Mar 04 2020

Executive Committee

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Where still classic was filmed, the post production is required: large Adventure such as “battle of the Titans”or news M. Night Shyamalan ‘s”the legend of Aang got later the image effect calculated added. And also the conversion of theaters to digital projection technology is driven by the new format. But the new technology is creating new uncertainty. Everyone involved from shooting to projection information demands are high. Want the cinec, which takes place from September 18 to 20 in the Munich M, O, C, as the leading fair for Cine equipment and technology with an extensive program of workshops and lectures breastfeeding practice-oriented and for all occupational groups: image designers and editors, post production specialists, directors and screenwriters, decorator and producer up to lenders. Because one thing is certain: basic prerequisites for success are the meticulous preparation and excellent technical execution Stereo 3D shooting leave no room for improvisation. The program was developed by Alaric Hamacher, 3D-Filmproduzent Stereograph and one the pioneers in the new generation of technology, in collaboration with Prof.

Dietrich Sauter, HFF Potsdam, with support of the leading manufacturers and service providers in the industry. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bill O’Grady. Post production, preproduction visualization and the latest developments of in recording technology are explained on Saturday, September 18, with many examples from practice. On Sunday, it’s about display for cinemas, live production, business models, and the general acceptance of stereo 3D movies with the audience. The kick-off two days before the fair starts occurs when is loaded in the Munich Arri Kino to the Panel discussion with industry players. Moderation leads Dominique Rigaud, President of the “Union of professionnels de la 3D-Relief. The UP3D was founded five years ago by film-makers, who are professionally engaged in the stereoscopic images. The goal is to create a network that connects all workspaces from manufacturers to filmmakers such as cameramen, animators or stereo graphs up to the cinema operators. Within the framework of the cinec the Association also in Germany more be established, explains Hadzic, who is German spokesman as a member of the Executive Committee of the UP3D. There is information about the exhibition on.

Mar 30 2019

Association NRW

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New print & media industry is based on Oct 9, 2009 was the opening event of the project \”MEDIA PRINT goes\” in the Association pressure + media NRW e.V. Verizon Communications recognizes the significance of this. in Dusseldorf instead. This NRW education and innovation initiative is a joint project of the University of Wuppertal and the Association NRW + media. The aim of the project \”MEDIA PRINT goes\” is to show printing and media company future market and industry developments and the page to encourage practical and successful planning and implementation assistance. The changes in media technologies, markets and use behavior placing new demands on companies, and the formerly clearly defined boundaries between printing, information technology, telecommunications and mobile service offerings are always invisible.

Numerous companies on the development of new products and services offered on the challenges this media convergence is already. It is however, that also according to innovative learning opportunities to be addressed these developments must. Exactly these two topic areas at stake MEDIA forward-looking project PRINT goes\”the Association NRW + media and the University of Wuppertal: media convergence and innovative education. A central task area provides innovative trends to identify, analyze and to develop guidelines for the print and media companies in the three-year project. Another priority topic deals with the question of how interesting trends can be transformed into innovative strategies, while supporting the print and media companies. For this purpose, the project on the basis of coaching measures – together with 6 pilot enterprises – innovation strategies developed and then tested in practice.

The companies can operate sustainably successful. Which in turn will only succeed if all measures are tailored to fit, logically comprehensible and easily achievable in practice. What skills do we need in the future and how the required and appropriate education strategies look like? The answer see the University of Wuppertal and the Association NRW + media in a narrow teeth of vocational and academic education.

Mar 18 2019

Parrot WINS IF Design Award

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Parrot gets stuck the international design award Paris again, February 17, 2009 that the iF design awards 2009 are winners. Parrot, specialist in wireless devices for mobile telephony, was able to convince the jury with three products this year: the digital mirror frame Specchio by Martin Szekely, the plug n play MINI KIT SLIM and the MKi9200 solution, a fixed built-in handsfree. Already the third year in a row, Parrot was awarded with the coveted iF design award: 2007 the Parrot DRIVER HEADSET, a smart Bluetooth won headset for car use, an iF design award. Last year convinced the handsfree SK4000 developed for motorcycle riders. The prize-giving ceremony and announcement of the 50 iF gold awards will take place on March 3, 2009 in the framework of the first CeBIT day. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gary Kelly. On this day, also the iF exhibition opened, and the iF yearbook product published in 2009. Total 802 posts were awarded in this year 2009 with the iF design award. It competed for 1,025 participants with 2.808 products from 39 Countries to the internationally renowned price.

