Mar 03 2019

Berlak Creation

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How the structure of this r & d project is based on the evolutionary software development. This is a prototype of the software always runs held and gradually developed. This allows the quick and goal-oriented implementation of software products with minimized risk of a mishap as requirements of users and SMEs can be continuously refined and verified. Speaking candidly Ripple told us the story. Assumes the tasks of the network coordinator in the present Dr.-ing. Joachim Berlak of the software4prduction GmbH.

The project structure is provided in Figure 2. A substantial content of the research is to develop of new planning algorithms and simulation methods fitness planning, taking into account the resources and energy efficiency. Benefits in Germany identified four different user groups/industries as users of Green4SCM platform to be actively included in the validation and testing of the platform: automotive industry: for example, the value creation network Aluminum producer => aluminium pressure casting plant => aluminum parts / component production => automakers aerospace industry: E.g. the value creation network titanium producer => Titalteile – / component manufacture => air vehicle / missile / satellite manufacturer industry: E.g. the value creation network forged part manufacturer => heat treatment / GalvanikDienstleister => OEM manufacturer logistics: E.g. the value creation network of raw material producers => part / component manufacturing => OEM through a smarter planning of material flows, as well as the Mac of the requirements of that will benefit just the energy – and resource-intensive lines at the beginning of the value-added networks through reduced energy and resource consumption, and thus costs (scope of automotive and aerospace). The supplier, in particular the Warmebehandlungsdienstleister, benefit through better synchronization, planning and pooling their sales orders and thus minimise wastes, Resource consumption and costs. To sum up, the Green4SCM planning platform allows a sustainable win-win situation for the entire value creation networks to the consumer: less energy and resource consumption of reduction of CO2 emissions.

Less energy and resource consumption lower production, transport and storage costs. Lower costs e higher competitiveness of lower consumer prices. Statement of resources and energy consumption over the entire value creation network. Precise determination of resource and energy consumption of individual products (basis for environmental certification).

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