Jun 25 2019

Sales Construction

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Failure to observe the time limits penalties laid down in the law, therefore the activity is the sector size. In addition, also a strategy for adaptation to EU environmental standards has been formulated in this law. Continue to learn more with: Southwest Airlines. Of the associated investment of 18 billion euros, 42% in the renewal of fraying sewage shall go cable networks. All measures were detained in an action plan until 2017 will be performed. The goal is to have connected to all inhabitants of municipalities with a population of 10,000 or more at sewage treatment plants.

By means of the digester gas towers, which are used in the construction or modernization of sewage treatment plants, a significant part of the energy required in the form be innovations gained by biogas. The city Ankara can already meet their energy needs in this way to 80%. Nationwide, currently three digester gas facilities are located in the construction, more are in the planning. In addition to the construction of digester gas towers is also the water supply of the towns from neighbouring rivers into the discussion. So, for example, the city of Istanbul from 2010 from the 180 km away Melen-should receive 268 million cbm water river.

In the final stage daily even 1.18 billion cbm in this way to ensure the water supply until 2040, also is thinking about the construction of a seawater desalination plant. Best practice: Town of Fethiye is a good example of a successful sanitation in Fethiye on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Fethiye is one of the last of the great sea turtle hatcheries. But the sewage of the city were directed untreated into the sea and acutely endangered their breeding grounds. The German financial cooperation financed the construction of a State of the art water treatment plant in 2003. Now, the sewage cleaned and largely harmless pathogens. The wastewater treatment plant model even under European standards was already awarded several environmental awards. And the sea turtles to breed again without being disturbed. Our portfolio for the search by distribution partner of the successful entry into the Turkish market requires expert knowledge. The imap Institute is designed tailored Sales strategies and the company provides reliable local Distributor. We accompany the company at the fairs, specifically to find distributors and to increase the sales activities. More information on this topic see: DE/Content/__SharedDocs/Links-Einzeldokumente-Datenbanken/fachdokument.html?fIdent=MKT201005278013 iqra-solutions.de/aktuell/tuerkei-wertschaetzung-wasser.html more information about our company you can find under: Nazif Sabli

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