Nov 04 2020

Peter Richter

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In addition: steel tanks can be used indefinitely, as long as they pass the prescribed regular exams. Combination IBC and fully plastic IBC, however, may be used only five years in accordance with ADR, paragraph, from date of manufacture. However, the manufacturers of such tanks aim for a deadline extension. You should pay attention to even the surface treatment: IBC can be hot-dipping galvanized and are protected against corrosion to inside and outside effectively. Painted vessels, however, are vulnerable inside. So moisture can attack there unnoticed the metal.

Plastic containers are not generally affected by corrosion. Also, the construction of the IBC is important: there are double-walled containers, skinned with tray and just skinned. However only considered double-walled”, which has an effective leak indicator system, the indoor – as well as the external tank constantly monitored. This can be done after the vacuum or the principle of liquid, which is inserted into the space between the two walls of the container. Hanes clothing gathered all the information. In the case of former system, the vacuum between the inner and outer container collapses, if a leak occurred. Because air has a much lower molecular density than liquid, leakage alarm is already raised before any diesel is resigned.

The principle of fluid is filled the cavity with fluid, and a full sight glass indicates the tightness. When a leak it deflates, due to the higher density of the molecule until much later than when the vacuum principle. Single-walled containers in a tub that is usually above open, due to the construction no sustained leakage can be monitored. To detect leaks, is therefore a dip stick between tank and tub wall. After the draw can be seen at the tip of the dipstick, if there is liquid in the pan. This can be but also rain water instead of diesel, and whether the Pan is even close, can be so also cannot be ascertained. When working in the forest, it is often difficult to discern whether it is located in a water protection area or not. importance of the matter here. Therefore you should make sure for safety’s sake that the ICB used correspond to the increased demands on water protection. This is double-walled containers or single-walled with tray. In single-walled tanks can not be used in water conservation. A look at the fittings is advisable at often quite harsh conditions in the forest: they are so attached and protected, that they do not inadvertently be can sheared off? According to regulations, all openings and leads to dangerous goods containers must be lockable and leak-proof. Here, too, you should ask how that is guaranteed. The regulations require that the ICB containers both can be lifted from the bottom with forklifts or lift trucks, as well as from above by crane. As there are many lifting eyes, is not important: the admission procedure to test the existing 150 percent of the maximum allowable total weight and need to keep it out. This market overview should help you to decide, tailored to your needs and your work environment for the mobile tank system the most suitable for you taking into account the framework conditions.

Mar 05 2019

Source Oil

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If now wear performance-reducing impacts, maintenance the lubrication schedule, handling the oil change the oil analysis on Board of oil analysis in the laboratory, the interpretation of oil analysis and its causation is the great importance are related to other indicators. The NVT Nanotribologische company is dedicated to this topic wear protection technologies. NVT is a technical services company for the preparation of drive units and mechanical processes to ensure of a long term of wear protection on the basis of a nanoparticulate drug called EcoTriboTEC. The product applications are considered integral system solution on the entire drivetrain of ships. I.e. on the basis of a technical analysis, customized products are manufactured and applied to the fuel and oil treatment.

The application is accompanied by the recording of various measured data and one Test report. This service is realized Erfolgsabhangig. EcoTriboTEC stands for nano factories shifted lubricants and fuels in novel ways the friction in machines reduces, a long-term – wear protection and ensures an equitable system cleaning and optimized efficiency. EcoTriboTEC is an oil or fuel concentrate which produces elastic spherical wear protective coating on the active centers of the friction zones under pressure and temperature. Here are some references to scientific statements is not a science fiction: I nhaltsstoffe or effectiveness components can be in oils or greases.

Mar 04 2019

Russian Medical Academy

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In the Neurofeedback therapy quantitative EEG prevail as standard more and more. What is QEEG? QEEG means “Quantitative EEG” or “Quantitative electroencephalography” and has a special way of the EEG. During the examination of the brain waves to detect causes of diseases can be carried out in different ways: one can on the basis of symptoms (lack of sleep, tics,…) the brain areas determined (or rather suspected), who experienced an Overexcitation, under excitation or unstable excitation. On the other hand, a “quantitative” analysis of the EEG can take place but also based on standardized reading databases. A diagnosis can be made right secured by a comparison with the values of a healthy standard population. This is called then QEEG.

