Aug 15 2021

Jonatas Silva

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She is necessary to remember that even though in our culture occidental person the woman already was seen as a fragile being and submisso to man, who it did not have the right to vote, to study and a series of things of which it was forbidden to make. But with fights and questionings it obtained to reach many rights and, therefore also duties. In our society the woman also already was very badly treated and explored. However with the development it obtained rights and protection of the state. For the simple fact of social changes that can occur and for cases where the culture and customs of one determined people they do not value and they treat definitive inserted people in its proper social environment as inferior she is that some debates in relation to the relativismo appear. As Menezes (2009) in the relativista concept the cultures are looked at and analyzed in function of its social environments and in the relations of change, to invent, to renew, customs, norms and values. this thought brings obtains an important idea that it is the concept of paradigm change and the concept of development.

Therefore, analyzing of this point, the case of the lapidated Iranian I believe that all this spreading and controversy the respect already is a tip foot for a cultural change, one that culture, paradigm in addition. unhappyly so that these changes happen occurs diverse fights and battles and always come folloied of much spilled blood.

Jun 09 2020

Health Organization

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The DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Association, 1994, published for the Artmed Publishing company), uses the expression ‘ ‘ upheaval of matemtica’ ‘ , and the International classification of Illnesses (CID-10; world Health Organization, 1992? published for the Artmed Publishing company), it considers criteria of research for the one identification ‘ ‘ specific upheaval of the ability in Aritmtica’ ‘ , all these definitions are based on estimated of an average QI or above average, normal sensorial functioning, educational chances adjusted the emotional absence of other upheavals of the development and riots. One of the main objectives of the DSM-IV is to supply to an accurate description of all the medical symptoms in way that is consulted by professional doctors or of health so that they can make a correct diagnosis. The essential characteristic of the Upheaval of the Mathematics consists of a capacity for the accomplishment of arithmetical operations (measured for standardized tests, individually managed, of calculation and mathematical reasoning) acentuadamente below of the waited one for the chronological age, measured intelligence and the escolaridade of the individual. The disturbance in the mathematics intervenes significantly with the pertaining to school income or activities of the daily life that demand mathematical abilities. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ronald O’Hanley is the place to go.

Presence of a sensorial deficit, the difficulties in the mathematical capacity exceed generally that to these associates. As it suggested Fleishnes (1994), in some cases the term upheaval of learning in mathematics was used as 8 synonymous for the term ‘ ‘ discalculia’ ‘ , mentioning to it dficits specific in calculations or the mathematical thought. Amongst the upheavals identified traditionally in infancy and the adolescence, the learning upheavals are less understood and the most questioned. (Bradley et al, 2002; Fuchs and Fuchs, 1998; Lyon et al, 2001). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out baby clothes. In accordance with American federal norms of 1977 the learning upheavals had been organized in different types: understanding of the writing, verbal expression, basic abilities of the reading, reading understanding, written expression, mathematical calculations and mathematical reasoning.

May 02 2020

Knowing Geometria

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This problem is nonsense and would nodeveria to be considered the pupils it makes because them to lose the pelMatemtica interest. It only has a situation where the problems nonsenses could sertrabalhados. It is when they can be criticized. If the professor and they alunosdialogam on these problems the same ones perceive that they are unreal, then algumacoisa if he learns. To the times, the pupils do not decide certain problems to pordesconhecerem significadosdas operations. Of this luck, he is that osenunciados they are clear, of knowledge of the pupils, so that they BA we turn on ‘ ‘ Knowing Geometria’ ‘. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Eric Kuby. We notice a real interest, on the part of the pupils, geometric nascontextualizaes on perimeter, area, volume, measures, etc., for, immediately afterwards, transforming this acquired knowledge into a realidadepalpvel for them, when they had placed the hands to confection works ecompartilharam, they had argued and they assimilated the theory with the practical one, in timoresultado.

It was seen in them, the eager eyes, redoubled attention, even though to emutilizarem the ruler, the compass, the transferidor to be able to construct, nopapel, a simple polygon of picture sides or a circumference, and to delespoderem to take off information, such as: area, perimeter, volume and at the same time, to be able to construct these objects, with the materials disponibilizados for them. After eight hours lesson, already the more complex enfrentardesafios had been made use biggest and, taken off of photographs> (of building, streets, houses, viaducts in semicircles), making the magnifying of the measures of the same ones eretratando in some mockups, what it was in photographs. had felt-semuito carried through with the work, the point of nor if giving account of the intervals, of merenda, not to lose the concentration. It was necessary to intervine paraque could make a strategical stop. As much the direction of the school, as well as the coordinators ecolegas, had been made an impression with disciplines joined in classroom, as well as the interest shown in this minicourse.

