May 03 2020


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Do not let feeling worried. Just forget your problems, because you can not solve worrying. So understand this and stop thinking about what might go wrong. Just live your life. Now, I know I say this is easier said than done (to use an old but relevant told). You've spent your whole life worrying until today at the thoughts that make you feel worried.

But what is this emotion we call "worry"? When you think about it, is simply the fear of what might happen in the future. Essentially, you are punished by yourself feeling sick before something bad has happened. It makes no logical sense to worry about something that has not happened! So the solution is to avoid disturbing look at your thoughts. Identify them for what they are … toxic to your emotional state, and let them go. Just do not dwell on the negative results that make you feel upset will reduce 90% of your worries.

2. A second strategy to relax is to breathe through the abdomen instead of the chest. When you breathe, imagine that you're bringing air into the stomach. Feel how your stomach inflates when you breathe and relax when it expires. 3. Avoid nonverbal behaviors that are the opposite of relaxation: – Shrug your shoulders. – Frowning. – Toys with hands and / or legs. – Tighten facial muscles. 4. Relax all the muscles and stop all movements a notch. Alpha males generally move unhurriedly, as if they were in control of time. The Betas are nervous and make jerky movements. Imagine you are standing and walk through a swimming pool, where your movements are slow and fluid. 5. Relax your eyes and eyelids. Beta males hold the eyelids open because they are nervous. His eyes move around quickly. Instead, let your eyelids rest. Look straight ahead. Only give attention to the things that interest you. While you're in control of the situation, make this statement to yourself: "I am sexual, I'm relaxed, and I'm in control." 6. If someone wants your attention, shakes his head slowly. A common feature of many men is that they are Beta so eager to feel fortunate for the attention of others, that when someone calls, you see turn your head very quickly. Do you think this is all you need to learn? ! Nothing more false than that are looking just the tip of the iceberg. Download and learn all the techniques, tricks and tips that you know to seduce a woman visit me.

Oct 14 2019

Personnel Forms

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The quality of the contact is related to the idiosyncrasy, the attitude, the capacity, the qualification and the technical resources of the company (all to these we will treat them subjects in depth in future notes). In the occasions in which the one is your potential client who approaches your company and not the other way around your position will be much more advantageous and your pleasanter work. Forms of contact: Personnel: the commercial premises, address, fairs and other promotional, occasional events (collective, trains, subte, street, works). Telephone: answering machine, precopyholder, operators, material of support (ready of prices and systems), called to corroborate reception and to clarify doubts, fax. Electronic mail: autorrespondedores, mails customized (change of subject, christian name, signs of the operator), support material (mails type, photos, videos, systematized, ready answers of price), mails of satisfaction. Printed material: cards, budgets, pamphlets, self-adhesive guarantees, labels. Web site: headed, footer, links of contact, forms.

Platforms of electronic commerce. Platforms of video and contents in another format. Blogs. Social networks. Chat: chat in site, Skype, Messenger.

These formats, except forms, allow to interact with the clients beyond the speed of the interchange that depends on the nature of chosen means. You will see that there are many forms to help your potential clients to communicate with your company, if today you are not operating all these options thinks that probably your competition yes. Munear Ashton Kouzbari understood the implications. With a good enterprise management, your company can be exposed in forward edge, list so that the clients approach to buy. It leaves to your questions and commentaries in the form that appears down or pressing in " To add comentario". I personally will respond your commentaries. If liked east article and want you to place it in his site, can do it freely, as long as challenges like source to original Author and source of the article.

Apr 12 2019

Personal Want

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Unconsciously with this mechanism we have worked to achieve anything to go from point A, present to a desired point B. From now on you can be more aware of the place where you are, where are stopped and where you want to go. All process involves some time and steps to follow. Especially is needed to send the right mind messages to carry them out without problems. In this sense the power of language positive, well spent, so fundamental as it is also very powerful to learn to visualize those things we want to achieve for this reason if you focus you or you communicate with yourself through negative thoughts, what will make will be that you yourself put obstacles that prevent you from reaching perform your goals will make you to discourage more and more if you let it.

To pass from one State to another and successfully achieve your goals, first you have to know how to make them what you want, how long, what would you need, etc. There are ways to optimal diagram, formulating goals and visualize them, that in the practical increase greatly the intensity, motivation to carry them out and the likelihood of success!.This is already proven. One of the keys is to formulate your goals positively, starting with what you want not, so you don’t want to! In this sense, a very effective remedy, have available to you so that you can plan and achieve what you want, with the possibility to do it directly from your home, in a practical and simple way and above all to help you define what you want to do and achieve in your life with this resource, you will not lose time or effort, you have everything organized to remarkably increase the probability of success in what you propose. It is a guide that will take you in hand, with simple, practical language, to help you define your goals for this year and the next!. It is something that perhaps without knowing it, you were waiting for. A new and rewarding resource to help you and to guide you, step by step and exercise to exercise, to make the best of this year, the next years and yourself.

Without a doubt, this guide will be one of the best allies for your success and Personal growth and professional and I am glad honestly able to present you her today for it. You will certainly help you to reflect on what you want in your life. Your method will provide you with tools to be able to define your goals and (real) targets and their achievement. Discover now the details of this special guide at the following link.In addition you can get already same some gifts!