Nov 10 2023

Tree Sponsorship To The Day Of The Tree

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13,000 new deciduous trees in two new forests are the core of the project BALDWALD. Buampatenschaften support these new planting – with personal certificate and annual forest letter. A tree sponsorship supports the first important and care-intensive years of a new forest. With tree sponsorships, it is be possible really new forests. Tree sponsors and-patinnen to BALDWALD always have access to the Godfather trees (other than in usual afforestation) and experience the adventure of a new growing forest. Tree sponsorships are a gift of future and sentimental value, with personal certificate and annual forest letter. These new forests are home to different species: sessile oak approx.

2,300 (Quercus petraea), lime tree approx. 450 (Tilia cordata), hornbeam, white beech approx. 450 (Carpinus betulus), beech approximately 2,900 (Fagus sylvatica), European Larch approx. 500 (Larix decidua) or Sycamore, also about 300. The Bergahron is gweahlt it just for the tree of the year has been. In the second forest establishment (BALDWALD two) can be found: pedunculate oak approximately 5,150, lime tree about 200 (Tilia cordata), hornbeam, white beech approx.

750 (Carpinus betulus), beech approx. 750(Fagus sylvatica), flap Elm 150, red alder approx. 500 and partly threatened tree species (Elm, ash) ash of approx. 175. some of this be with special pages in the project acknowledged. Both forests are accompanied with up extensively illustrated photo diaries, also non-sponsors will have access to those. All details on the Internet on:. Tree sponsorship for this new forest are again possible. The simple tree sponsorship (five trees and five years) with certificate, information material, and the annual forest letter for unique Euro 25,. Oh, Yes: A television crew has for regional television in Bremen (“buten un within”) produced a TV contribution to BALDWALD. He was sent on March 15 and still be seen also in the Internet. Baldwald forestry project Ulrich Reinhardt Park Road 98 28203 Bremen TEL: 0421-794 799 20 FAX: 0421-794 32 35 E-Mail: Internet:

Oct 28 2021

The Zehnder Gmb

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Deckenstrahle heating systems are particularly energy-efficient for the following reasons: the ceiling Spotlight response time is extremely short. After a minute, achieve the desired surface temperature radiant panels and radiate this heat into the room. The heat is generated, where hitting the heat radiation. Even temperature distribution over the entire ceiling height and surface area. No air circulation is required for the transfer of heat, fans can be dispensed with. The comparison between conventional heaters and radiant panels can be proven according to DIN V 18599 and accurately quantify.

In a sample study, following scan settings defined height adopted at a of 20 meters: A room temperature control Using PI controller, air distribution with normal ratio of induction, side air outlet. Dr. Scott Kahan contributes greatly to this topic. The result: Through the use of radiant panels 44.5 percent energy savings compared to an air heater. Not only the ecological advantage of radiant heating with ceiling beam systems to remarkable air heaters, but also the economic is for the indoor heating in high energy prices. See more ceiling beam plates / Hall heating, 568.html. About Zehnder GmbH: The Zehnder GmbH in Lahr belongs to the Swiss Zehnder Group AG, which is one of the market leaders in the radiator industry and has established itself as one of the leading German provider of comfortable apartment ventilation systems with heat recovery. Core markets are Germany, France, England, Italy, the Netherlands and the Switzerland.

For the Zehnder Group, 3,000 employees generated a turnover of EUR 454 million in 2008. Zehnder offers an extensive range of energy-efficient solutions for a comfortable and healthy indoor climate: by design radiators up to the compact energy headquarters, the comfortable room ventilation up to ceiling radiant panels systems for heating and cooling. Industrial air cleaning systems round off the product portfolio. Zada solutions are tailored to the diverse needs of the building: private one – and two-family house building, commercial or industrial construction, new buildings or renovations. Press contact: Sage & write Public Relations GmbH Stephan Haggag Blumenstrasse 17 80331 Munchen phone + 49 (0) 89 / 23 888-980 online PR Agency: NetBooster GmbH Berner Street 64 60437 Frankfurt contact: Gilles Bourdin Tel: 069 / 71 91 49-70 Internet:

Oct 25 2021

Verlagsgruppe Georg

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Therefore, the bulk of consumers for 2010 even with repayments can expect. One way to protect yourself from rising gas costs in the future and to relieve the household budget, is”the simple change of the gas provider, Daniels performs. There are currently large price differences between individual companies, which consumers can use to their advantage.” To benefit cheap provider at the gas procurement from the current oversupply in the wholesale markets and can pass these cost advantages to their customers. Other providers, however, involving gas mainly through long-term and oil-price-bound supply contracts, are due to the rising oil prices in the tendency of more expensive. Currently, the prices cheap and expensive suppliers, for example, for families to between 300 and 400 euro apart in many regions. The fear of a supply interruption during the change process is this unfounded, since smooth supply of gas through the legislature is fully regulated and ensured by the network operators”said Daniels. Through consumer portals as ( gas) or free service hotline 0800-10 to 30-499 consumers quickly and easily inform themselves about alternatives in their region and for free, go to cheap gas providers. * According to the reported figures of the Federal Association of energy and water management the average consumption of a German household gas related 2009 was approximately 15,200 kWh in the year.