May 01 2020

The Knowledge

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On these Dante aspects (1989), it affirms that a problem is any situation that demands thinking of the citizen to solve it and that problem-mathematician is any situation that demands the mathematical way of to think about mathematical knowledge to solve it. With regard to the didactic conception one knows that … essential in the mathematical learning is to construct the direction of the knowledge and that the resolution of problems is an indispensable activity … in the reflection on what was made: the employed procedures and the involved knowledge must be become into reflection object. Eric Kuby understood the implications. … This reflexiva activity will enrich, reciprocal, the future resolutions of all the pupils. (PANIZZA, 2006, p.113) Many times, exercise with problem is confused, is necessary to know to differentiate one of the other to get proper resolutions for each one of them, in the majority of the cases they is applied as if they were one only.

The exercise is an used activity to train what already it was learned, using some type of mathematical knowledge acquired by the pupil. Sheryl Sandberg has similar goals. Already the problem is necessary a more complex reasoning involving an invention or even though the creation of answers significant for each situation. Despite good part of the Mathematics if destines the application of algorithms to decide problems, we live today in an age circulated for electronic inventions that the resolution of these problems facilitates, but in what it says respect to the learning, with the manuscript of these electronic artifices what would be responsible to teach, makes with that the use of these algorithms is mere mechanized, leaving of side the uses of adequate strategies. It is in this manner that adopting … a point of view based on strategies, we will have of having in them with some critical questions: 1) What techniques we will use in the resolution of problems? 2) That strategies of resolution of problems we will use in the pertaining to school mathematics? 3) How we will be able to stimulate the resolution of problems in the classroom?.

May 01 2020

Nourishing Beans

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The common beans is one of the biggest nourishing cultures of Latin America. However, a significant reduction of the productivity has occurred, in result of illnesses. In the specific case this can cause losses of up to 100% of the production if the ambient conditions will be favorable to its development (Singh et al. 1991). Beyond diminishing the income of the culture, this illness depreciates the product quality for causing spots in the grain, becoming it improper for the consumption.

These races had been identified and classified for the inoculation of 12 to cultivate diferenciadoras (Shepherd, 1992). (As opposed to gary cohn). The control of the illness can be reached by the chemical treatment and the use of resistant varieties (Sartorato et al., 1996). The studies related with the resistance of the feijoeiro to antracnose had been initiated by McRostie (1919) with the discovery of the gene (Co-1), in cultivating Michigan Dark Red Kidney and for Mastenbroek (1960) that it identified the gene Ploughs (Co2) in cultivating Cornell 49-242.

These genes have been widely used in programs of improvement in such a way in level of Brazil as in other countries. The use to cultivate resistant consists in a strategy more comumente used for the control of antracnose of the common feijoeiro (You, 1983). The production of one to cultivate that it presents successful resistance depends mainly on the understanding of the variability levels inside and enters the populations of the .causing patgeno of antracnose (Rodrguez-War et al., 2003).

Apr 13 2020


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It is an introduction of the reader to the subject, where if it finds the problem, of form to allow a situacional visualization it of the problem. 1. Definition of subject 1,1 Subject: I will choose a subject in accordance with area of concentration of the course. It is suggested to choose a subject for which if it has: ) Personal interest, b) either known by the researcher, a time that it needs, of beforehand, to delineate a way to be covered in this research; c) available sources of consultation, a time that is necessary a theoretical basement for the research. 1,2 Sub-subject: Optional.

It funnels the vision macro of the subject, it to be searched problem. It is only concentrated in its problem and identifies it clearly. Other leaders such as David Fowler offer similar insights. It delimits that aspects or elements of the problem you will go to treat. For the subject to present itself viable, it needs to be limited, that is, the theoretical horizon must be restricted (when possible) that if it intends to unmask of definitive subject. Either and clearly necessary in this part. 1,3 Problem of Research Is the initial doubt that launches the researcher to its work of research. The author, in the case, will create a questioning on the chosen subject to define the abrangncia of its research.

