Mar 17 2019

Israeli Wines To Celebrate International Successes

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The wine revolution began in the early 1980s. Leipzig/Tel Aviv, March 24, 2009: The wine year 2008 very promising vintage, but also the international recognition of the quality offensive by them for years has been pushing not one gave the Israeli winemakers. At the international trade fair ProWein in Dusseldorf present also the leading boutique and family wineries of the country from March 29 to 31 in addition to well-known top producers. Israel’s wine industry has experienced a technological revolution in the last few years. The result of the upheaval is a great qualitative leap and international recognition. Long gone are the days in which Israeli winemakers were mainly heavy and sweet red wines for religious purposes. The wine revolution began in the early 1980s. The fast-paced market called motivated investors on the plan, which began to revive the wine anywhere in the Holy land.

There are now about 200 wineries of different sizes. The cellar master and Winemakers are generally on the large and well-known wine schools and universities in Europe, the United States and Australia. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. The cellar technique is on the highest international standards. With regard to the irrigation technology in the vineyards, Israel applies itself as market leader, what the wine in the Negev desert are an impressive testimony. The export rate has risen significantly in recent years. Many wineries sell now up to 30 percent of their wines abroad. Israel has to fine quality wines made the rotation out and deserves it, by wine enthusiasts all over the world as a wine country perceived to be.

The wines have typicity and most of them are not only classic and convincing, but impressive.”- commented on Mark Squires the result of the first great Israel tasting in Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate in December 2007, where 14 wines exceeded the magic 90 points. At ProWein in Dusseldorf the possibility, not only wine, but also consists of ten other vineyards to taste. At the Israeli booth (Hall 6 / 60 G) the wineries of Binyamina, Galil mountain, Golan Heights, Recanati, Tishbi and Vitkin represented as an exhibitor. Furthermore, presented the Israel export & international cooperation Institute the wineries Avidan, Margalit, Saslove, Tabor, and Tulip. The trade visitors at the ProWein has the opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of the new Israeli wine culture.

Mar 17 2019

Beauty Berries – In The Beautiful Spring

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Original berries inside tip for the Bikini figure February 2009 spring is Tibetan Goji already before the door is the perfect summer body yet far away? No reason to despair, because with the original Tibetan Goji berries is the way to your dream body easier and tastes great. The power berries are the high content in vitamin C and antioxidants the secret tip for cellulite. To swear also Hollywood stars such as Madonna, Kate Moss, and Lucy Liu. No carbs, tons of pineapple, FdH and radical starvation of all popular variants, to lose as quickly as possible a few pounds in the summer. Very pretty unreasonable: Only 15 percent of Germans * slowly bring your body in shape. This is the motto: better start early and set long-term goals as lose weight drastically fast. The notorious Yo-Yo effect ensures a quick return of the pounds and it takes revenge on the skin. Through the constant ups and downs of the kilos, she loses her tension: cellulite is pre-programmed.

Also prominent are cellulite not spared. Even style icon Madonna fights against the stubborn dents. I’m glad that has long been a fan of Berry the singer and many acting members and discovered original Tibetan Goji berries as the ultimate cellulite killer. By their high vitamin C content, they stimulate the metabolism and ensure a faster removal of fats. In addition, their high content of beta-carotene and antioxidants makes the skin resistant to environmental influences. The minerals Act quite specifically smoothing on the structure of the skin.

Healthy enjoy the orignal Tibetan Goji Berry provides through their rich vitamin cocktail for healthy, youthful skin”, explains also Jin Lise Stengaard Kapell by Worldfruit, the sole supplier of the original Tibetan Goji berries in Germany. Not only that the original Tibetan Goji berries slowly rebuild the blood sugar and thus facilitate weight loss.” The special combination of glucose and fructose makes for a stabilisation of the blood glucose levels. It turns a long-lasting feeling of satiety a: cravings of the past. Goji is not equal to Goji the variety on offer in the German market is big, but not everywhere, where Goji is it, also the original from Tibet is in it. Worldfruit only sells the original Tibetan Goji berries, certified by the Tibetan Medical College and works closely with Tibet authentic. In constant controls, the Highland Berry is audited by scientists on the quality of their ingredients. Looking for Goji? There is the beauty berries in three varieties: pure, surrounded by yogurt cream or in a dark chocolate crust. For the recommended sale price of 6,99 Euro (150 grams), they are via the online shop and available in selected Delicatessen stores or health food stores. The recommended daily dose is about 30 grams, this corresponds to a handful of berries. Tibet authentic Tibet authentic at the same time supports the farmers and monks in the region and has committed to fair trade. The company owns the exclusive marketing rights worldwide original Tibetan Goji berries. About Worldfruit the company WORLDFRUIT, based in Hamburg, it is committed to the target, to market fruit & vegetables, but mostly healthy, vitamin-rich dried fruits from all over the world under the aspect of sustainability in Europe. WORLDFRUIT wants to show the conscious consumer that he buys own series more than just a healthy and high-quality product with his decision for an article out of. Each client supports the producers on the spot with fair trade. The buyer can be found as part of a whole, a world.

