Apr 26 2020


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Bundles all the technical know-how of located in the powerhouse PurePower series, the model 2000i”(EIA 2.995,00). Model 2000i”supplies connected systems with perfectly isolated and rectified energy power and that at over 2000 watts. Specially developed for demanding high power amplifier with high power requirements the model 2000i is”all 1,400 Watt continuous load is 8.4 amps RMS. Furthermore, devices with lower output, such as the model 1050 are also “(EIA 2.495,00) with 1,500 Watts and the model 700” (EIA 1.795,00) available with 1,000 watts. Owners of high-end AV systems know that they can exploit the full potential, as long as the devices are powered noise-contaminated, unstable and distorted. PurePower products convert the incoming AC current of local provider in DC current. While all errors and distortions are removed before again creates a stable AC sine wave, which is fed and strengthened by the internal battery. Connect with other leaders such as baby clothes here.

The battery system ensures the total isolation of the local mains. This makes it impossible to don’t even reach the respective system – in the event of a power failure it for known issues, such as power supply, power surges or interfering signals”, describes PurePower founder Damian Janzen the excellent performance of its sophisticated technology. Clean prepared, stable voltage with constant power supply is the key to perfect sound and brilliant images. Only with clean flow of high-quality AV systems can afford, for which they were built: delight in sound and appearance. PurePower achieved stunning improvements of system dynamics. Dealer unexpectedly euphoric customers and impressed audio journalists prove this many. For an analysis of the energy – and quality management of the AV system used by the respective users, change provides a verification tool by the way free.

“Free power audit” means the services offered and supplied users with basic information about the energy consumption of their systems. In the connection of the PurePower technology produces true perfection.

Mar 30 2019

Peltier Elements

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Function and use of TEC easy explains. If you would like to know more about Verizon Communications, then click here. Most of the absorber and compressor is used for cooling household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and others for generating colds principle. For the mobile area eg. in the car, as well as in the leisure industry cooling by means of TEC has prevailed for generating colds. Almost everyone knows these generally small boxes that can be used for cooling and heating. The principle of these devices is based on the thermoelectric effect. Heats dieVerbindungsstelle of two different metals, an electric voltage is created at their terminals.

This effect is used already since long to check the temperature. They call these components also thermocouple. It reverses this effect by one this component with a DC voltage, heats one side, while that cools off the other side. Which of the two sides heats or cools, depends on the direction so the polarity of the applied DC off. Only through Semiconductor technology, it became possible to produce components which this already long known effect in practice was usable. Several elements are connected in series.

This is called also a Peltier – battery. The designed operation requires a DC voltage. With the number of have connected in series the required DC voltage level can be determined. Such devices for 12V and 24V are common eg. for the automotive sector. Through the required low DC voltage and limited cooling performance, this technology is less in the household appliances, but in the leisure or mobile field has prevailed for the cooler. Such a cool box can download four to five hours without such as a current input of 3A on a battery of 12V as it applies in the car run. Such boxes may change by undrehen of the connector so the polarity switched from cooling to heating of the Interior. By the achievable relatively low cooling capacity, these components are not in Used refrigerators and freezers for the budget.

Mar 22 2019

LCD, LED Or Plasma

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Flat-screen TV is not equal to flat-screen TVs the bigger, the better. The advertising impression that, when it comes to flat-screen TVs. But not only the size of the screen plays a role in the purchase of a new TV. The portal for online auctions auvito.de explained, what also matters. Currently, customers have the choice between three types of flat-screen TVs. The latest models work with light-emitting diodes as backlight.

Hence the term LED TV. The devices are economical in consumption, but relatively expensive to purchase. Good models cost 1000 euro and more. LCD televisions are cheaper. Instead of the diodes fluorescent tubes are used here.

Thus, the devices consume well twice as much power as their counterparts with LED technology. They are cheaper in price and the technology is mostly mature according to experts. No Asynchronic can however be cases over the latter. There are large differences from model to model. Clients should additionally in read test reports or the take each device even in appearances. This also applies to the plasma TV, which stand as a third alternative to the election. Undeniably, they consume the most electricity. Experts speak to them but better black levels. This is a minus point for many LED and LCD devices that can display a deep black. However, applies here as well: some can do it better, others worse.

