Dec 12 2019


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Mar 04 2018

Make Money

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Today I want presentarte a necessity that always this making the rounds by my head; " Like Obtaining Clientes" or " Prospectos" (new and/or appellants); and I cannot stop thinking that the tool most important To make Money By Internet is: THE LIST. In my aanterior post we had clearly seen the recommendation of " GURUS": They say: " If you want To make Money By Internet The Money This In the List! " ; but, today I must add that one is not to have a list and point; but, it will highly have to be segmented so that he is to you profitable. In order to answer the question of How To obtain New Clients? We must have the conviction of which we must attract towards our opportunity of business, service or product, to people highly described, if it fits I finish, blossomed previously, to be able to mint our efforts through the network. We must create a marketing funnel that allows us to attract people who are interested in our NICHE OF MARKET or OBJECTIVE MARKET. As it gives account you, here a new factor arises or I finish (niche of market or objective market) if we got to understand this concept, without a doubt, we will be much more accurate in our emprendimientos; " we do not try to arrive at todos" but on the contrary, we must try to reach to portions of market much more specialized; for one better explanation than means this, we see the following thing: Market: Business By Internet Niche of Market: Micro Multinivel business Niche: Business multilevel for people majors of 40 years In traditional marketing we have listened: " This business is for todos" , but, in the attraction marketing tenth: All Are not For This Business! , that is to say, we must know to whom it matters to him rather or, whom previously benefits my business, product or service. .