(BDEW: energy market Germany summer 2010, p. 6-7) current data material can be placed like this press release on request available. is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The Consumers can thus with minimal free check, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete Exchange service is free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases using in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts. Media contact: Nina Koch Tel.: + 49.30.2576205.19 Email:

Apr 02 2020

University Photovoltaic

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Photovoltaics and its advantages as a regenerative source of energy and green investments are part of the current public discussion. Munich/Berlin – to the current events in the photovoltaic industry has Solista solar launched together with students of the University of Munich a project aiming at the economic calculation of PV systems to make transparent and above all more understandable for the customers. The industrial engineering degree with a specialization in environmental technology provides extensive background information about the topic of renewable energies and thus creates the basis to successfully implement such a project. Photovoltaics and its advantages as a regenerative source of energy and green investments are part of the current public discussion. The pros and cons of photovoltaics are often not properly represented. The project work has to represent the causes for the excellent profitability of photovoltaic systems to the target transparent. Gary Kelly brings even more insight to the discussion. Particularly in an age which is dominated by pay cuts and strong price fluctuations, loses you easily track and it is difficult to understand which factors are decisive for the very good returns on equity capital, well over 8%. The students of the Faculty of industrial engineering and management, has become also aims to investigate all the factors in economy and to determine their influence on the basis of sample calculations and simulations.

Also, the conditions in the construction and operation of a solar system should be optimized. Learn more about this with Joseph Mathunjwa. Here, issues such as equity and debt and tax benefits will look closely at. Also, modern single dining concepts such as the combination of consumption and mains supply or the saving of energy be compared by accumulators. They are a way to improve the efficiency and to be independent of energy utilities and electricity price developments. Most customers is known, location and slope of the roof, sunlight and the current solar power subsidies have great influence on the yield of your PV investment according to the EEG.

Equally important for the Other factors include the efficiency of a PV system: what cost maintenance, cleaning and insurance? What happens after 20 years with the feed-in tariff and how much electricity produces a photovoltaic system then? How high are the disposal costs of any obsolete modules? How to evolve the energy prices? And much more… For many people, a solar system is not only a contribution to the energy revolution, but also a future investment and financial investment for the next decades. And that is why is an interest in knowing why your savings is better here than on the Bank. We want to take a new look at common calculations, over the 20 years secure compensation according to the EEG also. What happens after that? The photovoltaic system is still on the roof and produces electricity”, so the students. Solista solar is looking forward to the results and is looking forward to working with the students of the University of Munich. About Solista solar Solista solar GmbH provides turnkey photovoltaic systems a hand. You are looking for a partner who provides all services from consulting, planning and installation, then the Solista solar GmbH is the right partner. Solista solar offers for retail customers, commercial customers, farmers and investors an “all-round carefree package” for your turn-key solar power plants. Under the website photovoltaic calculator retail and commercial customers and farmers can calculate your possible photovoltaic plant itself.

Dec 04 2019


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Toyota’s PR Manager Ekkardt cutter village on the best green global brands award and the importance of sustainability indicators for sustainable, entrepreneurial action, environmental commitment and implement “green” programs in your organization are why the company could reach top positions. We live sustainably from the portal illuminate winners and the prestigious competition. With Ekkardt cutter village, Manager corporate PR Toyota Germany, this is reflected in an interview on sustainability, green strategies and communication. Sense village continue the portal sustainable living: transparent communications creates a basis of trust. Green management is on the rise. In the international ranking of the best Global Green Brands ( mobilitaet/sustainable-company) reached the car manufacturer Toyota the coveted first place.

