really want to teach your child right now?

Nov 14 2017


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Yes, and you start at some point realize that the more you try to express to someone your state of mind the farther from the truth you are. Therefore, this dusheizliyanie best express through more realistic communication channels, but here it would be nice to use an arsenal of smiles, stressing your emotional state. Again, always at hand any bailout zakladochki on different occasions, which, depending on the state of the soul can be another's words convey the whole gamut of emotions built up. So do not think that if you just keep silent or to embellish any information about your looks, it does not translate into further in the next drop of poison in so assiduously collected by the barrel of honey fragrant previous virtual relationships. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Larry Ellison. Unless you are going to exit from the scope of communication and leave their beloved nest, which you thoughtfully provided dating sites for serious relationships.

Excellent tool understanding of common goals and interests through a questionnaire with a list of available preferences and annexations in a variety of aspects of our lives. And once someone has noticed not only your attractiveness or explicitly primer on what you the consistency of sex every day, but also drew attention to your musical or literary preferences, emphasizing that he also likes the same not very popular in wide circles of the Executive, and yet also gave can credit a rare kvartirnichek with amateur record of your overall favorite, as it sometimes will give a hundred points the rest of kvazimacho playing the muscles on the background of painted wheelbarrows. Well, picture, respectively. .

May 04 2016

Turning Development

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He dictates everything around norms and rules of conduct: what it feed, what to wear, whom to leave her room, and who can not do that one family member, and that the others. If a family has more children, tyranny begins to take features of acute jealousy. From the standpoint of three little kids, his brothers and sisters have no family no rights. The reverse side of the crisis outlined above features of the crisis of three years could plunge into confusion many happy parents infants or yearlings. But everyone, of course, is not so bad. Faced with similar symptoms, you should keep firmly in mind that the external negative symptoms – this is only the reverse side of positive personality change, main components and the basic meaning of any critical age. In each period of development, the child has a very specific, acceptable only for this age group needs, means, methods, and interaction with the world self-awareness. After serving his sentence, they must be replaced by a new – completely different, however, only possible in the changed situation.

The emergence of a new necessarily mean the withering away of the old, the rejection of already developed behaviors, interactions with the environment. And in times of crisis, as never again, is a great constructive work of development, the sharp, significant shifts and changes in the child’s personality. Unfortunately, for many parents ‘goodness’ of the child often depends on the degree of obedience. In times of crisis to hope it is not necessary. After going on inside the child changes, the turning point of his mental development can not pass unnoticed, not showing himself in the behavior and relationships with others.

Apr 03 2016


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I will allow myself a brief digression instructive for those who are really looking for dating for serious relationship. And although it was a lot of water spilled on how to submit yourself and someone to look after dating for serious relationship, I'll take the liberty to add some individual councils in my opinion, to not spend too much time and energy to solve puzzles as a way to find your soul mate. Let's start with site selection. Which site to choose? Today, nearly all dating sites for marriage made sure to be practically clones of each other, so that once and could not tell which of them corresponds goal dating to marriage. Well, say that many of the leaders in this segment of virtual dating for marriage are in a network, whose name most people implicated in this process, well known, so that once again it does not advertise, I will omit the name. Other dating sites for serious relationships have their own degree of autonomy and try to bring some variety in the processes Accounting own form and format to communicate with other participants. Guess which option to choose, it is difficult, and perhaps not even necessary unless you're mentally prepared right on the stage of registration forms from their dignity to defend from the clouds with a demonstration of the annoying spam polorazlichitelnyh details bodily nature. This point should be taken for granted, because the more popular dating sites for serious relationships, the active in their work on our hunters carnal desires.

Sep 24 2014

Internet Wishes

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What you want? How to congratulate? This question is constantly asking himself, each of us, before leaving for a birthday or anniversary. You always want to congratulation was original and memorable. On the Internet there is service exclusive and original greetings, thanks to which anyone can find wishes, greetings and cards for every taste and for any holiday. Everyone tends to say a birthday, anniversary or wedding something very special and important. One way to surprise – is to find the original pozdravleniyav Internet. Funny and nice wishes will impress no one. Congratulations to her friend, a beloved boss or not were late, on the sites always have the opportunity to send greetings and a gift card in advance and it will be delivered on the appointed day and hour. Anniversary – a special holiday, which requires the same special treatment in the selection of gift.