He does not have rules to create a problem, but some authors suggest that it is express in question form. One remembers, the identification and clear delimitation of the problem it is the first step for approval of the project and success in its execution. 2. Hypotheses the research hypothesis alone will be established will have determined the research problem. It is the assumption of a reply for the problem formulated in relation to the subject. For having this characteristic of ' ' possibilidade' ' of reply, in the end of the research it power to be confirmed or to be denied.

Dec 20 2019

Tribeca Film Festival

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The adventure starts in the arrival, when the customers receive a camera from digital video Extreme Flip HD and can go to the streets to film in the city that has been cloth of deep for innumerable cultural workmanships and one of the favourite places of lendrios icons of the cinema, as Woody Allen, Scorsese, Of Niro, and Coppola. The guests are accomodated in the Tribeca Grand Hotel? s iStudios. Each iStudio is equipped with the most recent digital technology multimedia of Apple: one iMac total prepared with software for edition of films, photos and sound, including the last version of the Cut End Pro to add effect special, to cut scenes undesirable and to place sonorous track and after-production. The guests of the package can have access iPad of Apple and each room also makes use of a keyboard and mouse without wire of Apple and, for the loving ones of music, one iPod with Sound Dock. The lodging package Director? s Cut offers to the guests an attractive and modern mixture of functionality and diversion. With this package, the Tribeca Grand Hotel adds most recent in technology to list of comforts that offers its guests. Giving to continuity to the effort and emphasis in offering to the visitors a real sample of the style of life in TriBeCa, the hotel goes more beyond, if extending until a leadership of the quarter in the cinematographic industry. Located only the two you square to the south of its famous brother, the Soho Grand Hotel, the Tribeca Grand is in the verge of two of the quarters richest of Manhattan, SoHo and TriBeCa, where parallelopiped streets and historical buildings of casting iron give most exclusive place butiques, restaurants and galleries.

Since its creation, the Tribeca Grand has firm roots in the cinema: the inspiration of the project and the localization in the center, combined with the room of located particular projection in the inferior level of the lobby. With spacious soft leather seats, projection of last generation and digital sound surround, the hotel receives with frequency the main members from the cinematographic industry, attracted by its reputation to offer all luxuries that if can wait. The guests can participate of the exhibitions of films in the sunday nights, offered for the service of style of life of the hotel, the GrandLifeNYC. To get more information on the Tribeca Grand Hotel and the package Directors Cut, he visits or he gives one looked in the offers of hotel in New York. On the GrandLife Hotels the Soho Grand Hotel and the Tribeca Grand Hotel are pioneering originals of the hotels of the center of New York, having been the first ones to introduce a luxurious hoteleira experience in the center of Manhattan. Since its inauguration, the hotels support and promote fashion, cinema, art, music and design not only in its famous locality, but in the whole world, through the international mark of style of GrandLifeNYC life. The Soho Grand and the Tribeca Grand had appeared as classic modern, offering spotless service to a refined clientele, rooms of luxury, impressive decoration and nocturnal life, restaurants and flaring entertainment.

Dec 18 2019

Guarnieri Products

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This flow constant reverse exists in almost all the market segments, where the return of merchandises to the origin (either for retrabalho, defect, imperfections, problems of substance cousin, packings) is frequent. The rapidity with that if they launch new products in the market, the high technology, the high competitiveness of the companies and the increase of the ecological awareness how much to the consequences generated for the irregular deposit of products and its residues, is contributing for the adoption of new behaviors, as much for the organizations how much for the society. This comes making possible a bigger valuation of the processes of return of products, materials and residues, to its origin or its adjusted destination, minimizing the ambient degradation. The consumer notices itself that more is worried about the environment, for the creation of more rigorous environmental laws, that the standards of services and the care of the companies with its coorporativa image have stimulated all the levels of the society and enterprise for the implantation of canals the reverses of distribution, reducing the problems generated for the excess of discardings in the nature. Another form of if observing the application and the necessity of the Logistic Reversa are the canal existing reverse to the end of the useful life of a product, already in ownership of the customer. In fact, the life of a product, under the logistic point of view, does not finish with its delivery the customer, that is, when the product becomes obsolete, damaged or spoiled, the same it must be discarded.