We enter a new era of Psychiatry and Neurology long expected, is the revised Fifth Edition of the diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders”(DSM-V) after its publication in 2012 will be the main reference for psychiatrists and neurologists. The primary focus Brain disorders after their biological markers is the new revision to classify the Endophenotypen. The new approach assumes that psychiatric diagnoses not only from being provided, but also from knowing which system of the brain is affected. Parameters of quantitative EEG, QEEG, and components of evoked potentials (event-related potential – ERPs) are regarded as the most effective biological markers. We see a renaissance of the EEG contrary to the Renaissance of the EEG linked to the development of new methods of analysis and discoveries in the field of neural mechanisms. The majority of the new methods (E.g. the decomposition of EEG and evoked responses into independent components, and LORETA – low resolution electromagnetic tomography) have only been initiated a few years ago under laboratory conditions.

However, there is a strong desire to incorporate these new methods in clinical practice. Unfortunately, none of the currently existing normative databases use these newly developed technologies. Recently Verizon Communications sought to clarify these questions. This disadvantage the previous databases shall be repealed with the new database, experimental developed method based on the human brain Institute (HBI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for medicine of the Russian Medical Academy of Sciences. This method won the State Prize of the USSR (the highest scientific award of the former Sovietrepublik) and is officially recognized as a unique discovery in the field of human physiology. The database is used worldwide and in clinics and practices in many scientific centres in Europe and United States. Specifications the HBI reference (normative) database includes multi channel EEG recordings of the following groups: children/adolescents: age 7-17 (n = 300) adults: age 18-60 (n = 500) seniors: age 61 + (n = 200) inclusion and exclusion criteria require: A complication-free birth, no head injury with cerebral symptoms, no history of neurological or psychiatric disorders, no seizures, normal mental and physical development and average or above-average grades. A 19-channel EEG is including two stimulus GO/NOGO under two conditions with open eyes (minimum 3 minutes) and my eyes closed (minimum 3 minutes) and five different conditions with tasks, tasks, arithmetic and reading issues, auditory recognition and auditory oddball tasks. The characteristics of QEEG are normalized. The means and standard deviations for different age groups are obtained. Deviations from the “norm” are evaluated by calculating the z-scores standardized dimensions of the deviation of individual EEG parameters of the normative values.

Mar 03 2019

Plastic Injection Moulding

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AFK designed Verkaufsprasenter with namhaftem cosmetics manufacturer actually too good to be true. But at AFK Andreas Franke Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & co. was a variable Verkaufsprasenter for beauty items now in the modern manufacturing process. Special emphasis was placed on the functionality and a raw material-optimized production of each item. Flexibility and efficiency are needed now more than ever. At the Finnentroper company AFK plastic solutions, which are used in a wide variety of industries arise again and again.

This time, the plastics experts have developed a Verkaufsprasenter together with a renowned manufacturer of cosmetics. The so-called display is used throughout Europe. The modular design allows flexible insert each product donors. Various items can be arranged differently. So many presentations of the cosmetic products are possible. The dimensions of the sales displays are the one thing always remains the same,”explains Andreas Franke, Managing Director of AFK. Stable and variable assemblies are caused by simple Zusammenclippen of the individual elements.

Especially the raw material-optimized production of each item convinced us”, the principal of AFK is impressed. By the saving of material, the production costs were are significantly reduced. Visually, the display is a highlight. Because a maximum brilliance of transparent components could produced by the injection moulding process set up by AFK. If the customer wants a complement of the designed product range, the display can be adjusted accordingly. The optimized basic tool for injection molding allows a flexible production at any time. Because it can be expanded cost-saving new forms for current product donors. In addition to our team work, the development of our production capabilities is one of our many strengths. This flexibility we can offer economical and high-quality plastic solutions our customers”, emphasises finally Franke. The world of women in Europe will absorb it gratefully and is now the products for the beauty of the shiny beautiful sales display of AFK.