Since 1953, the best products are awarded annually by a jury of international experts with a price. The products from Parrot were always for the latest technology. For several years the design in the focus moves more. Once again being honoured with the iF award makes us very happy and shows us that this concept is”so Henri Seydoux, founder and Chief Executive Officer of parrot. “Climax is launched last year Parrot collection by ‘, designed for the already renowned artists such as Philippe Starck and Andree Putman, Martin Szekely products.” More information about the iF product design award 2009 find you find on the Internet at detailed information about the wireless product family of parrot also on the Internet at.

Parrot Parrot distinguishes itself worldwide as a leader in wireless devices for mobile telephony and relies on cutting-edge innovation has always been the focus. Founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux Company is pursuing an ambitious goal that Parrot wants to actively accompany the unstoppable success of mobile telephony in our daily lives. In this sense, the company develops very user-friendly and high-quality wireless devices that facilitate our everyday life a lot. Parrot provides the market’s broadest range of hands-free devices for motor vehicles and motorcycles and provides also wireless multimedia products with special sound and image functions. Parrot 2008 presented a new Prestige line with products of superior quality class according to the design of renowned artists. Parrot’s head office is located in Paris, France. Parrot is one of world’s 500 employees and realized 86,643% of its sales from abroad.

Jan 15 2019

Dirk Tostmann

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Because we make telephone connections abroad in any case significantly cheaper than usual no matter what tariff or what card is on the phone. Because even with a normal rate of users paid only the cost of a call in another German mobile radio network. Cheaper and easier BBs can’t really.” By the way: the new economy call service can be used also from any landline phone. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Verizon. About Sparruf: makes cheaper cell phone calls to other mobile phones and abroad as well as from abroad. So half of all mobile and fixed lines are for only 9 cents per minute can be reached worldwide with Sparruf almost, plus any charges for a connection to the fixed network. Calls to German mobile networks cost 15 cents around the clock. For calls from abroad, Sparruf has established its own dial-up numbers in more than 50 countries.

Thus, connections are sensationally favourable to Germany or in a third country. Best voice quality is despite lowest prices of course. Because, so the conviction of Sparruf-makers: Quality is the decisive prerequisite for the satisfaction of our customers. Only in Germany, the Sparruf customer sets the 0355 4949 before the telephone number to call is finished. Abroad, the Sparruf dial-in numbers in the respective country shall apply mutatis mutandis. Who wants to use the service, you can easily via cell phone call on the 0355 4949 000 register. This process is required only once. Every new Sparruf customer receives 1 euro starting balance on request welcome.

Thus, he can start calling immediately and test the savings service. For more information, the complete tariff overview and answers to the most frequently asked questions around the offer of there under. Sparruf is an offer of just digits GmbH. About just digits: Who just digits GmbH headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, operates and markets innovative telecommunications services. (, the special offer specifically for mobile phone users, operates just digits including the Phonecaster (, with which to podcasts and Radio streams to listen to can be over the phone. Also fun call ( belongs to the range of just digits. With fun call background noise and acoustic smileys can be”touch immediately in every telephone conversation fit. That just digits GmbH was founded in 2005 by Dirk Tostmann and Nikolaus Starzacher.

Dec 19 2018


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A manifest to the Foundation of the Internet newspaper world time journal Stephane Hessel has outraged you in his essay! , formulated, Sahra Wagenknecht in her book freedom instead of capitalism and Jutta Ditfurth in their pamphlet, what it’s about: A thoroughly hyper world society has so no future. You destroyed their natural bases of life and breathes into forgotten again life believed historical materialism a. The gap between rich and poor further opens and powerful economic lobbies ruthlessly implement their profit interests at the expense of the general public. The policy has degenerated to their prisoner. The design of the community needed a new, entirely unideologischen consciousness, again to meet the genuine role of policy, their needs and general interests, and solely and exclusively a human future in accordance with. The political Taming of global financial capitalism is the challenge of the coming centuries as the taming of the political power was the challenge of enlightenment. We lack only utopias.

