Jun 05 2019

Text Translation

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In France this is an instrument important and respected territorial deordenamento and of decentralized planning. Although they are either umcontrato of legal value this, for its already tradition (despite relativamenterecente for parents of secular traditions as France), possesss grandefora politics and the respect of the Parliament. The effective Contract during estamisso (2002), was dedicated the improvement of six strategical services for estruturaodo French territory in next the 20 years, being these: research and ensinosuperior; culture; health; information and communication; eenergia multimodal transport. The estimated one in this contract, second informed in the report damisso, is of that the space planned with services of quality and disponveispara all, becomes the region capable to attract new jobs and if desenvolvermais quickly the e, in this reasoning, the Contract can be adapted asnecessidades and capacity of financing of each region,.

Jan 23 2019

Washington Regional

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He has three years almost, the separatista group of the Polisario Front without abandoning its railway opposition to the self-determination plebiscite, Morocco, in consequncia of this, launched an initiative of reforms in which if it inscribes in the autonomy plan, just greeted for Ban Ki-moon. In equal direction also it started if to move in the last weeks the United States and France, with strong bonds economic politicians and with Rabat, but with irrefutable historical responsibilities with the saariano people.

The Saara Occidental person is enclosed in the official list of 12 territories, instead of 16 originary regions, for the Committee of Descolonizao and of the regional organization. In this perspective, the minister of Foreign affairs Moroccan, Tahib Fassi Fihiri has expressed on the proposals of reform of the monarch which will help to create a dynamics for the regional stability. For more specific information, check out Verizon. This was after the secretary of North American State, Hillary Clinton, it received in Washington reformulating the endorsement from the White House to the plan of autonomy announced for Rabat. Remembering that Morocco and Frente Polisrio had carried through since August 2009, without positive results, one series of informal rounds, called for the Advice of Security after the estancamento of the interrupted official negotiations in March of 2008. Reason for which the more intense protests go each time, being able to resurger to the question of the saariano problem, however, when Ban Ki-moon appears as epicenter of an hurricane of the crisis in whose bands they turn the serious conflicts of the Ivory Coast, the Lybian and some States North Africans and of the Middle East. Consulting Lahcen EL MOUTAQI/Professor.

Apr 15 2018

System of Control

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In the mechanism of gauging of the results, governmental aauditoria identifies and compares the variations on the relation dequalidade, amount, time and cost, of the comoparmetros preselected pointers capable to supply to an evaluation, considering itself the criteria of: Economicidade when they must be identificadosos mechanisms that favor to the public sector in the attainment of better preospara acquisition of the goods or services, when the public being needs to deadquirir the human resources, material and financial. The auditor will verify sea acquisition of human resources is carried through at the opportune moment, to melhorcusto offered, in the quality and necessary amount, being able to identify economic osfatores that had involved the operation. Therefore, he must yourself be observed, with relation aosrecursos human: if subutilizao, idleness or excess of custosadicionais occur, as well as occurrence of stoppage of actions, for lack defuncionrios, reflecting in the amount and quality and sufficiency of the service; Seh occurrence me the staff election, low qualification for the performance dotrabalho, with badly definite responsibilities and absence immediate decapacitao or training of permanent character; The inoperative inexistence of controledas hours worked and personal as resulted of recent admission. thus to get the efficiency is to necessrioobservar if, material and financial human resources used sosuficientes and that if established to the comparison between the generated and ouservios products given and the used resources, present a level satisfatriono reach of the results, evaluating themselves it use of padrespredeterminados, statistical for verification of the cost dosdados benefit and the analysis and are compared with similar cases to observe the performance of carried through cadaao. the effectiveness shows to the length degree dasmetas established, evaluating the reached results and comparing them with asmetas foreseen, looking themselves to verify if in the programs of expenses estoexplicitadas and quantified the goals and to evaluate if the pointers estabelecidospara goals are enough and necessary to a good analysis of the resultadosalcanados ones.

Apr 14 2016

Human Development

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Some medias use measured as the average of the wages of the professors who this around R$ 1,527, 00, in relation to the per capita GIP or relation to the national average income to compare the quality of the remuneration between different countries. Also measure in parity of the purchase power is used the wage average. However, these measures little say regarding the capacity of these wages to attract good professionals, therefore as they criticize Loeb and Page (2000), nothing they inform regarding the choices that the work market where these professionals are inserted offers. ‘ ‘ In the comparison between developed nations and development – what it leaves of it are the majority of the poor countries of Africa and of Asia – Brazil also has a very inferior result to the average of excessively. Of a total of 43 countries where it was possible to compare the pointer, Brazil presented the sixth average greater of pupils/professor in education elementary school: 28,9.’ ‘ (Antonio Goals) Source: Leaf of S. Pablo/ANDES-SN. The data prove that the wages and remuneration of the professor still need bigger attention, therefore Brazil alone must reach the IDH? Index of Human Development if to dedicate to greater attention to the educational sector.

A problem that has been reason of intense quarrels on the part of educators and the government in the last decade. The Brazilian education gained prominence in the last decade for its importance in the economic development and social, however the population alone will have of that to be proud when the pointers of quality verified in the examinations ‘ ‘ they will be minimum aceitveis’ ‘ this, could only be possible, if professors will be awardees with worthy wages that can be felt valued. Therefore, to improve the career and the remuneration of the professor is an important step, that can contribute to revert the indifference of the profession, to reduce the social inaqualities, to raise auto-they esteem and to be able of purchase of professors, to improve the quality of education and still to favor the interest of the young for the teaching, therefore 50% of the pupils who make licenciatura course say not to feel will to follow the career due to the low wages. Also it can contribute so that professors of high level do not leave the career to enter another profession in search of better wages. To equalize the wages of the professors with the ones of other graduated professionals, or to diminish the difference between the same ones is a form to become the society more joust and igualitria.

The professors represent the third occupational group of Brazil (8.4%), therefore are necessary to raise ‘ ‘ status’ ‘ not only in relation to the wages, but its qualification, a time that are the main formadores of opinion and professionals qualified for the work market, therefore, transforming of values and attitudes of the social citizens that contribute for the economic growth.

Sep 15 2014


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This demanded on the part of U.S.A. the highest investment, mounts of money these that could have been used to control and to intervine in other factors, such as: health, education, projects of social welfare, among others. Factors these that had seemed to have been left of side in the Government Bush. With elapsing of these Obama debates it wins the primary elections in its party against Hillary Clinton, conquering the indication of its party for the general election against McCain of the Republican Party. McCain that participated of the War of the Vietnam and with this represented does not stop U.S.A.

of what Obama, that is, was detainer of one sanctions of which Obama still was unaware of. But the first questions had soon appeared nationwide and international, such as: the financial crisis and the problems that came being boarded as health, education, social welfare, and the proper crisis of Yes, we can ( yes, we can Breaking for the scope politician, Obama became the first candidate to reject the campaign financing public. Obama also prezou in not accepting in its presidential campaign money of special lobbyists, or groups with interests. But nothing it hindered that individual employees of great corporative groups or industries made donations for its campaign. Between these we can mention: University/Education, pensioners, Computer/businesses of the Internet, Industries of the cinema, businesses of msica3. One notices that the administration in Obama version will not have easy life, seen the enormous confidence and hope in deposited it. But taking as premise its proposals in agenda, taken as already known in its candidacy, we can make mention of that the way will be trod in agreement the main necessities, and alone we will be able to judge such actions when elapsing of its legacy. Already we can referenciar as the one of such measures reaproximao with Cuba, that considered the end of the restrictions of Cuban-American money sending Cuba and the dialogue with the regimen of Raul I castrate.