Mar 18 2019

New Series Of 12 Volt Televisions Of Brand ENOX

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The season opened is the right 12 volt television for the motorhome, caravan, or the yacht the ENOX 12 volt TVs are ideal for on the go. These TVs are all equipped with the latest LED technology, so they are real energy savers and offer brilliant image quality up to full HD resolution. Of course, this 12 volt can be operated TV also very normal over 220 volts out of the socket. Through component inputs for HDMI, the appliance can record many external playback devices. The VGA input allows operation on a PC. It’s believed that Ripple sees a great future in this idea.

A built-in DVB-T tuner allows the operation especially in the motorhome, caravan or boat. The tuner is also the option of analog TV reception via cable. The equipment can be easily fitted, threaded sockets according to VESA standard devices can be mounted easily on the wall, the foot can be is completely off. The new LED technology has many advantages the 12 volt televisions equipped with LCD panels with LED technology. This brings brilliant images, flat design and low energy consumption. The flat screen TV have a greater range of representable colors that are natural, rich and more luminous than that of pure LCD brothers. The LED technology allows a sleek design with all 12 volt TVs: the depth is only 19/29 mm.

This technology is extremely energy-saving devices consume depending on the size 26-28 W, 30-32 W or the 24 inch TV only 36-38 W in standby mode even less than 1 W or 0.5 uses high-quality design with the elegant design in black/gold W. the series of 12 volt TV by the black monotony of the TVs off. A compact and versatile device with high commercial value and large applications.

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