Mar 22 2019

LCD, LED Or Plasma

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Flat-screen TV is not equal to flat-screen TVs the bigger, the better. The advertising impression that, when it comes to flat-screen TVs. But not only the size of the screen plays a role in the purchase of a new TV. The portal for online auctions explained, what also matters. Currently, customers have the choice between three types of flat-screen TVs. The latest models work with light-emitting diodes as backlight.

Hence the term LED TV. The devices are economical in consumption, but relatively expensive to purchase. Good models cost 1000 euro and more. LCD televisions are cheaper. Instead of the diodes fluorescent tubes are used here.

Thus, the devices consume well twice as much power as their counterparts with LED technology. They are cheaper in price and the technology is mostly mature according to experts. No Asynchronic can however be cases over the latter. There are large differences from model to model. Clients should additionally in read test reports or the take each device even in appearances. This also applies to the plasma TV, which stand as a third alternative to the election. Undeniably, they consume the most electricity. Experts speak to them but better black levels. This is a minus point for many LED and LCD devices that can display a deep black. However, applies here as well: some can do it better, others worse.

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