May 30 2019

Good Bye Papa

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When my father was alive I found it ranzinza, turro, brave and intolerante, because it was the authority, and in that age all authority was, for me, considered an enemy. It looked to all the half ones to try to prove who it was missed, that it was duro excessively, that we with its ugly face, its pleated frown, its requirements, its norms left to all nervous and orders. What it left in them braver was that it insisted on having all the things in its had places. It liked to have everything what it was of it by hand, and he was really angry when it did not find something in the place. He was always one of us that it moved in the things of it. My mother was a species of opposition party. It contested its orders, calling it ' ' ditador' '.

It was joined we in shady lucubrations, in occult plots, in which we spoke in several and searched carefully ways of ' ' taking of poder' ' , making to go down it of that pedestal of ' ' to pater familiae' ' , of patriarcal bourgeois. Well, one day everything this finished. My father died. That of that finished everything not we liked. He was even so ' ' superego' ' , the authority that arrested in them in our places. The hard expressions and the authoritarian words had disappeared. We were free, at last! It was then that we start to observe other aspects of that absence.

We start to see that the absence of it was something terrible. We start to notice that many virtues had disappeared. We discover, sadly, that it has left of the joy of that house had IDO even so. I started to relembrar the dam banns that we took together, the long trips cavalo& My memory started to form the wonderful pictures of its fellowship.

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