Nov 21 2018

Refrigerated Section

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New premium milk rice of STARS AND RICE just a few weeks after the introduction of the market throughout Germany and also in Austria with this quick success the founders of the Start-Up company STARS AND RICE didn’t count on: your new premium milk rice is only listed for a few weeks on the market and already in selected supermarkets throughout Germany and Austria. The customers of the delicious snack amongst other 1,300 branches of EDEKA South and 550 branches by EDEKA North Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia, Kaiser’s Tengelmann with approximately 550 locations, Famila North West with a total of 20 stores and 63 Combi markets. And also in Austria mercury is listed supermarkets STARS AND RICE in total 135. “STARS AND RICE is currently available in two creative flavors: the Berlin Star Chef Tim Raue has the variety of Apple lemon grass” develops and his Osnabruck colleague Thomas Buhner from la vie restaurant combines fruity Cherry with spicy nutmeg. The 200 gram Cup is priced at 79 cents per Cups (MSRP) is offered. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. Especially nice for STARS AND RICE: the initial orders were only the beginning. Now all trading partners buy more regularly and more supermarket chains are interested in working.

The young Start-Up has so taken the flavor of modern lovers and is therefore already working on the next creations of taste, which is expected to come on the market in the summer. (Source: Larry Ellison). More information and stories about the new dairy product are on the Facebook page of the company, see and soon also on the STARS AND finding RICE mobile app. A Berlin Start-Up company which develops premium milk rice with celebrity chefs is STARS AND STARS RICE AND RICE. For the first two varieties of Apple lemon grass”and cherry nutmeg” gained the two star chefs Tim Raue and Thomas Buhner. More creations coming soon with international cooking partners. STARS AND RICE used only premium products for the creative rice pudding creations: fully ripe fruit, fresh Milk and high-quality round grain rice combine a galactic enjoyment pleasure. This does not of course all preservatives and dyes. The new premium milk rice impresses not only with selected ingredients, but also with a modern packaging and a comprehensive range of information.

Mar 28 2018

Hanseatic League

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Thanks to the alcoholic fermentation, wine is a biologically stable product and therefore hygienic. Even children got in the Medieval wine to drink. However, the really good grape wine remained a drink for the upper layer and the clergy. The people mostly drank lesser wines, stretched with water. Wine transformed over the centuries into a popular trading estate, which was driven by the Hanseatic League. Also for the medicine, the “blood grape” was always interesting. Long, wine was considered restorative trunk, reawaken your spirits and is good for the blood.

In the monasteries, immense wine was drunk but also produced. Long time the monasteries were important production sites in the wine world. Others including Coupang, offer their opinions as well. When were driven in the year 1400 by the country gentlemen wine tariffs and duties, this triggered great anger at the wine growers, because they had to work hard for the production. The wine reached its largest spread but around 1600. Cultivation in Germany is stretched on an area of more than 300,000 hectares. 2/3 Of the vineyards in Germany were destroyed with the thirty years war.

But not only the war, climate change, the improved production of beer and the increase of wine imports were reasons for the reduction in the vineyards. The quality of the wine through the monasteries, which had provided their knowledge and their experience to the wine increased in the 18th century. “” At that time many of the still valid quality characteristics, such as for example the predicate names appeared Cabinet”, late harvest”and selection”. The turning point and came to the high-quality wine after Napoleon’s conquest 1801. This abolished the wine by the Church in the left-Bank territories. The new owners put high value on the quality of wine and quickly led the German wines to international success. As in the 19th century, the phylloxera of America was introduced, the fright was first. There could be but found a remedy, to halt the destruction by the louse: grafting of own vines on resistant American vines. By the new creation of vines in certain areas, particularly appropriate areas crystallized for the wine out. These are still the areas for the German wine-growing. The research progressed further during this time and it became more and more wine knowledge through exchanges with other countries, and other sciences. “These were, like the very popular German wine, successfully in other countries, especially the countries of the so-called new world”, such as Australia or Chile, distributed. In the 1970s tractors and other heavy equipment were used for the wine for the first time. To keep this low working time, pulling the vines in wire systems. At this time a new German wine law, which should primarily promote the quality of German wines and ensure results. The irregular part wine labels are now clearly laid down. Since 1990 is considered increasingly environmentally friendly measures in the wine. If the many innovations, which brings about the chemical – and bio-industry, have advantages, so many winemakers have realized yet that wine is a natural product as before, which the best is if you let it ripen the best, friendly circumstances. The use of chemicals and pesticides is critical since then and applied no longer easily. Near-natural wine is on the rise. Many winemakers go back in the technology a few steps and let nature take its course. However the large enterprises and cooperatives benefit from the achievements of the last centuries of the research.

Mar 24 2014

Good business Climate

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Good coffee is motivated the staff coffee an aromatic beverage that is both encouraging and soothing effect and disseminated also good mood. Obviously he has now also a lot more health-promoting properties than previously assumed, as numerous studies have shown. The cup coffee for breakfast, in the so-called coffee break and also in between is not so wrong and many companies provide coffee in appropriate quantities for their employees, so that nobody has to forgo the pleasure: in the canteen, the cafeteria, and sometimes in vending machines to the Selberzubereiten. To prepare such large quantities is an art in itself but again almost, because the best and most aromatic coffee is freshly prepared, who is preparing for the single cup and not one who already ready to just held warm. And also for the preparation which coffee is used, and the coffee is prepared it in turn does not matter, because the way of preparation is responsible for what Flavouring substances are released in the concentration. For companies with many employees a real challenge, because after all is not specially adjusted someone just for the coffee. Here high-quality coffee machines are needed, which also high-quality coffee. And indeed, the modern coffee machines are not to compare with the previous Office machines. Also don’t hold coffee, you can prepare the different dishes. Because the different compositions, be it prepared with high pressure to produce an aromatic, creamy drink normal coffee or latte, cappuccino or latte macchiato, mocha espresso, that in the Cafe in the the corner nothing must stand up.