This discarding can be in points of fixes or reaproveitamento, or simply, with its destruction, in aterros. For one better understanding of Logistic Reversa, figure 1 shows, in flow form, its operation; Figure 1: Logistic process Reverse Source: Guarnieri (2006, P. 5) the Logistic Reversa is divided in two areas distinct of performance: 2.1.1 Logistic Reversa of good of after-I consume: It is the area of the Logistic Reversa that deals with products in the end of its useful life, that already they had been used and still they have possibility to be reused, such as, industrial plastics, cans, paper, residues, botijo of gas, water demijohn, vasilhame of drinks, amongst others (MILK, 2003) 2.1.2 Logistic Reversa of good of after-sales: It is the area of the Logistic Reversa that deals with the planning, has controlled and destination of the products without use or little used, that they return to the chain of distribution for diverse reasons, such as guarantee, you damage of transport, stated period of validity looser, obsolete, exceeded, it are of time, amongst others.

Dec 17 2019


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Exist today some companies who receive this support, as for example, the AgroGentica, AQUAPLANTA, Arve Foods, AVplan – Engineering of Environment, Cientec? Technology of the Information for the Natural Agronegcio and Recursos, CONTEXT – Educational Assessorship, COPAGRI – Assessoria and Consultoria, DAP Forest Engineering, DENDRUS – Solutions in Engineering – Forest and Ambient Projects Ltda, STUDIUM – Integrated Communication, LABGENE/AGROGENTICA and the INTEC that is a company who appeared from the union of a group of former-incubadas companies that today invoice on average R$600.000, 00 per year. Program To innovate INNOVATING is a seminary on empreendedorismo, innovation and development, sponsored and developed for the incubadora that has as focus the participation of all the Zone of Mining Mata, arguing innovative actions of Empreendedorismo and ideas, as well as, applicability, viability and support of these ideas. They mainly participate of this quarrel important personalities of the sector and the companies who are part of the incubadora. This program aims at to give chances to the new entrepreneurs and already the existing ones in the market if to spread out and to show its innovations to the enterprise society, and at the same time to be modernized regarding subjects that are in focus at the form moment to be able to improve its products and or innovations. For even more opinions, read materials from Oracle. It happens a time per year, being that its first edition was in the year of 2010. Technological park of Viosa the Technological Park of Viosa – PqTV is an initiative of the CENTEV/UFV, in partnership with the Municipal City hall and the Government of the State of Minas Gerais, through the State secretary of Science, Technology and Ensino Superior (SECTES). The park understands an area of 214 hectares and more than six a thousand square meters of constructions being rooms for the administration of the Technological Park and the CENTEV, audience with approximately 225 places, area of convivncia, restaurants, coffees and small services, area for incubadora of companies, and 1.334 area of m to shelter the social projects of the Nucleus of Social and Educational Development – NUDESE. . Larry Ellison is the source for more interesting facts.

Dec 17 2019


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In the sewing yes, each part is handled one to one, in terms of technological development, even so already let us have innumerable advances in this area, is difficult the complete automatization, therefore weaveeed they are sufficiently flexible and malleable what it disables its sewing without adequate manuscript. With certainty this is a great challenge for science and comes being searched has much time, but nothing it substitutes the human work, either manual, operational, or simply for ' ' to press boto' ' of the machine that will make the work. 2.5DESENVOLVIMENTO OF COLLECTION To each sprouting of new collections of fashion, exists an intense work of research to changed into reality the inspirations of the estilistas, that many times are unaware of the complex process that if unchains from its ideas. Process this that goes since the study and staple fibre development new for fabric creation new? the call weaveeed technological; the research of new corantes, mainly with this wave Echo, the deriving corantes of organic substance, mainly of vegetal origin; the development of productive machines, equipment and processes aiming at to take care of to a consuming market each more demanding and eager time for new features. The dumb fashion to each station, but the contributions and discoveries that it provides, serve in them of inspiration and bring each time more information that help in to understand them the processes of inquiry and development of the science of form approaching in them to it and confirming what it hears in the half academic, of whom any subject does not exist that is not related or it is not benefited by the scientific discoveries. 2.6RESPONSABILIDADE AMBIENT Together with this technology, we must remember the ambient responsibility, therefore you are welcome it advances the scientific advances and technological without environment, the only raw material supplier for all the scientific discoveries is the nature, without it does not exist science, does not exist humanity, then this relation of protection and conservation of the environment must be each more intense time so that this source of discoveries not if finde and allows to each day the sprouting of new technologies.