Mar 17 2019

Israeli Wines To Celebrate International Successes

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The wine revolution began in the early 1980s. Leipzig/Tel Aviv, March 24, 2009: The wine year 2008 very promising vintage, but also the international recognition of the quality offensive by them for years has been pushing not one gave the Israeli winemakers. At the international trade fair ProWein in Dusseldorf present also the leading boutique and family wineries of the country from March 29 to 31 in addition to well-known top producers. Israel’s wine industry has experienced a technological revolution in the last few years. The result of the upheaval is a great qualitative leap and international recognition. Long gone are the days in which Israeli winemakers were mainly heavy and sweet red wines for religious purposes. The wine revolution began in the early 1980s. The fast-paced market called motivated investors on the plan, which began to revive the wine anywhere in the Holy land.

There are now about 200 wineries of different sizes. The cellar master and Winemakers are generally on the large and well-known wine schools and universities in Europe, the United States and Australia. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. The cellar technique is on the highest international standards. With regard to the irrigation technology in the vineyards, Israel applies itself as market leader, what the wine in the Negev desert are an impressive testimony. The export rate has risen significantly in recent years. Many wineries sell now up to 30 percent of their wines abroad. Israel has to fine quality wines made the rotation out and deserves it, by wine enthusiasts all over the world as a wine country perceived to be.

The wines have typicity and most of them are not only classic and convincing, but impressive.”- commented on Mark Squires the result of the first great Israel tasting in Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate in December 2007, where 14 wines exceeded the magic 90 points. At ProWein in Dusseldorf the possibility, not only wine, but also consists of ten other vineyards to taste. At the Israeli booth (Hall 6 / 60 G) the wineries of Binyamina, Galil mountain, Golan Heights, Recanati, Tishbi and Vitkin represented as an exhibitor. Furthermore, presented the Israel export & international cooperation Institute the wineries Avidan, Margalit, Saslove, Tabor, and Tulip. The trade visitors at the ProWein has the opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of the new Israeli wine culture.

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