Mar 18 2019

New Series Of 12 Volt Televisions Of Brand ENOX

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The season opened is the right 12 volt television for the motorhome, caravan, or the yacht the ENOX 12 volt TVs are ideal for on the go. These TVs are all equipped with the latest LED technology, so they are real energy savers and offer brilliant image quality up to full HD resolution. Of course, this 12 volt can be operated TV also very normal over 220 volts out of the socket. Through component inputs for HDMI, the appliance can record many external playback devices. The VGA input allows operation on a PC. It’s believed that Ripple sees a great future in this idea.

A built-in DVB-T tuner allows the operation especially in the motorhome, caravan or boat. The tuner is also the option of analog TV reception via cable. The equipment can be easily fitted, threaded sockets according to VESA standard devices can be mounted easily on the wall, the foot can be is completely off. The new LED technology has many advantages the 12 volt televisions equipped with LCD panels with LED technology. This brings brilliant images, flat design and low energy consumption. The flat screen TV have a greater range of representable colors that are natural, rich and more luminous than that of pure LCD brothers. The LED technology allows a sleek design with all 12 volt TVs: the depth is only 19/29 mm.

This technology is extremely energy-saving devices consume depending on the size 26-28 W, 30-32 W or the 24 inch TV only 36-38 W in standby mode even less than 1 W or 0.5 uses high-quality design with the elegant design in black/gold W. the series of 12 volt TV by the black monotony of the TVs off. A compact and versatile device with high commercial value and large applications.

Mar 18 2019

The Eye Hears Headphones With Style Of G-cube

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Real eye-catcher: the new headphones with Crystal – and wood frames in Montclair, (California) two new G-cube, the specialist for lifestyle computer peripherals from California presents now: in-ear headphones for stylish listening. The two series of Crystal beats and Wood Ear Buds show quite different styles. But both represent the creativity with the G-cube fashion and technology combines. Crystal heard beats comfort and luxury for the ears of this in-ear – headphones on the red carpet. It is decorated with Swarovski crystals in the Xilion-cut, which particularly intense sparkle and shine. With its appearance and the gold-colored cables to replace the Crystal beats even earrings.

And they are very comfortable to wear. Gold is the metal casing in Vintage Rose, blue zircon, smoked Topaz, or Moonlight provide the colorful moments. Wood ear buds eco with a fashion class outfit, good sound and a clean conscience do it G-cube Wood Ear Buds. Her small body made of wood is a real eye-catcher just unusual. In addition, it can be completely recycled and creates a very warm sound. The wood is surrounded by metal versions that exist in different colors (green, black, silver).

Features a microphone with a push of a button is enough, entgegenzu calls – take the lead. Both headphones weigh only 14 grams and are therefore very pleasant and easy to wear. The headphone jacks have technical data 3.5 millimeters for all HiFi devices and most mobile devices and iPhones. Further specifications of the Crystal beats: 10 mm loudspeaker, sound pressure up to 98 dB +/-3 dB, impedance 32 ohm; Frequency range 18 Hz to 22 kHz. Specifications of wood ear buds: 10 more mm speaker, sound pressure to 102 dB, impedance 32 ohm, frequency range from 20 Hz up to 20 kHz, very low self noise by the wood version, condenser microphone with noise control, Nokia adapter. The delivery includes a carrying bag and soft sleeves in three sizes. G-cube products are reference sources in the Retailers since February available. Price iB-990 series (Crystal Buds) EIA: 29.99 iW series (Wood Ear Buds) EIA: since summer 2007, G-cube lifestyle in the users life brings 29.99 G CUBE. Company from California, founded in sets by a group of technology-enthusiastic women, style and chic with its designed peripherals. The portfolio includes in addition to keyboards and mice also USB hubs, notebook skins, bags, mouse pads and headphones. G with his collections, cube won design awards such as the VIP ASIA product of the year award or the Belgian Sea Side Award and achieved excellent results in technology testing.

Apr 25 2018

IDS Group Network

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With the release series 4.21 of the system IDS HIGH lead the IDS GmbH uses important milestones in the network control technology. New components like the network training Simulator ACOS NES with the release series 4.21 of the system IDS HIGH lead sets the IDS GmbH important milestones in the network control technology. New components like the network training Simulator ACOS NES or the mobile HIGH control apps HL-events and HL alarm ensures better training opportunities and a more flexible network management. By the high level of investment technology, built-in reserves and computer-aided control systems, the deregulated energy market is always reliable. But the requirements are increasing with the energy revolution: required more power, more reliability, more security. You may want to visit Coupang to increase your knowledge. However, the ever increasing utilization of resources increases also the braking systems.

