Oct 27 2021

Louis Pawels

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You have to stay awake, attentive to all those actions that occur on our walk among humans and everything that constitutes our environment. Should we be surprised at imperfections and correct them. Should exit the cave and styling the rough stone of our personality and try to find the way that will allow us to delve into the search for our I upper consider what Bertrand Russell said: I owe before dying, finding ways to say the essential thing in me, I have still never said, one thing that is not the love, not hatred, nor piety, or contempt, but same life, burning and come from afar, blow that brings to life the immensity, the dreadful, the admirable, the relentless force of non-human things. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bernard Golden by clicking through. Louis Pawels, reminds us that said marcos Aurelio when he said: live as on the mountain, which means, recur a sleep Center your thoughts wandering in the century; it mutes your thoughts, your feelings, your moods; erases your person: then your inner guidance, not is already causing any embarrassment to himself, leads you to the essential thing in thee: the impassive universal nature. This frightening, admirable and relentless force without date nor figure that there is in me, this naked power, without fear, without emotion, without attachment, which radiates a kind of cold glory: thats my deepest part.

She comes from the absolute certainty exist, and that is important to do so, any conditions of the existence in this feeling of permanence, we should keep in mind that the man who lives in the mountain puts, in private, happiness in the regularity of its existence. For assistance, try visiting Gary Kelly . Is not slave to rules of life or habit: used them as instruments of your unit; they are the expression of their wanting to be. The biggest changes takes place in time when overwhelm us seeks us happiness. Also, consider that in this sense of belonging, the only means of changing life is not appeal to an extraordinary event that you want to change the existence, but that our ordinary existence, through the internalized consciousness ceases to be ordinarily lived. original author and source of the article.

Dec 12 2019


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