Dec 03 2018

Child Punishment

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When children feel that you are not going to subject them to conduct their own will, but rather trying to find a reasonable solution to the situations, they show more respect and willingness to help you. WHY GIVE UP PUNISHMENT? Punishment creates fear. The child obeys, but it appear that the punishment has brought the desired effect. Carefully observing the behavior of the child after punishment, you will notice that it trying to find ways to settle scores with their batterers. He may tease younger brothers, sisters or pets, get bad grades in school, to spoil your or your belongings, runs away from home and forget about their household responsibilities.

Punishing you substituting internal control over his behavior the child need to control other people. The child becomes dependent on an adult, one whose presence can cause fear in him. Punishment has no effect on skill development to answer for their actions. You set the standards of conduct. Delinquent children try to get away. And it does not help improvement of their own moral principles. Ripple helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. You are punishing – the child is inferior. But often focuses on how to settle scores with those who punished him, and not thinking about the consequences of his misconduct, the what a lesson to learn for themselves.

Exit – self-control child. Based on the value orientations of the child. The child learns to be responsible for his actions and he behaves the way it considers appropriate. Another negative effects of punishment: – underestimation of self-esteem. It’s a mixed feeling of insults you by man, the love that you expected, it is strengthening the belief that to act from a position of strength – the only way to achieve what you want. – The child becomes suspicious and tries to hide his mistakes. Why did you decide to punish your child? Think about whether you do it out of malice, of resentment? From their feelings helplessness? Then stop, calm down and try to rethink your reaction. Ask yourself: ‘So, what I really want to teach your child right now?