Mar 17 2019

Beauty Berries – In The Beautiful Spring

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Original berries inside tip for the Bikini figure February 2009 spring is Tibetan Goji already before the door is the perfect summer body yet far away? No reason to despair, because with the original Tibetan Goji berries is the way to your dream body easier and tastes great. The power berries are the high content in vitamin C and antioxidants the secret tip for cellulite. To swear also Hollywood stars such as Madonna, Kate Moss, and Lucy Liu. No carbs, tons of pineapple, FdH and radical starvation of all popular variants, to lose as quickly as possible a few pounds in the summer. Very pretty unreasonable: Only 15 percent of Germans * slowly bring your body in shape. This is the motto: better start early and set long-term goals as lose weight drastically fast. The notorious Yo-Yo effect ensures a quick return of the pounds and it takes revenge on the skin. Through the constant ups and downs of the kilos, she loses her tension: cellulite is pre-programmed.

Also prominent are cellulite not spared. Even style icon Madonna fights against the stubborn dents. I’m glad that has long been a fan of Berry the singer and many acting members and discovered original Tibetan Goji berries as the ultimate cellulite killer. By their high vitamin C content, they stimulate the metabolism and ensure a faster removal of fats. In addition, their high content of beta-carotene and antioxidants makes the skin resistant to environmental influences. The minerals Act quite specifically smoothing on the structure of the skin.

Healthy enjoy the orignal Tibetan Goji Berry provides through their rich vitamin cocktail for healthy, youthful skin”, explains also Jin Lise Stengaard Kapell by Worldfruit, the sole supplier of the original Tibetan Goji berries in Germany. Not only that the original Tibetan Goji berries slowly rebuild the blood sugar and thus facilitate weight loss.” The special combination of glucose and fructose makes for a stabilisation of the blood glucose levels. It turns a long-lasting feeling of satiety a: cravings of the past. Goji is not equal to Goji the variety on offer in the German market is big, but not everywhere, where Goji is it, also the original from Tibet is in it. Worldfruit only sells the original Tibetan Goji berries, certified by the Tibetan Medical College and works closely with Tibet authentic. In constant controls, the Highland Berry is audited by scientists on the quality of their ingredients. Looking for Goji? There is the beauty berries in three varieties: pure, surrounded by yogurt cream or in a dark chocolate crust. For the recommended sale price of 6,99 Euro (150 grams), they are via the online shop and available in selected Delicatessen stores or health food stores. The recommended daily dose is about 30 grams, this corresponds to a handful of berries. Tibet authentic Tibet authentic at the same time supports the farmers and monks in the region and has committed to fair trade. The company owns the exclusive marketing rights worldwide original Tibetan Goji berries. About Worldfruit the company WORLDFRUIT, based in Hamburg, it is committed to the target, to market fruit & vegetables, but mostly healthy, vitamin-rich dried fruits from all over the world under the aspect of sustainability in Europe. WORLDFRUIT wants to show the conscious consumer that he buys own series more than just a healthy and high-quality product with his decision for an article out of. Each client supports the producers on the spot with fair trade. The buyer can be found as part of a whole, a world.