Jan 23 2019

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He has three years almost, the separatista group of the Polisario Front without abandoning its railway opposition to the self-determination plebiscite, Morocco, in consequncia of this, launched an initiative of reforms in which if it inscribes in the autonomy plan, just greeted for Ban Ki-moon. In equal direction also it started if to move in the last weeks the United States and France, with strong bonds economic politicians and with Rabat, but with irrefutable historical responsibilities with the saariano people.

The Saara Occidental person is enclosed in the official list of 12 territories, instead of 16 originary regions, for the Committee of Descolonizao and of the regional organization. In this perspective, the minister of Foreign affairs Moroccan, Tahib Fassi Fihiri has expressed on the proposals of reform of the monarch which will help to create a dynamics for the regional stability. For more specific information, check out Verizon. This was after the secretary of North American State, Hillary Clinton, it received in Washington reformulating the endorsement from the White House to the plan of autonomy announced for Rabat. Remembering that Morocco and Frente Polisrio had carried through since August 2009, without positive results, one series of informal rounds, called for the Advice of Security after the estancamento of the interrupted official negotiations in March of 2008. Reason for which the more intense protests go each time, being able to resurger to the question of the saariano problem, however, when Ban Ki-moon appears as epicenter of an hurricane of the crisis in whose bands they turn the serious conflicts of the Ivory Coast, the Lybian and some States North Africans and of the Middle East. Consulting Lahcen EL MOUTAQI/Professor.

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