Nov 18 2023

Zaz Forza Based

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The following year, Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant will start production of new models – ZAZ Forza, which represents nothing more than a Chery A13. ZAZ on plan to master new full-scale production, including the forging of large parts welding, painting and assembly. At an early stage will be applied Ukrainian parts: the exhaust system, wiring, seats, batteries, rubber items, tires. ZAZ expects to achieve the degree of localization of more than 50% and get a certificate CT1, which will give the right to export the Forza to other markets. Already have an agreement on deliveries of production car ZAZ to Russia, but there it will be presented under the brand of Chery.

What does the is a new car? This is the latest Chery, that the Ukrainians might see on "Metropolitan Autoshow" last year under the name of Fulwin-2. ZAZ Forza refers to the C-class and has a length of 4269 mm, width 1686 mm and a height of 1492 mm. Hatchback version of the slightly in short – 4139 mm. Vehicle weight – 1,200 kg, the amount of luggage – 500 liters. To deepen your understanding Bernard Golden is the source. Suspension: front type McPherson, Rear – semi. In Ukraine, the ZAZ Forza will be equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine producing 109 hp and torque of 140 Nm. This motor Chery created in collaboration with Austrian AVL.

Dynamic characteristics may not yet rasskryty, but the maximum speed is known – 160 mph. New products will be offered in two body styles a sedan and a hatchback and the three variants ALTC: Base, Comfort, Luxury. The cost of the car will start from 84 000 USD. The car offers a warranty for 3 years or 100,000 miles. What will this money? Complete a fairly rich, front airbags, ABS, Front and rear power windows, audio system with CD, MP3, central locking, front fog lights. In addition, rear parking sensors are available, and keyless access and alloy wheels. Presented at the "Metropolitan Autoshow" model (named Chery A13) have traditionally been beige interior, but the ZAZ promise and other options obbivki. Car under the name of Chery A13 appear at dealers in November. In the 4th quarter to ZAZ released an experimental batch, and in January plan to start serial production. As soon as the issue on ZAZ, the car will change its name and dealers as ZAZ Forza. Implementation of this model will be engaged in distribution company, "CA Automotive", and it will be sold in salons Chery. AvtoZAZ plans to produce about 35,000 cars in Forza year. Roughly from 2015 Lanos will no longer be issued. Sales already have a complete set of Comfort and Luxury, priced from 89360grn

Mar 12 2020

Professional Weddings

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So much want to sometimes luxurious life. Right here is extremely luxurious activity, which is full of all the elite journals, and where ordinary people from other walks of access is closed. Or is in this light. A often this glamorous world in such times is not available sect. Anyone will be able to test it, in other words, to a large extent. You can find the opportunity to imagine themselves truly 'personality of the elite class, "and for this absolutely need a bit: the one to buy, at least briefly, a list of jewelry. By the way, town car service. Only not very long limousine represented an impossible illusion that is incompatible with the world.

But this day in a limousine to a major triumph in their personal lives can cause every employee. And indeed, the illusion will be able to communicate with the real world: there is a will and moving to it. By the same author: Financial Asset Management Corporation. Most often, it is clear that, limousine hire in marriage. And it is clear that because the wedding feast itself remarkable and unique. And also, if it is held for the first time. In each type of limousine moscow is the chance to start to feel not only willing to all the best, but truly a dream.

Everyone wants to feel as soon as possible to better look at the most significant aspects of existence with dignity. How would you personally and not be ashamed, and the rest was in that look. Inexperienced citizens, beginning in a different way of life activity, must have begun with the illusion that there was anything to go. Life is not a celebration every time, but holidays must surely should be. At the same time more than that – the clever routine, the lighter the celebration. The better they will remain in memory. A person is important to experience holidays quite brilliantly – then he is in life can feel extremely happy. And answers the question, like every happy person – without difficulty, easily and quickly. Stunning gown for the bride and bridegroom to dress, wedding rings, flowers – all this, it is clear and especially to the lack of it is unrealistic to organize everything. Additionally, you can still carry something that will not cause such expenses as poslesvadebny vacation on a tropical island. A direct – order limousine. Original holiday limousine. Suppose for a few hours – but feel nabob, prince, ruler. To get into another life find themselves truly on top. But not just in the people say, how you start, and spend. And it is not specifically with regard to the astronomical year, but completely real.

Nov 14 2019

Japanese Boom

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We have a view that the Japanese special order of magnitude qualitatively similar to Korean. But all the customers on own experience convinced that Korean cars today is not worse. In this case, a "Korean" correct positioning booster, they are cheaper to maintain and even "Koreans" are not as expensive. With spare parts for "Korean" big problems do not happen. Frequently Gary Kelly has said that publicly. This is due to the fact that most Korean models have much in common with the well-known European brands, as they are produced under license. Thus it is possible to pick up parts of the European range.

Besides, in Russia today employs many different companies that sell spare parts for "Koreans." Korean Crane Kanglim Crane hexagon telescopic boom has up to 6 sections: – Reinforced square outriggers (supports); – capacity from 1 ton to 15 tons – the maximum load lifting up to 32 meters – the maximum working radius of 9 to 25 meters. Immediate lifting of the cargo may perform as with a hoist, and by extension boom (inner cylinder), or lifting arm (master cylinder). The crane arm Kanglim has the following advantages: – lowering vertically in a straight line, unlike trajectory of manipulator rigid construction – smooth lowering to the ground, without strikes – one by one nomination teleskopiruemyh sections, allowing maximum use of commercial time – the possibility of lifting and lowering due to the obstacles (fences, walls or other obstacles) – the opportunity to work with loads below ground level (wells, quarrying, etc.) – the use of crane systems Kanglim in various areas: construction, shipping, etc. – multi-link security system, consisting of a sensor length of telescoping boom, boom tilt sensor, load cell in the boom nose and the limit switch, allows accurately monitor the weight of hoisting cargo and prohibits work with a mass greater than the rated load capacity – Crane installed on any chassis-board vehicles using hydraulic and shaft PTO between the cab and body of the vehicle by partial cutting the body or its displacement.

