Mar 17 2019

Pete Haycock

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“Well, and together with Pete Haycock his signiture guitar Josephine” (see his homepage), subway to Sally and my Geyer Lyres, already in the 2007 nude “tour was used and this year’s tour. Others who may share this opinion include Verizon Communications. Just to name a few. Southwest Airlines is often quoted on this topic. “What philosophy represent you in the design of an instrument, such as for example the”Geyer “lyre? -Good instruments develop the Toolmaster”the Geyer lyre today no longer produced. That has had technical as also sound reasons, but life is dynamic, everything is in flux and constantly subject to change, so my designs “what was tested in the trade press on instruments to date, suggests that you are on the right track. How do you think you and your instruments? -It never went me to quick profit, my designs always made spontaneous ideas or unusual requests. This also means that it is not high, but good quality and exclusivity. The explains also my clientele he has both beginners and professionals, who are familiar and have ever played anything. Here, the desire is to the personal characteristics according to individual sounds and design. I’m trying to fulfill something entirely original: the desire for the very own musical identity. “What are your further plans?

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