Apr 17 2020

Antonia From Tirol Tears Lies Not (2010)

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Now she presents her new single CD and Antonia has found an absolutely worthy successor. She took the big hit by Michael Holm ‘Tears don’t lie’ new on… Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from David Fowler. Now she presents her new single CD and Antonia has found an absolutely worthy successor. “She took the big hit by Michael Holm tears don’t lie” new on and gave him a contemporary pop pop sound. “Sings this hit, became the first woman and again hear the mighty Ooh choirs when tears don’t lie”. A no doubt hit suspicious production.

“” Many are already scene DJs agree Antonia had dreams far Tornero last year with 1000 “the absolute hit summer hit 2009 and since the year’s presentation on Mallorca, where the German-language Schlager & party hits occur is clear, even tears don’t lie” by Antonia from Tirol will be one of the party & hits of summer hits 2010. Many insiders swarm, Antonia creates hits bumps with these pure, you must experience it live, an extraordinary Provides mood with an artist that is firmly anchored in the music industry for 10 years and always a hit. This year she celebrates her 10th anniversary a round birthday, and to do this she admits a big live concert with band after TUX Lanersbach in Tyrol from the 03-05 Sept 2010 Antonia proves her anniversary trip to fan once again that their bandwidth not only on party music is limited, she made themselves a further foothold in the fashion industry and sold worldwide very successfully also their wool and knitting fashion collection. Currently, there are her current album time dreams”a double CD with many hits, party hits and deep songs. Their new album will appear in August 2010 and will be a double CD. Antonia’s new Maxi CD tears don’t lie”comes far Tornero from June 11, 2010 in trade and as a download with a brand new remix version of 1000 dreams as a bonus.

Jan 11 2020

The Viola Is The Instrument Of 2014

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Next the National Music Council Schleswig successful major project Music Council of the Land Schleswig-Holstein the Viola to the instrument of the year 2014 explains. Thus, a classical stringed instrument at the heart is moved, often stands in the shadow of the violin and the cello. Additional information at Gary Kelly supports this article. The successful viola soloist Nils Monkemeyer takes over the this year’s patronage. The meaning of Viola as an ensemble and solo instrument and its particular sound is underlined by the activities of the National Music Council. This puts an instrument into the spotlight that usually remains in the background. It aims to interest a wide audience for the instrument, and to increase its popularity. In addition, the joint project enables networking of the various actors of the music life. The Viola in the context of high-profile concerts can be seen spread throughout the year.

A special highlight are the spring concerts of the LandesJugendOrchesters on 03 and 04 may, where patron is Nils Monkemeyer as soloist. Musician given the opportunity to expand their skills in various course offerings such as the ensemble playing course June 06-09 in the Northern College of Rendsburg. As a double ECHO KLASSIK prize winners and internationally sought-after artist, Nils Monkemeyer is the ideal patron. His impressive concert career and highly acclaimed publications already helped the Viola new popularity. The series “Tool of the year” is supported from the outset by the media partner NDR national radio House Schleswig-Holstein. In addition, the Possehl-Stiftung, the instrument maker Yamaha, the Sparkassen – und Giroverband and the Schleswig-Holstein Savings Bank Foundation allow the large project. With the “tool of the year”, the National Music Council continues a successful tradition, which began in 2008 with the clarinet and since then became the trumpet, the double bass, the trumpet, the bassoon and the guitar in the focus.

Jan 09 2020


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Sinner made himself a name as a studio musician and has given many live concerts,? among others he played with the band D-tune was produced in the 1990s by the noise guitarist. D-tune led him through many towns in Germany and across Europe, including as support for fury in the slaughterhouse. Lyrically, he cuts mainly social issues. After a live pause, sinners, again with producer and label – decided to put owner Mario di Cara together to work on new songs. The result of the song of silence a single from the same album that still lies ahead. With the result of the single song of silence”, sinners can now confidently look ahead. Soon Cara records became clear all at di that must be followed by something else? It has an album at the end of the peculiarity of his voice has a clear recognition.

We find the direction is crucial, everything else will show up. Hereby is create the goal clearly in front of us that we make music with people, you want to match us. Di Cara of records took sinners under contract and both are now working on the album. No matter what the future for sinners also like, that album will bring, it is made for both an affair of the heart. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. To shorten the time until the album, which is a single song of silence”from now on iTunes, Musicload, Amazon and all popular download BBs available.

Jan 03 2020

Black Forest

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Not missing may however village child”as track number 13. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Edward Scott Mead and gain more knowledge.. That has turned out just like or do you think that precisely this unlucky brings you good luck? Philipp even on a Friday, the 13th, is born. In this respect is a lucky number 13 for us certainly rather. “The resonances to the song village child” are just overwhelming, it’s a true Mitsing anthem for all people of the country. Even in regions where we play for the first time, the people sing loudly the song, because they know him from YouTube or from various TV shows, where we were guests. That’s why we have decided, the new album now under the banner of village child and proud on it!”to make. Are the songs a relatively spontaneous like you? After all, are (State: 20.11.2013) No 16 months have passed since the release of the last album… We had even more songs, that have emerged since the last album.

