Dec 10 2019

English Coffee Break

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The success of major events such as press conferences, seminars, presentations, depends primarily on the friendly atmosphere. During the protracted negotiations, often want to take a break to change environment to unwind. A short pause – coffee break, will create a relaxed atmosphere among guests, which ease you can talk and make new contacts. In English Coffee Break (Coffee break) – coffee break. These breaks are usually arranged during the seminars, workshops, conferences and business meetings. It is small – a buffet table, which is given from 15 to 40 minutes. The menu consists of hot coffee, black or green tea with various additives, juices and soft drinks. Southwest Airlines will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Be sure the menu is present and fresh pastries in the form of small cakes, pies, pastries.

Of snacks – sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, canapes, and the dessert – cakes and fruit displayed on buffet lines. Format of the event does not involve seating the guests. Depending on the duration of the events coffee breaks can be few. If the duration of the event lasts all day, coffee breaks can be anywhere from three to four. The first is a meeting and reception, the second to third it breaks during the event, during which participants have opportunity to relax, the fourth – the final. Organization engaged in professional coffee break companies involved in the provision of catering services.

Preparation for the event catering company are advance. In organizing the order stipulate the time of the event, the approximate order menu, the number of guests. Necessary equipment, tables, dishes, table appointments, bring drinks and snacks from the restaurant. Feature of Coffee breaks are the shortest possible time to time and a small selection of dishes. This service is popular, at the same time costly. Coffee Break is an opportunity to discuss various situations in an informal setting and discharge atmosphere of the talks.

May 30 2019

New Year

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In the banquet hall in the midst of a party, surprise guests, just in time for opening remarks the director, appears Mag. The magician offers to give the director of fulfillment. After a not very successful, but fun performance few desires, Maga asked to give a magic wand. At this magician says that cooked all the little magic wand, but along the way his team (Emelya and Ivan the Fool) had lost the keys to the chest with a magic wand, and keys were scattered over the world. Now everyone will have to visit different worlds and win the keys.

They will be accompanied by the forces of good – costumed animators (Vasilisa the Beautiful, Prince Ivan, pirates, knights, etc.). Travel to these worlds will help the magician’s wand. So, we go … In his trip participants will visit the world of barbarians and warriors the world, will witness various scenes from the life of different nations, will learn passing an obstacle course, affected by fur club, nodding poteshatsya in combat, will learn much new, and the fight would win a decisive victory and win the keys. Complete travel fiery world where it will be possible not only enjoy the fire show, but also to participate in the dance around the campfire, shooting flaming arrows, and more. And, of course, all locks will be opened, and the magician will find a present owners, and all participants – the magic wand. In completion of the program guests will know that the Magician was a real Santa Claus, who performs any of the fabulous desires.

Dec 20 2011

February Valentine

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A gift in the form of inscriptions of love, of candles, laid out in front of windows or your favorite loved one, talk about your feelings without any – any additional actions and words. Your loved one donate one half of the charm of the heart, and leave the other himself, as a sign of your unity, with cross-stitch. It can make your own hands, and, as we know, there's no better gift than made their own hands, despite a huge selection of ready-made gifts. So, if you have even the slightest cross-stitch skills, pre-select a beautiful original drawing heart, take 2 small pieces of cloth for embroidery, best canvas, and start to work. On one piece of fabric embroider one half of a heart, on the other mate. The amount of work is not great, so take some time, it all depends on your ability. Then ready to invest in harvesting stick, preferably in the form of a square frame.

That's an original gift is ready, it will surely please your loved one, and now your half heart will always be with him, giving love and affection. The second in a row February festival dedicated to the men, the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. And it is not dependent on military service or any – any other attitude toward military service, congratulations and a gift on February 23, should get every man, as his powerful shoulders and go to the defense of peace of mind from the various ills. And on this holiday gifts our generator, has picked up many ideas for men with a sense of humor and romantic nature, for a family man, and colleagues. When selecting a gift sure to keep in mind the tastes and preferences of the person, be sure to think about the gift, that he pleased and became a real surprise.

Originality has any gift for a man, if it is not personal hygiene, razor, cologne and socks. For co-workers will be a wonderful gift idea cup is individually decorated to each employee, for example, a humorous poem about his positive qualities, such type of services offered by many typographical company. Presenting a gift arrange with the whole team, reading poem at cup. This greeting will cheer up not only heroes of the occasion, but the entire team, it will be held in an atmosphere of laughter and fun. For close relatives original gifts will be gifts, taking into account people's interests and, of course, your abilities. Grandpa can make a gift with his own hands, place your original and individual greeting card or frame for a photo with your own photo great idea if it was a gift from the grandchildren. Wonderful family man and loved the guy can make a congratulatory magnet on the fridge, with the help of a computer disk, colored paper and photography, holiday chains and add a label, if the family of "Our defender of the family", if the favorite, "My counsel," or something – something like that. At first glance, simple gifts will cause a lot of joy and will be a good surprise. As well as a variety of ready-made Gift ties and pants with jokes, personal lighters, vintage wines and brandies, will help to congratulate all the men around you. But the gift ideas are not limited to the February Valentine's Day and Defender's Day country, because for years there is still a lot of celebrations, anniversaries and holidays. Generator gift ideas ( always there to help and share their brilliant ideas to facilitate your preparation for holiday.