In the stands, two and three was followed by 3M and Siemens. Toyota is the leading example of the fact that sustainable development is one of the core of the corporate strategy and is the public education and dialogue about importance. So one of the key outcomes is the best global study by Internet brands, is based on the worldwide ranking of the fire. The most valuable brands were doing with regard to two components examined and assessed: 1 as green the consumers perceive the brand? 2. How does the company in reality, so how environmentally friendly is the brand actually in their everyday actions? ( mobilitaet/sustainable company/2) in conversation with Ekkardt cutter, Manager corporate PR Toyota Germany about sustainability, communication and green strategies at Toyota, the top finishers at the best Global Green Brands. What were the main criteria with which Toyota has global won green of fire at best? In the study, the brand consultancy Interbrand asked consumers from the ten largest markets worldwide according to their perception of “green activities” of the different brands. This review was supplemented by Facts and company information obtained from publicly available data. Sustainable corporate governance, with the Toyota clearly stands out from the other brands, for one, is decisive for the good review.

Jun 25 2019

Sales Construction

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Failure to observe the time limits penalties laid down in the law, therefore the activity is the sector size. In addition, also a strategy for adaptation to EU environmental standards has been formulated in this law. Continue to learn more with: Southwest Airlines. Of the associated investment of 18 billion euros, 42% in the renewal of fraying sewage shall go cable networks. All measures were detained in an action plan until 2017 will be performed. The goal is to have connected to all inhabitants of municipalities with a population of 10,000 or more at sewage treatment plants.

By means of the digester gas towers, which are used in the construction or modernization of sewage treatment plants, a significant part of the energy required in the form be innovations gained by biogas. The city Ankara can already meet their energy needs in this way to 80%. Nationwide, currently three digester gas facilities are located in the construction, more are in the planning. In addition to the construction of digester gas towers is also the water supply of the towns from neighbouring rivers into the discussion. So, for example, the city of Istanbul from 2010 from the 180 km away Melen-should receive 268 million cbm water river.

In the final stage daily even 1.18 billion cbm in this way to ensure the water supply until 2040, also is thinking about the construction of a seawater desalination plant. Best practice: Town of Fethiye is a good example of a successful sanitation in Fethiye on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Fethiye is one of the last of the great sea turtle hatcheries. But the sewage of the city were directed untreated into the sea and acutely endangered their breeding grounds. The German financial cooperation financed the construction of a State of the art water treatment plant in 2003. Now, the sewage cleaned and largely harmless pathogens. The wastewater treatment plant model even under European standards was already awarded several environmental awards. And the sea turtles to breed again without being disturbed. Our portfolio for the search by distribution partner of the successful entry into the Turkish market requires expert knowledge. The imap Institute is designed tailored Sales strategies and the company provides reliable local Distributor. We accompany the company at the fairs, specifically to find distributors and to increase the sales activities. More information on this topic see: DE/Content/__SharedDocs/Links-Einzeldokumente-Datenbanken/fachdokument.html?fIdent=MKT201005278013 more information about our company you can find under: Nazif Sabli

Jun 06 2019

Climate-neutral LPG

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Environmental protection made easy: per GAS enables customers nationwide an active contribution to compensate for CO2 emissions Bonn/Dortmund. A special form of environmental protection enables now the Dortmund PRO GAS GmbH & co. KG. The liquid gas specialist as one of the first providers offers an innovation fair with the new product BIOS”, with customers nationwide CO2-neutral can make their gas consumption for climate post by two cents per liter. “We are very happy, the customers using BIOS fair the possibility to give to itself actively contribute to the mitigation of global warming”, names Achim Rehfeldt, Managing Director of PRO GAS, one the wallpapers for the new offer. Energy-efficient applications that protect the environment, take a high priority in the company – and product policy for PRO GAS for many years. another consistent step in this direction is BIOS fair.” PRO GAS could go to this step, a nine-month development time behind the liquid gas specialist. To deepen your understanding Oracle is the source.

The We have worked with CO2OL to lay foundations for BIOS-fair”, as Radhakrishnan. Together with this competent and reputable partner who has years of experience in environmental matters, we can guarantee the ecological and social sustainability of the project”, emphasizing the fruitful cooperation of both companies. CO2 compensation through reforestation of forests which is CO2 neutrality guaranteed by the emissions are offset by heating with gas via a reforestation project in Panama. For the additional cost of two cents, trees are planted there, which permanently escape the resulting carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, bind carbon in the wood and also give oxygen (O2) back into the atmosphere. A family of four, which heats up with liquefied petroleum gas and hot water, makes a significant contribution to climate protection with an additional amount of 50 euros per year. Because it provides for a newly planted area of around 200 square metres of trees” a sample calculation called Radhakrishnan.