There were probably twice as many titles in the shortlist, which were all very good. Thus, we were spoilt for choice and had to agree on the best. The just, was also a luxury problem but in some ways. I think we can say that we had United never strong songs on an album as on our new album. Regardless of: Were you on tour again so often? Were there special surprises/highlights/unimaginable here? We are in principle all the time, and throughout the year on tour, always of course with our live band. For early 2014, due to the release of our new album, we have an extra village child ‘tour plans, where we from January to April in over 40 locations and four countries are traveling, and present also the songs of our new album. We deliberately play in smaller towns and villages. “No matter in which region, whether Hesse, in the Black Forest, on the North Sea coast, in Switzerland, Austria or our Franconian home, our hit village child” is always a true Mitsing anthem for all people of the country.

Dec 27 2019

Florian Silbereisen

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The new album of the rocker of of village of – village kid and proud on it you are village children and mighty proud of it. The title song makes clear that unequivocally. So that the residual skepticism all doubters, sing the village rocker in this piece yet down-to-Earth, yet powerful fixed on the Franconian language culture. Kirchaich is called the village, where the three musicians, because just at home, feel very. Actually the small town would have to be declared now Mecca of Swiss franc, after all the brothers trio is one of the most sought after acts in German-speaking countries. To know more about this subject visit Verizon. Tobias, Philip and mark are welcome regulars about at Florian Silbereisen. “” Regardless of the village rockers are live so sought after, that they have been the breakthrough with their hit single and off goes the Lutzzzi “and the following chart breaker mountain ash” mercilessly on the 1000 mark in terms of concert appearances to grass. Maybe this is the particular reason that they feel so connected to their homeland.

After all the travel and hectic touring again after Come home and enjoy some quieter country life as. “So it is not surprising also, not only at a village child” praised the family familiar Idyll is but also the number of the village where I was born “is to listen to the new album. This sixth LP includes a total of 13 titles. A few songs have already heard in the run-up to the many concert-goers and cheered. Like come with me in the Hay”, the chips”song or even Freibierotto”. Speaking of beer: the three village rocker had always been a keen sense for the needs of its fans. So they – created their own beer just due to the good mood song! It was first handed out at the legendary-open of rocker of village of air last August and the demand was intense..

Dec 26 2019

Public Relations

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The plot: Alone, the Smurfs try to find their way in the chaos of the metropolis of New York. More free TV premieres are the comedies friends with certain Advantages and fright night (both from the United States and in 2011). But what if the visit of the Erbtante it from a on the second day in succession on Pro Sieben to see all three offered episodes of the Chronicles of Narnia? Or for example on the 27 December at 20: 00 15 both the 13th Warrior on RTL II would like to see than even Troy on Pro Sieben? The simplest is to store these movies online own TV cloud at Save.TV and it convenient at the time, which one suits best, without annoying advertising interruptions to stream or download. You can use the time it saves itself through the ad-free enjoyment of the movies, another time, once again, to look at the best highlights, because the films remain available for Save.TV users: unlimited time on your own hard drive or four weeks to this stream in the own TV cloud at Save.TV. If you would like to know more about Rory Sutherland, then click here. In the tables below the Save.TV editorial staff based on the use of preferences of Save.TV users the expected to reach most blockbuster of the Christmas programme has identified and clearly summarized: it is interesting that this year station across a trend to a rather eerie and not at all contemplative TV program to watch is. Here is the top ten Save.TV editor of top scariest movies in the Christmas program 2013: Cold Prey – icy death the bloody path of God resident evil blade Trinity Rambo 3 Fright Night In the atrium of the hell the living of daylights James Bond 007 Stephen King heavy Hamid Ahmed of Save.TV Ltd. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Oracle.

The online video recorder Save.TV offers numerous features that enable comfortable recording TV shows. The programming is easy via the Internet and is possible with both desktops and mobile devices with Internet access. Save.TV offers ad-free, also parallel record of currently 44 German channels, series recording, digital program guide, personal video archive, Star database and much more. For more information see press contact Save.

Dec 22 2019

Pharo – Love Of My Life

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One man, one vote the new single of Pharo – love my life. Actually PHARO uses to to put people into hypnosis and to wean them from smoking, pesky pounds to announce the fight or to counter phobias, sleep problems, and much more. Now he uses his voice but completely different: PHARO for his legendary TV appearances, is among others known at the RTL Super talent. But he can also sing! With numerous pop hits (including only love counts”, dance with me in the morning”) he made already musical about talk. “Now, he is back on stage: love of my life” is his new single, on September 1 on the label Mania music appears. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gary Kelly and gain more knowledge.. “The song self-written by PHARO was produced among others by Stefan Possnicker in the tone-Art Studio, producer of the successful duo fantasy” is the best of “album reached gold status this year. Pabila collaborated successfully with Germany’s Lai Queen Andrea Berg. PHARO brings fresh wind in the charts, because also musically meets the star Hypnotist the right tone.

