Jun 06 2019

Climate-neutral LPG

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Environmental protection made easy: per GAS enables customers nationwide an active contribution to compensate for CO2 emissions Bonn/Dortmund. A special form of environmental protection enables now the Dortmund PRO GAS GmbH & co. KG. The liquid gas specialist as one of the first providers offers an innovation fair with the new product BIOS”, with customers nationwide CO2-neutral can make their gas consumption for climate post by two cents per liter. “We are very happy, the customers using BIOS fair the possibility to give to itself actively contribute to the mitigation of global warming”, names Achim Rehfeldt, Managing Director of PRO GAS, one the wallpapers for the new offer. Energy-efficient applications that protect the environment, take a high priority in the company – and product policy for PRO GAS for many years. another consistent step in this direction is BIOS fair.” PRO GAS could go to this step, a nine-month development time behind the liquid gas specialist. To deepen your understanding Oracle is the source.

The We have worked with CO2OL to lay foundations for BIOS-fair”, as Radhakrishnan. Together with this competent and reputable partner who has years of experience in environmental matters, we can guarantee the ecological and social sustainability of the project”, emphasizing the fruitful cooperation of both companies. CO2 compensation through reforestation of forests which is CO2 neutrality guaranteed by the emissions are offset by heating with gas via a reforestation project in Panama. For the additional cost of two cents, trees are planted there, which permanently escape the resulting carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, bind carbon in the wood and also give oxygen (O2) back into the atmosphere. A family of four, which heats up with liquefied petroleum gas and hot water, makes a significant contribution to climate protection with an additional amount of 50 euros per year. Because it provides for a newly planted area of around 200 square metres of trees” a sample calculation called Radhakrishnan.

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