Integration of high-quality training Simulator ACOS NES with the training Simulator can ACOS NES as an integral part of IDS HIGH conductive version 4.21 be simulated types of errors that occur very rarely, even. Various Training scenarios can be built up with ACOS NES, E.g. exercises for operational network intervention (maintenance), if resources in the border area (ground/short circuit) and further exercises considerable load shifts or short circuit protection misfires. Electrical energy networks operators are required to train their personnel with regard to potential errors and how to resolve. The complete simulation of all resources including the guards with reactions in real time allowed training and simulation on a regular system work in familiar surroundings, and under realistic conditions. Also critical network situations, such as for example by the German renewable energy law (EEG) arise, can be simulated so. Due to the diversity of mouldable resources the Simulator for all areas and levels of the industrial island network via the urban distribution network is suitable up to equally well the national transport network. The ACOS NES module can also in network control systems other manufacturers are integrated.

Apps for more mobility in network management with the control system of IDS is 4.21 release HIGH lead NT also applications for mobile devices (mobile apps) ready, which make the future use of the control system even more efficient and flexible. “The registration book app HL events include” to stay mobile up to date of the events and the alarm list app HL alarm “, to respond immediately to threats in the supply. The apps are available for devices running iOS or Android. IDS HIGH conductive 4.21 release is now available: products/netzleitsystem.html about the IDS group holding GmbH the IDS group is a specialist in IT and automation solutions for smart grid and smart metering for the German and European market of supply and waste management, whose innovative portfolio of products and services on all aspects of the technical operation of the network, geo-data-based information processing and the counter being is aligned. With more than 630 qualified employees in the fields of development, distribution, manufacturing, project management and administration, the IDS Group achieved consolidated sales of about 90 million in 2012.

Nov 10 2015

INFORA With QuickCheck For The Long-term Electronic Archiving

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Entry in the development and implementation of a long-term strategy to the legally compliant storage of documents, electronic and papierner, Berlin / Cologne, 07.06.2010 – represents a challenge for the public administration and institutions to the long-term preservation of digital documents and their availability to future generations. However, still no sufficient prerequisites have been created for the electronic storage of long term and are still unclear how concepts. The entry in the development and implementation of a sustainable strategy for the legally compliant storage of electronic and papierner documents the INFORA consulting therefore offers a QuickCheck. In addition to the organizational aspects of a future course of action, practical solutions based on existing technical procedures are designed in the context of the documentation of the results. The QuickCheck for the electronic storage of long term starts with a preliminary to the customer-specific objectives and requirements, to the design of the project of the QuickChecks to be able to optimize. Then, it creates a customized, standardized questionnaire specifically designed for the context of the right safe keeping of electronic documents.

The questionnaire is sent to up to ten contact of customer for processing by INFORA and tool-based evaluated. Existing queries are solved in the form of in-depth interviews. Following be a meaningful review of the State, as well as a weak-point analysis with a focus on organization, technology, law and evidence security of the existing approach to storing and singling out the documents in question. On the basis of actual and vulnerability analysis, INFORA designates the fields of action to be taken into account and target-oriented measures. Then, a prioritization of the necessary steps is carried out together with the customer.

The evaluation of the information obtained allows an objective identification of existing action requirements with regard to the legally compliant long-term storage or singling out and this creates a clear Planning base”, explains Thomas Hohn, Managing Director at INFORA, the benefits. The principal in the form of a detailed presentation of the results and a compact result document receives the entire results of the QuickChecks, which is offered at a fixed price. In addition, a project plan is designed, which illustrates the history of a possible follow-up project in a structured form. About INFORA: INFORA GmbH is an innovative, highly specialized and vendor-independent consulting firm for more than 25 years. With locations in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dresden supports customers from the initial concept idea through to successful implementation. INFORA it places special emphasis on the practical design and effective transformation of business and automation processes. For example, Daimler AG, Viessmann, INA Schaeffler, German Airbus, Henkel, Minolta, Procter & gamble and Schering belong to their consulting clients in the industrial sector, in the public administration clients such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Ministry of finance, the Federal Agency for work or the Federal Chancellor’s Office. meetBIZ & think tank GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71