Threesome Discofox rhythm, a text that stays in your ear, and a voice that goes under the skin, are the ingredients that PHARO now wants to conquer the charts. Love of my life”is a catchy tune, who owns absolute hit potential. Declaration of PHAROs musical, passionate love to the love of his life”invites you to dance, sing along and dreams of great love. “I have a great producer with Stefan Possnicker and mania music found a new label”, PHARO which trembles against the release date forward. I’m curious, how is my song hit fans!” Curious he also may whether he can connect with his new hit to old successes. “” “” Love that counts because with his hits”, I see ‘ me for you”, you’re with me, what’s going on”or dance with me in the morning” he had of listen. “Source: Office Pharo love of my life” is available since 1st September all downloadable.

Dec 21 2019

Everything Possible

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The album appears on the 08.November.2013 if Stefan Jurgens sings and plays piano, then stories emerge from the midst of life, from his life, because I can only tell what I’ve experienced,”he says. Whenever possible with everything”presents an album with 12 strong titles, which come largely from his pen, sometimes in collaboration with his team of producers Stefan Jurgens Valicon (including silly, silver Moon) have arisen. Change is one of the major themes in his songs. I’m 50 now, because you think actually still times new lot. I can now access a lot of experiences and have at the same time still incredibly much. Change is to stop not. “The age, in which I now am, I experience as a very exciting and wonderful time, like I it in the song I feel everything” have described: I can feel how life in me wakes up as my heart me new is always open for Stefan Jurgens is strong and weak from the outset in the Professional life. When the television audience, he is primarily for his role as major Carl Ribarski in the successful crime series ZDF/ORF SOKO Wien”present.

Around four million people turn regularly on Fridays at 18:00 and make SOKO Wien”to one of the most popular series of Eve in the second. In Austria, the series has reached cult status. His breakthrough was Stefan Jurgens but already in the 90s with RTL Saturday night”, the now legendary, many television award winning comedy show, he was a member of its founding. Numerous TV and theater engagements and so far five live programmes followed his scene involvement, where he played the Berlin Commissioner Robert Hellmann between 1999 and 2001, over the years. Whenever possible, the texts and the music for everything”worked Stefan Jurgens two years. The title is also the title of a song, he has dedicated to his son. As a father of three adult daughters and a son, Stefan Jurgens the cohesive nature of the family is as important as that personal freedom, in which everyone can live their potential and dreams.

You wish nothing more than that the children go their own way and are with yourself in the pure. The longer I live, the more I understand the meaning of the saying: ‘ how one gets into the Woods, so it sound. The most that happens to us in life, is the response to our own thinking and acting. I think that is a huge chance: you can change everything. Always everything is possible.

Mar 30 2019


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By using this Wireless LAN USB adapter is the full HD media player is connected to a wireless network (hotspot/access point). This turns the movie cube into a real wireless gateway and allowing access to multimedia files, which are stored on a WiFi compatible PC users. In addition, a NAS network can be built so that via wireless network data between the player and PC can be played and copied, without the need for a USB or Ethernet cable. The Emtec USB WiFi adapter supports up to 300 MBit/s and is available for 29.95 euros in the ELV shipping House. Learn more about Emtec N200 full HD media player, as well as a video about how shelter: output/controller.aspx… For more information see Larry Ellison. available. Image material in high resolution can be obtained from. In brief: The ELV/eQ-3 Group counts for more than 30 years as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe.

Since its inception in 1978 ELV as a trend-setting electronics shipping House has on the German market, established and more than 11,000 products offered online, as well as catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. With more than 150 types of products, the eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. The brand HomeMatic”includes solutions from heating thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products of partners. Product development takes place exclusively in the headquarters in leer. It is produced in our own factory in South China with certification according to ISO 9001, VDE, VdS, UL and ETL. This combination brings optimally consistent quality and cost aspects.

Mar 17 2019

Pete Haycock

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“Well, and together with Pete Haycock his signiture guitar Josephine” (see his homepage), subway to Sally and my Geyer Lyres, already in the 2007 nude “tour was used and this year’s tour. Others who may share this opinion include Verizon Communications. Just to name a few. Southwest Airlines is often quoted on this topic. “What philosophy represent you in the design of an instrument, such as for example the”Geyer “lyre? -Good instruments develop the Toolmaster”the Geyer lyre today no longer produced. That has had technical as also sound reasons, but life is dynamic, everything is in flux and constantly subject to change, so my designs “what was tested in the trade press on instruments to date, suggests that you are on the right track. How do you think you and your instruments? -It never went me to quick profit, my designs always made spontaneous ideas or unusual requests. This also means that it is not high, but good quality and exclusivity. The explains also my clientele he has both beginners and professionals, who are familiar and have ever played anything. Here, the desire is to the personal characteristics according to individual sounds and design. I’m trying to fulfill something entirely original: the desire for the very own musical identity. “What are your further plans?