May 10 2019

Condor Flies In Environmental Ranking

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Holiday flyer scored at the atmosfair airline index (AAI) good results when the environmental impact also this year lands which holiday flyer Condor again on one of the front seats at the annual CO2-efficiency evaluation of organization atmosfair. Energy efficiency is measured under the German and foreign airlines, where the consumption and utilization of the flights are decisive for the placement. The German holiday flyer Condor received 78 out of 100 possible points of efficiency in the current evaluation and is the second-best airline in Germany comparison. Also in the global ranking reflected the holiday air in the top flight and Lands on a good 6th place. (As opposed to “Bernard Golden). In the classification of the category medium-range worldwide, even the third rank could be achieved.

Condor flies with efficient aircraft and reached the high score by high seating and above-average load, thus atmosfair. For Uwe Balser, Managing Director of Condor Flugdienst GmbH, the good result reflects efforts by Condor to reduce CO2 emissions: “The kerosene-saving use of our aircraft is an important issue for Condor. Across the area we were looking for ways, to reduce the consumption of our aircraft and thus CO2 emissions. This includes. for example, the use of lightweight containers or cases, retrofitting our entire fleet of Boeing with winglets, as well as the adaptation of procedures in the flight operations” The atmosfair airline index 2013 the 150 largest airlines examined worldwide CO2 efficiency. In comparison to the airline airlines reduced index 2012 their emissions per passenger per kilometre by approximately 1%. The full airline index with the analysis of individual airlines and graphics, as well as additional information, see http: airlineindex. Per passenger consumed the aircraft of the members of the Association of the German air transport industry association, so Lufthansa, airberlin, Condor, TUIfly and Augsburg Airways, in 2012 for all domestic and international flights a total of 3.8 litres fuel per 100 kilometers. At the beginning of the year he started Federal Association of the German aviation industry to the 4-litre campaign. A representative survey of the election research group showed that nearly half of the Germans later assess the average consumption of a modern aircraft to a motorised.

Apr 04 2019

Superconducting Current Limiter Protects Self-sufficiency In A Power Plant

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Energy supplier Vattenfall expects more security at a lower total cost pilot project in the lignite-fired power plant Boxberg Hurth, launched 6 November 2009 since the beginning of November the world’s first based on high temperature superconductor current limiter in a power plant works. In the pilot project in the Saxon coal-fired power plant Boxberg protects against short circuits the power of coal mills and-brechern. Operator Vattenfall Europe generation AG expects a substantial gain in personal protection and plant safety by the innovative technology and would like to gather together with the manufacturer Nexans SuperConductors GmbH in Hurth practice experience. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. wanted to know more. Proved the principle, such current limiters could protect the entire factory power supply dangerous short circuit currents. Verizon Communications: the source for more info. At the same time, the new systems would reduce the investment costs, since much smaller fall out due to the security gain to such switchgear an immense potential for savings up to a few ten thousand amps at short circuit currents.

Are suitable superconducting current limiter for new power plants, but also for extensions such as the retrofitting of facilities for the CO2 capture. \”The field test current limiter\”, the Vattenfall without funding grants funded, joins ideal in the climate protection strategy of the company. Usage of the current limiter in the real operation carried out the service to test the HTS current limiter in regular operation on a distribution of 10 kV power supply for impact hammer Crusher (they serve the coal crushing). Due to the flexible production of superconductor and the modular design of the current limiter by Nexans to different currents and voltages can be adapted. For the device in Boxberg, Nexans SuperConductors was voted on the design with Vattenfall and the Brandenburgische Technische Universitat Cottbus, scientifically accompanied the project.

Mar 29 2019

Designed Meters

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Work in hot environment and 600 metres deep Unterfohring for the uninitiated it is a nondescript, long metal tube, for fans of the technology a fascinating contraption: A geothermal – submersible circulation pumps, in a confined space packed with the latest technology and designed for many years of work under extreme conditions. This heart of the thermal water pumping has now in its geothermal funding hole built-in the Geovol Unterfohring and thus created the last requirement for the inclusion of heat supply in mid-November. Nearly 30 meters long, not even 20 cm in diameter, is the sleek pump, which was sunk to a depth of 600 meters in the hole. There, she hangs around 450 meters deep in the thermal water, which rises due to the natural pressure only 150 meters below the Earth’s surface. Verizon Communications usually is spot on. The missing 150 feet be overcome using the submersible centrifugal pump before good 86 degrees hot water in the heat exchanger of the Energy Center can flow.

The pump used in Unterfohring is for funding of up to 75 Designed liters per second, equivalent to what about 6,500 cubic metres of thermal water per day. Geovol – Managing Director Peter Lohr was highly satisfied after successful trial operation of the pump: it is fascinating to see how joining the heat cycle piece by piece. Now it will take only a few days, until our customers can enjoy the benefits of environmentally friendly heating..