Dec 27 2019

Florian Silbereisen

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The new album of the rocker of of village of – village kid and proud on it you are village children and mighty proud of it. The title song makes clear that unequivocally. So that the residual skepticism all doubters, sing the village rocker in this piece yet down-to-Earth, yet powerful fixed on the Franconian language culture. Kirchaich is called the village, where the three musicians, because just at home, feel very. Actually the small town would have to be declared now Mecca of Swiss franc, after all the brothers trio is one of the most sought after acts in German-speaking countries. To know more about this subject visit Verizon. Tobias, Philip and mark are welcome regulars about at Florian Silbereisen. “” Regardless of the village rockers are live so sought after, that they have been the breakthrough with their hit single and off goes the Lutzzzi “and the following chart breaker mountain ash” mercilessly on the 1000 mark in terms of concert appearances to grass. Maybe this is the particular reason that they feel so connected to their homeland.

After all the travel and hectic touring again after Come home and enjoy some quieter country life as. “So it is not surprising also, not only at a village child” praised the family familiar Idyll is but also the number of the village where I was born “is to listen to the new album. This sixth LP includes a total of 13 titles. A few songs have already heard in the run-up to the many concert-goers and cheered. Like come with me in the Hay”, the chips”song or even Freibierotto”. Speaking of beer: the three village rocker had always been a keen sense for the needs of its fans. So they – created their own beer just due to the good mood song! It was first handed out at the legendary-open of rocker of village of air last August and the demand was intense..

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