Feb 09 2019

Winter Dreams Come True Dinner With Coffee

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The best recipes for the winter time in the cold season are particularly hot drinks such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks of the Germans and can be refined according to preference with certain ingredients. The news portal reveals news.de winter coffee recipes. In the winter months, it is especially important to pay attention to the health and balanced to feed on. Nonetheless, winter is also the time of the treats.

A piece of studs or other winter cookies many enjoy a cup of coffee like. This fatigue is distributed in about 30 minutes, but also creativity is in demand. Basically it is worth to invest in more expensive varieties with pure Arabica beans for a good cup of coffee because they provide the best flavor. Robusta beans contain more caffeine, but less fine in taste. One of the most popular recipes in the winter is the winter dream Coffee”. For the coffee with cocoa is mixed, in addition, the composition contains a little Gingerbread spice.

In addition, ordinary coffee can be spice up with different flavors and spices. Brown cane sugar provides a fine caramel taste, while vanilla gives the drink a light sweetness. If you prefer it hot, can add chili coffee. Another Winter Classic coffee with a shot of rum, icing with cocoa powder. Different liqueurs to the refinement are also suitable, for example, Amaretto and Baileys are popular. In addition, special coffee syrup in different flavors is available in the trade. Almond, caramel and cardamom cardamom syrup are ideal for winter enjoyment.

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