Feb 09 2019

Winter Dreams Come True Dinner With Coffee

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The best recipes for the winter time in the cold season are particularly hot drinks such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks of the Germans and can be refined according to preference with certain ingredients. The news portal reveals winter coffee recipes. In the winter months, it is especially important to pay attention to the health and balanced to feed on. Nonetheless, winter is also the time of the treats.

A piece of studs or other winter cookies many enjoy a cup of coffee like. This fatigue is distributed in about 30 minutes, but also creativity is in demand. Basically it is worth to invest in more expensive varieties with pure Arabica beans for a good cup of coffee because they provide the best flavor. Robusta beans contain more caffeine, but less fine in taste. One of the most popular recipes in the winter is the winter dream Coffee”. For the coffee with cocoa is mixed, in addition, the composition contains a little Gingerbread spice.

In addition, ordinary coffee can be spice up with different flavors and spices. Brown cane sugar provides a fine caramel taste, while vanilla gives the drink a light sweetness. If you prefer it hot, can add chili coffee. Another Winter Classic coffee with a shot of rum, icing with cocoa powder. Different liqueurs to the refinement are also suitable, for example, Amaretto and Baileys are popular. In addition, special coffee syrup in different flavors is available in the trade. Almond, caramel and cardamom cardamom syrup are ideal for winter enjoyment.

Nov 21 2018

Refrigerated Section

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New premium milk rice of STARS AND RICE just a few weeks after the introduction of the market throughout Germany and also in Austria with this quick success the founders of the Start-Up company STARS AND RICE didn’t count on: your new premium milk rice is only listed for a few weeks on the market and already in selected supermarkets throughout Germany and Austria. The customers of the delicious snack amongst other 1,300 branches of EDEKA South and 550 branches by EDEKA North Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia, Kaiser’s Tengelmann with approximately 550 locations, Famila North West with a total of 20 stores and 63 Combi markets. And also in Austria mercury is listed supermarkets STARS AND RICE in total 135. “STARS AND RICE is currently available in two creative flavors: the Berlin Star Chef Tim Raue has the variety of Apple lemon grass” develops and his Osnabruck colleague Thomas Buhner from la vie restaurant combines fruity Cherry with spicy nutmeg. The 200 gram Cup is priced at 79 cents per Cups (MSRP) is offered. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. Especially nice for STARS AND RICE: the initial orders were only the beginning. Now all trading partners buy more regularly and more supermarket chains are interested in working.

The young Start-Up has so taken the flavor of modern lovers and is therefore already working on the next creations of taste, which is expected to come on the market in the summer. (Source: Larry Ellison). More information and stories about the new dairy product are on the Facebook page of the company, see and soon also on the STARS AND finding RICE mobile app. A Berlin Start-Up company which develops premium milk rice with celebrity chefs is STARS AND STARS RICE AND RICE. For the first two varieties of Apple lemon grass”and cherry nutmeg” gained the two star chefs Tim Raue and Thomas Buhner. More creations coming soon with international cooking partners. STARS AND RICE used only premium products for the creative rice pudding creations: fully ripe fruit, fresh Milk and high-quality round grain rice combine a galactic enjoyment pleasure. This does not of course all preservatives and dyes. The new premium milk rice impresses not only with selected ingredients, but also with a modern packaging and a comprehensive range of information.

Mar 24 2014

Good business Climate

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Good coffee is motivated the staff coffee an aromatic beverage that is both encouraging and soothing effect and disseminated also good mood. Obviously he has now also a lot more health-promoting properties than previously assumed, as numerous studies have shown. The cup coffee for breakfast, in the so-called coffee break and also in between is not so wrong and many companies provide coffee in appropriate quantities for their employees, so that nobody has to forgo the pleasure: in the canteen, the cafeteria, and sometimes in vending machines to the Selberzubereiten. To prepare such large quantities is an art in itself but again almost, because the best and most aromatic coffee is freshly prepared, who is preparing for the single cup and not one who already ready to just held warm. And also for the preparation which coffee is used, and the coffee is prepared it in turn does not matter, because the way of preparation is responsible for what Flavouring substances are released in the concentration. For companies with many employees a real challenge, because after all is not specially adjusted someone just for the coffee. Here high-quality coffee machines are needed, which also high-quality coffee. And indeed, the modern coffee machines are not to compare with the previous Office machines. Also don’t hold coffee, you can prepare the different dishes. Because the different compositions, be it prepared with high pressure to produce an aromatic, creamy drink normal coffee or latte, cappuccino or latte macchiato, mocha espresso, that in the Cafe in the the corner nothing must stand up.