Nov 17 2023


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Because with the same company, the same product, the same opportunities, the same challenges, the same benefits and the same limitations, there are people who fail and others succeed much. One of the most important keys is in how each of them is facing each of the situations that insurance has to encounter. To read more click here: Gary Kelly . Let’s see which differently react another successful and an unsuccessful person: failed: already tried everything and nothing was proved successful: everything has a solution and in it I focus until it failed: this is very complicated, out of my reach the successful solution: it is not going to win this issue, I have ability to solve it failed: success is a matter of luck, I don’t luck successful: If someone could I, success is duplicable failed: don’t want more problems in life I already have successful: I love the challenges, you will allow me to demonstrate my potential and grow failed: how I can cope with all these problems when there let me know and then if I’m successful: is there will always be problems, just solve some come others, so it is now or never failed: blame it on (always for others) successful: I am responsible for each and every one of my failed acts: training for what? I have no successful time: every minute of training saves me hours of headaches failed: better return to my previous activity, where at least saco just enough to eat successful: I am going to deal with problems that are worth the penalty, where I will draw my benefits and also have the opportunity to help a lot of people get ahead, and that has no price failed: if I do not help as they expect to come out ahead? SUCCESSFUL: this is my business, if I do not no one more going to do for me as well that failed bootstrap: when a problem exists I hope solve me and soon successful: when a problem exists I want to solve it I to learn, so when you resubmit will know how to fix it without relying on DE NADIE. With whom you feeling your identified? I hope for your sake that with the successful person.. Frequently Dr John Holtsclaw has said that publicly.

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