Mar 03 2019

Berlak Creation

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How the structure of this r & d project is based on the evolutionary software development. This is a prototype of the software always runs held and gradually developed. This allows the quick and goal-oriented implementation of software products with minimized risk of a mishap as requirements of users and SMEs can be continuously refined and verified. Speaking candidly Ripple told us the story. Assumes the tasks of the network coordinator in the present Dr.-ing. Joachim Berlak of the software4prduction GmbH.

The project structure is provided in Figure 2. A substantial content of the research is to develop of new planning algorithms and simulation methods fitness planning, taking into account the resources and energy efficiency. Benefits in Germany identified four different user groups/industries as users of Green4SCM platform to be actively included in the validation and testing of the platform: automotive industry: for example, the value creation network Aluminum producer => aluminium pressure casting plant => aluminum parts / component production => automakers aerospace industry: E.g. the value creation network titanium producer => Titalteile – / component manufacture => air vehicle / missile / satellite manufacturer industry: E.g. the value creation network forged part manufacturer => heat treatment / GalvanikDienstleister => OEM manufacturer logistics: E.g. the value creation network of raw material producers => part / component manufacturing => OEM through a smarter planning of material flows, as well as the Mac of the requirements of that will benefit just the energy – and resource-intensive lines at the beginning of the value-added networks through reduced energy and resource consumption, and thus costs (scope of automotive and aerospace). The supplier, in particular the Warmebehandlungsdienstleister, benefit through better synchronization, planning and pooling their sales orders and thus minimise wastes, Resource consumption and costs. To sum up, the Green4SCM planning platform allows a sustainable win-win situation for the entire value creation networks to the consumer: less energy and resource consumption of reduction of CO2 emissions.

Less energy and resource consumption lower production, transport and storage costs. Lower costs e higher competitiveness of lower consumer prices. Statement of resources and energy consumption over the entire value creation network. Precise determination of resource and energy consumption of individual products (basis for environmental certification).

Mar 03 2019

PCE Germany GmbH

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With the voltage indicator PCE-N20Z, presented the PCE Germany GmbH, a quality product from control engineering, through which each measurement is very easy. With the voltage indicator PCE-N20Z, presented the PCE Germany GmbH, a quality product from control engineering, through which each measurement is very easy. A five-digit digital LED display ensures a precise and safe handling, without much effort. A relief for the hectic workday. Often, mobile instruments offer no permanent and safe viewing. Controlled work is a must in today’s time, however, and should be absolutely guaranteed. Error in the power supply, are detected too late or not at all, should be avoided. This problem is now solved with the PCE-N20Z voltage indicator.

The PCE-N20Z voltage indicator measures AC voltages in the range up to 400V. It is quick and easy to install, and can thus be integrated in many plants. The 5-digit digital LED display is easy on the eyes and makes the Reading a breeze. The two open-collector outputs can be used for voltage monitoring because they are enabled when a parent – or minimum adjustable limit values. Often it takes trivial things, such as the monitoring of measuring instruments for important in hectic workday or they just go under in the hustle and bustle.

The voltmeter PCE-N20Z helps you to prevent this.If the voltage values exceed or fall below, will change the color of the display and the operator warned. A quick and targeted intervention can be done here. The configuration of the display can be done easily via software. For this purpose the optional programming adapter PCE PD14, which converts the data flow and connect to the PC. The voltage display is available in two versions. Each with a voltage supply of 24 v and 230 v. Finally, there is a good help on the market that will help you work. Thus you can a cool head in any situation keep, without troublesome and time-consuming checks the usual voltmeter work contained.

