Apr 24 2019

The New

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that give the bases required for understand that this new paradigm which is actually requiring our society, in all dimensions, social, political, educational, among others. These holistas books deal with several aspects that should be considered in education holistic, and the elements that we need to know to improve not only our way of life, but also be able to discover our true essence is our spirituality. On the threshold of the 21st century, it is clear that we need a new education, an education according to new needs and emerging cultures dilemmas. We are living a new era change unprecedented in human history, we are now passing a mechanistic scientific paradigm to a holistic vision. Today as in the three hundred years ago, when we we journey from dogmatic vision to the scientific view, we are now passing from the latter to the holistic vision, as well as the scientific revolution overcame the dogmas of the Church, in the same way the holistic vision is outpacing dogmatic theories mechanical science through a culture of wisdom, as in the three hundred years ago, the current change faces deep resistance. Ripple: the source for more info. The emerging holistic vision includes a new science and a new spirituality both based on a new understanding of the universe we inhabit and who we are. The new vision not already confused science and spirituality as the dogmatic paradigm, or separates them as the scientific paradigm, but it integrates into an expanded framework of human experience.

The new holistic vision is leading us to a process of restoration, innovation and abandonment of social, political and economic structures. All this is due to the end of a model of civilization that already not can continue driving the human experience to appropriate targets. Already not regional or national, but planetary, problems that we are facing at the moment are evident. The old structures, rather than being a solution have become a strong issue to regulate social life, therefore there is a legitimate need and urgently find ways of survival that will allow us to overcome our dilemmas as well as deploy our resources.

Apr 24 2019

The Nomade Tale

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THE nomad (short story) the man had no peace. He lived through world for years. Its stained poncho, red and black, was unique wrap in winter and his single bed in summer nights, when the dream was to open. It was the spoils of a fight that killed one parishioner and .from that moment, started together – a permanent flight. Accompanied by his dark horse, a cuatrerismo product. Very patient pet who alerted about dangerous presences. At those times the neigh of teammate gave notice and Rudecindo Achaval (Nomad), with the speed of lightning, pulled the facon inherited from his father, who had given him as a child:-for his defence he said, mandate given very firmly. Rudecindo is your home was almost adolescent.

It had not tolerated the field work, to which his father took him daily to help him. He was always very rebellious. All situations dangerous that it faced, on two occasions the death showed him the edge of his Scythe, but both times, luck was on his side. Having been close to a village, in a case, and the incidental passage of a muleteer in the other, saved him. However, the second match was with one of his legs hardened and the other very marked by as many received cuts.

The man was rude, quarrelsome, too fast in his anger, there his well earned bully reputation. He had several deaths in his credit. Women forbid their children stay close to him and men, dodged his encounter. If it came to the bar of the village parishioners apuraban swallow and, slowly, were withdrawing. The gaucho noticed the disbanding that it produced and was inwardly glad. It felt good when I saw the fear in the faces of others. One stormy night, where the refucilos were the only light in the village, saw the silhouette of a House far away.

Apr 13 2019

The Connection

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Why you do that? What is it that motivates you? Do you think people are to you around? What you find valuable that you do? What is the important thing for you in this situation? For what do you do what you do? Take all the time necessary to think about the answers 5.-now, takes a new step forward and think of your own identity. Who you are your? What makes you unique (a), special? What is your mission in life? Does your activity (for example, sales) connect with your mission in life?(for example it may be to help people solve any need) 6. Bernard Golden contributes greatly to this topic. Then you have to take one last step. Here, in this physical space in which you’ve stopped is the land of Lo spiritual is the spiritual level thinks about what connects you with other living beings. What connects you with something spiritual. You can include if want you your religious or philosophical beliefs.This can take you time takes time. 7 Stay one moment in the previous level.Keep your connection with the thoughts and then simply gives a half turn. Slowly return to the starting point, stopping you a few seconds at each level, in each of those physical spaces of the floor where you’ve stopped at every step and feel as increases the connection and the alignment of each step with the previous ones.

8. To arrive at the final step, to the initial level stay there allows for a few seconds the integration and alignment of all your neurological levels to complete!. You can repeat this exercise of NLP repeatedly up to achieve feel a greater congruence to go congeniando the activity or the specific aspect do go through your different levels. A practical example: This practical example will allow you to better understand how they actually work the neurological levels. Imagine that a person is in his workplace, an Office, at 8 hours.

Apr 11 2019

Foundation Engineer

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It is required to diagnose through a SWOT in where are the weaknesses, strengths, threats, opportunities of the current industrial engineer and give way to the new engineer. Is can not shirk the responsibility in the profile of the new engineer providing you with tools, knowledge that enable properly manage their human interrelations, factor that has been very neglected by many schools of industrial engineering in the country, provide more insight into modern management topics, a new vision about inventory control, logistics distribution, methods engineering who knows how to interpret the new requirements for the quality control has developed; as well as also the need for extending statistical methods that allow to define production control suitable to the indexes that are defined, i.e. everything that promotes proper management of production process, quality assurance. Should the industrial engineer sustain their actions, exercise with a good training, training and development leadership to follow, ensuring integration of equipment, proper handling of human and technical resources based on productivity, strategic planning of operations, production management, management of operating costs and everything that promotes the achievement of results relating to production that is able to satisfy the demand and requirements requesting the consumers. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gary Kelly. What said Domingo Gonzalez, that a good engineer must have knowledge well finidos of is definitely valid: planning strategic organization Adaptive; Participatory management; Prospective control; Strategic information systems; All these are basic in their exercise and that are also based on: approaches to system-from an overview to identify ideals, mission, objectives, strategies, policies, plans and specific activities that will take the company to the level of world class manufacturing. Optimization of resources-starting an adaptive approach and waste disposal, establish the optimal efficiency as the Foundation to allocate and use resources continuously looking for the satisfaction of the client in an intelligent way. Work in team-starting from the fact that the only approach that has proved effective is one in which everyone participates with its best effort, skill and knowledge, so everyone be successful, not only within the company, but it should include to customers and suppliers. .