Dec 17 2014

Study: System Analysis BWe Mobile

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Future is considered ICT and energy infrastructure for innovative mobility solutions in Baden-Wurttemberg, ICT and energy infrastructure for innovative mobility solutions in Baden-Wurttemberg the integration of Electromobility in existing and future transportation concepts, as well as the intelligent connection to the energy infrastructure more important lever for the design of electric vehicles. In this context, information and communication technologies (ICT) represent interfaces, the the complex processes in a complete system electric mobility can control. The study shows that Baden-Wurttemberg is very well placed as IT site for the challenges ahead in the area of ICT and brings the best conditions to future mobility solutions to conceive and to implement, as well as to benefit from the resulting value and employment potential: E-mobility works as a system, in which users vehicles, charging infrastructure, the city and intermodal transport are closely linked. One While modern information and communication technologies play key role, providing only an intelligent networking. Through the development towards electric mobility new added value and employment potentials in Baden-Wurttemberg are generated. New and advanced IKTAnwendungen as well as the establishment and operation of a comprehensive charging infrastructure are important elements. Baden-Wurttemberg has in the areas of ICT, charging infrastructure and fleet management to actively over a very good starting position, the change towards electric mobility with system expertise and influence.

To make the most of this good starting position, is to expand existing business areas and to develop new, what requires a cross-industry collaboration of all actors involved in joint projects and networks. In the current study BWe system analysis “that are mobile in the structure study BWe mobile investigated from the year 2010 challenges and opportunities for the automotive industry in Baden-Wurttemberg on. expanded the areas of ICT and energy infrastructure for innovative mobility solutions. The result is a holistic and comprehensive consideration of the electric vehicles of change in the country. Trial download more information you will find under: 689.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

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