Jun 23 2019


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The memory of the company maintain in ever shorter innovation cycles the quality of employees becomes a strategic success factor. The competitiveness of a company not least depends the ability of employees, how fast they are on new developments in the situation. Dramatically decreases the half-life of knowledge: i.e. without regular updating and refreshing valuable know-how could be only half worth in no time. The necessary acquisition of knowledge is always prior to the application of knowledge. Due to the shift from the facts to access knowledge, as well as from the surface to the concept of knowledge the pure knowledge retained today by far insufficient.

Experience knowledge management shows that the success of 80 percent of the so-called soft factors”, i.e. depends on corporate culture, the living values and standards of the Organization and only about 20 percent of the used information and communication technologies. More and more companies are planning therefore its structure from a function orientation towards a learning organisation to rebuild. The company’s success is thus just depends on how efficiently companies can use their commodity knowledge. Also the staff controlling is subject to a dynamic change and adjustment: in particular dealing with knowledge as a resource increasingly becomes the decisive success factor for the future, i.e. the competitiveness of an enterprise will depend on the conscious and deliberate approach to this intangible commodity. “Knowledge is manifested both in internal communication networks, the corporate memory”, as well as in conjunction with external partners. There will be more and more important, that use knowledge-based products and services, because the market value of today’s products and services to an ever larger share based on their information content.

It iterates through several stages: from the data of the information up to the highest level of expertise. To determine more and more as a result, the value of a company by looking at the ratio of data, Looks at information and knowledge. Companies that are informationalisieren”can, will be better than those who cannot. If they know about it to use, existing knowledge, they will be even stronger and more valuable than that which are based only on information. Knowledge management requires the evaluation of circulating information on the management level. All and levels of education and training should therefore increasingly on these soft facts”go up. We implemented new forms of interaction between information producers and cocaine. It’s about solving the issues: How can keep company with the dynamics of the environment surrounding them? from which individual and collective knowledge is the knowledge base, can access a company to solve its problems? Staff have the necessary skills to productively use the existing range of information? Knowledge and experience are bound to people and therefore only you can These potential know-how carriers themselves. Deals with possible instruments and procedures, a number of staff publications by Jorg Becker, so u.a: personnel controlling by means of person account by the de facto to the tactical, 2010; ISBN 978 3 8391 0177 3 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker