May 30 2019

New Year

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In the banquet hall in the midst of a party, surprise guests, just in time for opening remarks the director, appears Mag. The magician offers to give the director of fulfillment. After a not very successful, but fun performance few desires, Maga asked to give a magic wand. At this magician says that cooked all the little magic wand, but along the way his team (Emelya and Ivan the Fool) had lost the keys to the chest with a magic wand, and keys were scattered over the world. Now everyone will have to visit different worlds and win the keys.

They will be accompanied by the forces of good – costumed animators (Vasilisa the Beautiful, Prince Ivan, pirates, knights, etc.). Travel to these worlds will help the magician’s wand. So, we go … In his trip participants will visit the world of barbarians and warriors the world, will witness various scenes from the life of different nations, will learn passing an obstacle course, affected by fur club, nodding poteshatsya in combat, will learn much new, and the fight would win a decisive victory and win the keys. Complete travel fiery world where it will be possible not only enjoy the fire show, but also to participate in the dance around the campfire, shooting flaming arrows, and more. And, of course, all locks will be opened, and the magician will find a present owners, and all participants – the magic wand. In completion of the program guests will know that the Magician was a real Santa Claus, who performs any of the fabulous desires.

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