Sep 15 2014


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This demanded on the part of U.S.A. the highest investment, mounts of money these that could have been used to control and to intervine in other factors, such as: health, education, projects of social welfare, among others. Factors these that had seemed to have been left of side in the Government Bush. With elapsing of these Obama debates it wins the primary elections in its party against Hillary Clinton, conquering the indication of its party for the general election against McCain of the Republican Party. McCain that participated of the War of the Vietnam and with this represented does not stop U.S.A.

of what Obama, that is, was detainer of one sanctions of which Obama still was unaware of. But the first questions had soon appeared nationwide and international, such as: the financial crisis and the problems that came being boarded as health, education, social welfare, and the proper crisis of Yes, we can ( yes, we can Breaking for the scope politician, Obama became the first candidate to reject the campaign financing public. Obama also prezou in not accepting in its presidential campaign money of special lobbyists, or groups with interests. But nothing it hindered that individual employees of great corporative groups or industries made donations for its campaign. Between these we can mention: University/Education, pensioners, Computer/businesses of the Internet, Industries of the cinema, businesses of msica3. One notices that the administration in Obama version will not have easy life, seen the enormous confidence and hope in deposited it. But taking as premise its proposals in agenda, taken as already known in its candidacy, we can make mention of that the way will be trod in agreement the main necessities, and alone we will be able to judge such actions when elapsing of its legacy. Already we can referenciar as the one of such measures reaproximao with Cuba, that considered the end of the restrictions of Cuban-American money sending Cuba and the dialogue with the regimen of Raul I castrate.

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