May 21 2012


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Men pay most attention to the face, chest, legs and buttocks women. But what attracts most women? What they like most men, first of all pay attention to the same parts? What parts of the body Most women appreciate men vary with time. Today, a canon of male attractiveness, but not so long ago was completely different. It is noteworthy that the ideal man in the past, was so called 'Male Alpha'. Most of them were strong, hard and often groomed. Caring for the appearance of men was seen as unmanly pursuit. At present the appearance of the men got a lot of changes.

The dynamics in this area will probably continue, but at present there is a focus on those body parts, who prefer modern women. 1. Strong shoulders and arms – stems mainly from the the fact that most women want protection and security from her husband. They love to cuddle up to her shoulders and strong arms, and hide in them. The contour of the shoulders as a sign of strength and masculinity. 2. Muscled chest – a chest, which distinguishes man from woman, but also both sexes pay attention to this part of the body from each other. Men admire the roundness of the female breast, and women well-built strong muscles.

They also give a woman sense of security, and demonstrate the power of men. Subconsciously, women want a man, with a clear chest. 3. Hands – large, strong hands – one of the lures for females.

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