To be original, and in addition, to show himself a man who really care about the gift issue, it is possible to prepare registered congratulations and wishes for the event. In order to choose the right birthday greetings that are best suited to your celebrant, use the search on the site. Among the huge selection you can pick up a greeting or a wish not only to parents and relatives, but the boss or the boss of your company. All advanced people know that now in fashion funny wishes a happy birthday. And regardless of who was responsible for celebration – the beloved, friend, best friend or parent – Funny birthday greetings will undoubtedly be the best gift for the holiday.

In our catalog you will find genuine congratulations to the most rare names. Funny jokes will live in memory, namely congratulations to emphasize your desire – to do something nice dear man. Fresh solutions and creativity are welcomed in all areas, from work, finishing with personal relationships. But when it comes to greetings birthday, people are often guided by traditional notions of preferences. Original congratulations – the best way to successfully stand out from others and to show himself as a resourceful person. To date, we can safely say that we are one of the leading sites offering original greeting service. The quality of our service cards and wishes to appreciate the many Internet users.

May 21 2012


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Men pay most attention to the face, chest, legs and buttocks women. But what attracts most women? What they like most men, first of all pay attention to the same parts? What parts of the body Most women appreciate men vary with time. Today, a canon of male attractiveness, but not so long ago was completely different. It is noteworthy that the ideal man in the past, was so called 'Male Alpha'. Most of them were strong, hard and often groomed. Caring for the appearance of men was seen as unmanly pursuit. At present the appearance of the men got a lot of changes.

The dynamics in this area will probably continue, but at present there is a focus on those body parts, who prefer modern women. 1. Strong shoulders and arms – stems mainly from the the fact that most women want protection and security from her husband. They love to cuddle up to her shoulders and strong arms, and hide in them. The contour of the shoulders as a sign of strength and masculinity. 2. Muscled chest – a chest, which distinguishes man from woman, but also both sexes pay attention to this part of the body from each other. Men admire the roundness of the female breast, and women well-built strong muscles.

They also give a woman sense of security, and demonstrate the power of men. Subconsciously, women want a man, with a clear chest. 3. Hands – large, strong hands – one of the lures for females.

Dec 20 2011

February Valentine

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A gift in the form of inscriptions of love, of candles, laid out in front of windows or your favorite loved one, talk about your feelings without any – any additional actions and words. Your loved one donate one half of the charm of the heart, and leave the other himself, as a sign of your unity, with cross-stitch. It can make your own hands, and, as we know, there's no better gift than made their own hands, despite a huge selection of ready-made gifts. So, if you have even the slightest cross-stitch skills, pre-select a beautiful original drawing heart, take 2 small pieces of cloth for embroidery, best canvas, and start to work. On one piece of fabric embroider one half of a heart, on the other mate. The amount of work is not great, so take some time, it all depends on your ability. Then ready to invest in harvesting stick, preferably in the form of a square frame.

That's an original gift is ready, it will surely please your loved one, and now your half heart will always be with him, giving love and affection. The second in a row February festival dedicated to the men, the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. And it is not dependent on military service or any – any other attitude toward military service, congratulations and a gift on February 23, should get every man, as his powerful shoulders and go to the defense of peace of mind from the various ills. And on this holiday gifts our generator, has picked up many ideas for men with a sense of humor and romantic nature, for a family man, and colleagues. When selecting a gift sure to keep in mind the tastes and preferences of the person, be sure to think about the gift, that he pleased and became a real surprise.

Originality has any gift for a man, if it is not personal hygiene, razor, cologne and socks. For co-workers will be a wonderful gift idea cup is individually decorated to each employee, for example, a humorous poem about his positive qualities, such type of services offered by many typographical company. Presenting a gift arrange with the whole team, reading poem at cup. This greeting will cheer up not only heroes of the occasion, but the entire team, it will be held in an atmosphere of laughter and fun. For close relatives original gifts will be gifts, taking into account people's interests and, of course, your abilities. Grandpa can make a gift with his own hands, place your original and individual greeting card or frame for a photo with your own photo great idea if it was a gift from the grandchildren. Wonderful family man and loved the guy can make a congratulatory magnet on the fridge, with the help of a computer disk, colored paper and photography, holiday chains and add a label, if the family of "Our defender of the family", if the favorite, "My counsel," or something – something like that. At first glance, simple gifts will cause a lot of joy and will be a good surprise. As well as a variety of ready-made Gift ties and pants with jokes, personal lighters, vintage wines and brandies, will help to congratulate all the men around you. But the gift ideas are not limited to the February Valentine's Day and Defender's Day country, because for years there is still a lot of celebrations, anniversaries and holidays. Generator gift ideas ( always there to help and share their brilliant ideas to facilitate your preparation for holiday.