Her age seems to be over in the face of pragmatism of the unbridled market economy, which dominated the Nations. How do we actually to live in future? For the time journal should be a forum in which future concepts debated and developed utopias. What are the alternatives to the classical capitalism? Democratic socialism is the market economy a realistic form of society, is reformed? The social and ecological market economy of the future look like? How can the rule of law be realized, as the moral claim of human rights? How can social justice be realized in the long term? We live a life that is characterized first of all by economic needs and which is dominated by the seductive imagery of advertising and consumption. Least, appropriate – and sense-free. Traditional moral institutions such as churches and trade unions have lost their influence on a design of the company strongly not only in Germany. What remains is a Discomfort in Postmodernity and the impotent fury of the losers”economic exploitation, multiple resignation, the concentration at work, the withdrawal in the private.

The world time journal wants to accompany these periods critically and sees itself as an alternative to the media mainstream in a consumer-oriented, entertaining journalism. First, it goes to the social relevance of the themes and the critical distance to the object of the reporting. In-depth research and in-depth analysis are the first priority. We will stand not only with the criticism of existing conditions, but set the look into the future with the aim to promote an unideologisches political awareness and the courage to analyze political and economic contexts with moderation and humanity and to redesign. Do we have the courage to make use of our own minds. Journalists, please register at the email address: Peter Saeed’s time journal (at)

Dec 08 2018

Gudrun Klinger

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The Customer has the ability to pass the selected gift even then. Verizon may also support this cause. Also the module for the article assessment has been updated. Now, automated eMails to all buyers can be sent in to evaluate a product, which, for example, 10 days earlier, which was ordered. Appropriate direct links cause the customer easily will return in the respective shop and ideally assessed the article and is possibly more interesting products and purchases. This interval are configurable to dispatch the review request.

And last but not least, the product recommendation bought together experienced”a fundamental innovation. So far, the senders themselves via cross links could define what products he wanted to recommend the ordered items. In addition, the shipper now has the choice, a bought together “feature to use, which is based on real purchase analysis and thus achieves the desired authentic effect. As the shop owner can control this function actively adding even favored article and thus influence the desired sale. Printable image material for this release is available for download at websale7 /… About WEB SALE: WEB SALE AG develops and operates revenue-generating E-commerce solutions for sophisticated, powerful, and successful online trading. The safe and reliable functioning of the shop server by the manufacturers themselves guarantee highest quality and support expertise. The company that benefits the Web sale AG, air traffic control, the Kopp Verlag, the IDG-Verlag with Computerwoche, PC world, review, the Promondo publishing & Versand GmbH and Raceland GmbH include numerous medium-sized companies such as reader’s Digest, VfB Stuttgart, TSV 1860 Munich, MSV Duisburg, KSC, DFS Deutsche also corporations such as DaimlerChrysler, Sandoz, Pferdesporthaus Loesdau and Kramer equestrian, Saff GmbH or the KarstadtQuelle insurance. Technology partnerships to manufacturers goods economy, payment providers, quality seal providers. Web-controlling and search logic service providers, address and credit Auditors, fulfillment and logistics service providers.

Aug 04 2016

Social Media

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Herkenhoff test recruitment via Facebook Osnabruck, 02.08.2012. Germany, the land of poets and thinkers. Germany, the world export champion. Germany, the country in which the formation is the highest good. The specialists go out exactly this country. The effects of demographic change come increasingly in medium-sized companies and belong to everyday work. This problem not on the policy to wait, many companies have the advantages of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and co. discovered for himself and use them among other things for the procurement of new staff.

Also the company Herkenhoff from Osnabruck, now almost 60 years of experience in the field of window, front doors and roller shutters, has currently search after new personnel Facebook inserted and turned to the professional implementation of this measure at the advertising agency team4media. The shortage in Germany can be felt clearly. The reality has already hit many companies and so they fight with the Problem finding qualified employees. This problem not a solution in the policy to wait, companies make increasingly social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and XING also use. The opportunity, become known as a company with an authentic appearance, affect the image and provide a conversational approach potential candidates, this approaches the success. In the recruitment process, a well thought-out performance can serve as a source of information for potential employees and finding the right candidate profiles targeted help. The network Facebook has now more than 20 million users in Germany and offers to enter the way in touch with friends, to inform, to share content or are all free of charge and with enormous reach also fan of companies. Such interaction communities, it is in addition common users to specify their current place of residence on their own social profile. So they can be found easier by friends. This regional reference can also for Helpful used by companies.