Dec 19 2018


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A manifest to the Foundation of the Internet newspaper world time journal Stephane Hessel has outraged you in his essay! , formulated, Sahra Wagenknecht in her book freedom instead of capitalism and Jutta Ditfurth in their pamphlet, what it’s about: A thoroughly hyper world society has so no future. You destroyed their natural bases of life and breathes into forgotten again life believed historical materialism a. The gap between rich and poor further opens and powerful economic lobbies ruthlessly implement their profit interests at the expense of the general public. The policy has degenerated to their prisoner. The design of the community needed a new, entirely unideologischen consciousness, again to meet the genuine role of policy, their needs and general interests, and solely and exclusively a human future in accordance with. The political Taming of global financial capitalism is the challenge of the coming centuries as the taming of the political power was the challenge of enlightenment. We lack only utopias.

Her age seems to be over in the face of pragmatism of the unbridled market economy, which dominated the Nations. How do we actually to live in future? For the time journal should be a forum in which future concepts debated and developed utopias. What are the alternatives to the classical capitalism? Democratic socialism is the market economy a realistic form of society, is reformed? The social and ecological market economy of the future look like? How can the rule of law be realized, as the moral claim of human rights? How can social justice be realized in the long term? We live a life that is characterized first of all by economic needs and which is dominated by the seductive imagery of advertising and consumption. Least, appropriate – and sense-free. Traditional moral institutions such as churches and trade unions have lost their influence on a design of the company strongly not only in Germany. What remains is a Discomfort in Postmodernity and the impotent fury of the losers”economic exploitation, multiple resignation, the concentration at work, the withdrawal in the private.

The world time journal wants to accompany these periods critically and sees itself as an alternative to the media mainstream in a consumer-oriented, entertaining journalism. First, it goes to the social relevance of the themes and the critical distance to the object of the reporting. In-depth research and in-depth analysis are the first priority. We will stand not only with the criticism of existing conditions, but set the look into the future with the aim to promote an unideologisches political awareness and the courage to analyze political and economic contexts with moderation and humanity and to redesign. Do we have the courage to make use of our own minds. Journalists, please register at the email address: Peter Saeed’s time journal (at)

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