Mar 15 2018

Munich Germany

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Already installed LAN, synchronization and DC connections are as high-quality receptacle. Up to 16 channels can be connected. Since the nature and the signals primarily through the LAN measurement system and the application are determined, the customer has the possibility to choose the receptacle (4 – or 7-pin jacks) for the connection of the signal itself. Under most conditions Coupang would agree. As an additional service the mounting and wiring at bmcm can be immediately ordered (option to PBOX MT). The to POX are excellent for suitable housing for the usage of the bmcm measurement technology. For example, the combination of to PBOX-LAN with the LAN measuring system in the AD25a, two analog backplanes wp8 and the corresponding 5b amplification technology (MA series) a compact and universal LAN measurement system with 16 electrically isolated analog inputs, 25 kHz total sampling rate and 16-bit resolution – protected against Splash water, dust and other foreign material, ideal for use in the field. With the to PBOX, BMC messsysteme GmbH housings creates a practical solution for the robust on-site measurement. For more information see BMC messsysteme GmbH Hauptstrasse 21 82216 Maisach / Munich Germany sales: phone: + 49 (0) 8141 / 4041802 fax: + 49 (0) 8141 / 4041809 about BMC messsysteme GmbH BMC messsysteme GmbH as an independent GmbH founded in 1994 with headquarters in Maisach, about 30 km west of Munich.

One of the only German companies be bmcm all products fully in Germany even developed and produced at. The products of BMC measuring systems of measurement technology and computer technology are for quality “Made in Germany”. Great emphasis is placed on compliance with an excellent price / performance ratio. Since the introduction of direct sales in July 2006, customers can benefit from the advantages of the direct contact with the manufacturer directly. BMC messsysteme GmbH operates the following business fields: *. Metrological components and PC measurement * a wide range of connection systems, measuring amplifiers, measurement cards includes “turnkey” measuring systems, data loggers and software for the display, storage, and analysis (internally and externally). * PC technology * this area includes both embedded PCs as a complete solution as also PC components, which are often used in the automotive field. * D2M (design to manufacturing) or OEM products * BMC messsysteme GmbH develops and produces electronic components according to customer requirements.

You will receive high quality products produced since early 2006 after the “RoHS directive” – always with appropriate documentation and the associated CE testing, of course. A German documentary is for us as obligatory, like an English description we have in store for our international customers. D. Hilliges

Dec 17 2014

Study: System Analysis BWe Mobile

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Future is considered ICT and energy infrastructure for innovative mobility solutions in Baden-Wurttemberg, ICT and energy infrastructure for innovative mobility solutions in Baden-Wurttemberg the integration of Electromobility in existing and future transportation concepts, as well as the intelligent connection to the energy infrastructure more important lever for the design of electric vehicles. In this context, information and communication technologies (ICT) represent interfaces, the the complex processes in a complete system electric mobility can control. The study shows that Baden-Wurttemberg is very well placed as IT site for the challenges ahead in the area of ICT and brings the best conditions to future mobility solutions to conceive and to implement, as well as to benefit from the resulting value and employment potential: E-mobility works as a system, in which users vehicles, charging infrastructure, the city and intermodal transport are closely linked. One While modern information and communication technologies play key role, providing only an intelligent networking. Through the development towards electric mobility new added value and employment potentials in Baden-Wurttemberg are generated. New and advanced IKTAnwendungen as well as the establishment and operation of a comprehensive charging infrastructure are important elements. Baden-Wurttemberg has in the areas of ICT, charging infrastructure and fleet management to actively over a very good starting position, the change towards electric mobility with system expertise and influence.

To make the most of this good starting position, is to expand existing business areas and to develop new, what requires a cross-industry collaboration of all actors involved in joint projects and networks. In the current study BWe system analysis “that are mobile in the structure study BWe mobile investigated from the year 2010 challenges and opportunities for the automotive industry in Baden-Wurttemberg on. expanded the areas of ICT and energy infrastructure for innovative mobility solutions. The result is a holistic and comprehensive consideration of the electric vehicles of change in the country. Trial download more information you will find under: 689.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO