Apr 26 2020


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Bundles all the technical know-how of located in the powerhouse PurePower series, the model 2000i”(EIA 2.995,00). Model 2000i”supplies connected systems with perfectly isolated and rectified energy power and that at over 2000 watts. Specially developed for demanding high power amplifier with high power requirements the model 2000i is”all 1,400 Watt continuous load is 8.4 amps RMS. Furthermore, devices with lower output, such as the model 1050 are also “(EIA 2.495,00) with 1,500 Watts and the model 700” (EIA 1.795,00) available with 1,000 watts. Owners of high-end AV systems know that they can exploit the full potential, as long as the devices are powered noise-contaminated, unstable and distorted. PurePower products convert the incoming AC current of local provider in DC current. While all errors and distortions are removed before again creates a stable AC sine wave, which is fed and strengthened by the internal battery. Connect with other leaders such as baby clothes here.

The battery system ensures the total isolation of the local mains. This makes it impossible to don’t even reach the respective system – in the event of a power failure it for known issues, such as power supply, power surges or interfering signals”, describes PurePower founder Damian Janzen the excellent performance of its sophisticated technology. Clean prepared, stable voltage with constant power supply is the key to perfect sound and brilliant images. Only with clean flow of high-quality AV systems can afford, for which they were built: delight in sound and appearance. PurePower achieved stunning improvements of system dynamics. Dealer unexpectedly euphoric customers and impressed audio journalists prove this many. For an analysis of the energy – and quality management of the AV system used by the respective users, change provides a verification tool by the way free.

“Free power audit” means the services offered and supplied users with basic information about the energy consumption of their systems. In the connection of the PurePower technology produces true perfection.

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