Aug 15 2021

Jonatas Silva

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She is necessary to remember that even though in our culture occidental person the woman already was seen as a fragile being and submisso to man, who it did not have the right to vote, to study and a series of things of which it was forbidden to make. But with fights and questionings it obtained to reach many rights and, therefore also duties. In our society the woman also already was very badly treated and explored. However with the development it obtained rights and protection of the state. For the simple fact of social changes that can occur and for cases where the culture and customs of one determined people they do not value and they treat definitive inserted people in its proper social environment as inferior she is that some debates in relation to the relativismo appear. As Menezes (2009) in the relativista concept the cultures are looked at and analyzed in function of its social environments and in the relations of change, to invent, to renew, customs, norms and values. this thought brings obtains an important idea that it is the concept of paradigm change and the concept of development.

Therefore, analyzing of this point, the case of the lapidated Iranian I believe that all this spreading and controversy the respect already is a tip foot for a cultural change, one that culture, paradigm in addition. unhappyly so that these changes happen occurs diverse fights and battles and always come folloied of much spilled blood.

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