Mar 29 2019

Designed Meters

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Work in hot environment and 600 metres deep Unterfohring for the uninitiated it is a nondescript, long metal tube, for fans of the technology a fascinating contraption: A geothermal – submersible circulation pumps, in a confined space packed with the latest technology and designed for many years of work under extreme conditions. This heart of the thermal water pumping has now in its geothermal funding hole built-in the Geovol Unterfohring and thus created the last requirement for the inclusion of heat supply in mid-November. Nearly 30 meters long, not even 20 cm in diameter, is the sleek pump, which was sunk to a depth of 600 meters in the hole. There, she hangs around 450 meters deep in the thermal water, which rises due to the natural pressure only 150 meters below the Earth’s surface. Verizon Communications usually is spot on. The missing 150 feet be overcome using the submersible centrifugal pump before good 86 degrees hot water in the heat exchanger of the Energy Center can flow.

The pump used in Unterfohring is for funding of up to 75 Designed liters per second, equivalent to what about 6,500 cubic metres of thermal water per day. Geovol – Managing Director Peter Lohr was highly satisfied after successful trial operation of the pump: it is fascinating to see how joining the heat cycle piece by piece. Now it will take only a few days, until our customers can enjoy the benefits of environmentally friendly heating..

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