Aug 19 2019

Dealer Manager

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Very, very simple interior. Salon, of course, was normal Shkodovsky salon, but I am myself very differently represented his first car. A few days later that I myself took "Think" I came back in the showroom, but with a specific desire to register a car. Gary Kelly can provide more clarity in the matter. Dealer Manager to learn that I am interested in Skoda, offered to consider another option – Seat Cordoba Sport 2.0. What is a Seat? At Auto Show me two minutes made it clear that Seat and Skoda is the same as Volkswagen. Mol Plant one, etc. itp And here also by the way action on Seat, and when I got into it … Seat inside favorably with Skoda Octavia Tour: sport steering wheel, climate control, alloy wheels, volume: 2 liters, and the cost even lower than the Skoda.

So I went to the dealership to buy Skoda, and won the Seat Cordoba Sport 2.0. "This is the same as the Volkswagen! – I told everyone who asked, they say, what have you got for the car brand. I left, I at this sport quads a little less than two years and realized that no it is not Volkswagen, and a pathetic parody of a Volkswagen Polo. Sold the car a unique fast – Car Market in the car did not drive. I'm not bought by – selling cars on the Car Market can not. I put the car on the Internet at – we have in the city such a popular site for car sales.

30 min. I got a call 6 people (all bought the truth). With one of them I became friends, and price. Bought for 20 000 USD, and sold for 10 $ 100 :). The very next day I bought a used car …… Volkswagen Golf IV. For a year, as I travel and I can not get enough! Now I have a real Volkswagen. In general, I will say this – it is better from their self-titled Volkswagen auto, no nothing! Neither type of car Seat, will never become a Volkswagen, even though you are his three hundred times so you call.

Aug 13 2019

St Petersburg Taxis

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Here's to take at least Primorsky district, home to nearly one million population, we counted how many of he visits? Taxis in the Primorsky district – a very popular form of transport, and you now see why. Leaving an area can actually count on one hand – this is a otnorok Kolomyagi coming to grief through Poklonnaya railroad crossing, again moving from the metro station "specific" – and also organized a small "appendix", only a relatively broad highway leading from the subway station "Pioneer" to Svetlanov area, travel to the southern tip of Prospect Kolomyazhsky to narrow the Black River waterfront – a barrier, and, recently, the newly built viaduct over the railway in the alignment of planar street. What do we have? And it turns out, that all "O" 5 – you can count on one hand, 3 of which blocked by the railroad, and 2 more require the driver to drive fast, some skill. Taxis in St. Petersburg is valuable not only quality cars, but also professional training of drivers, which allows them to quickly move around the city.

People go out of the Primorsky region in the center, on the southern suburbs to the east – in the civilian world, even outside of St. Petersburg. Many of them travel by taxi, not only because it is convenient and accessible, but only just a normal way to get there. Metro, of course, carries much greater mass of people, but that's why business people in St. Petersburg often used by taxi: morning stampede at Pioneer are odious phenomenon.

And because of the lack of ring on the subway ride branches inconvenient from the north-west to north-east have to go through the center, making many kilometers and mnogominutnuyu loop. Taxis in St. Petersburg – it's soft, comfortable lounges, which allow not only to go with all the convenience, but without prejudice to transport your belongings and documents. Taxis in St. Petersburg – are drivers with years of experience, who know not only the geography of the city, but heavy traffic in the streets at specific times. Finally, the taxi in St. Petersburg – a rational approach to mobility in the urban cycle, which is available all, except, perhaps, those who ride the trams and the hare. Taxi St Petersburg quality – this is the right choice in the northern capital. The presence of heavy traffic makes driving a personal self- car difficult, but the lack of complete traffic jams, like Moscow, allows you to use taxi service – and not worry about the road.

May 31 2019


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To buy the discs need to find a specialty shop, where you not only pick up the correct wheels, but also to properly install them. However, a beginner motorist is very difficult to judge which of the better specialty stores. Let us consider the question, where are all the same, it is better to buy drives in detail. High quality and constantly updating designs contribute to the continuous growth of demand for alloy wheels production of "Kick", which suggests their high popularity among motorists, who decided to buy wheels for your car. Deciding to buy CDs, it is important to note that all wheels produced in accordance with GOST-R 50 511 must have the following basic markings: Date; Size rim Departure wheels Permissible load statistics (eg: Fb = 500 kg, or 500 KG Index load). The sign of conformity GOST R 50 511 (icon PCT). Markings shall be permanent and indelible. To cast wheels, it is engraved on the molds and molded wheel.

If you decide to buy CDs from the catalog of guaranteed validity, even when replacing the brake pads are ideally designed to stand on his seat. Setting the alloy wheels on the car is not very different from the installation of steel wheels, but still buy CDs and install them in specialized centers is recommended. Thus, Now you know how to not make a mistake to buy CDs that they were the "size" your car and to please you. Then go ahead – dare to change the look of your car!

May 30 2019

Safe Winter Tires

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Auto – it's not an abundance of, say classical, but a means of transportation. And it needs to be very many things: care, a necessary device and in the required elements of such a motor, wheels, etc. By the way, on wheels. They are, I would say one of the key components of the vehicle: with their help, he is considered vehicles. However, the wheels also have multi-parts, what is very dangerous neglizhirovat. Some of them – the bus.

This will depend on what moving car, it the ability to go on a bad roadway and so on. But there is the most important mission of tires – to protect the driver and passengers. Especially this be related to pore winter, when all the car owners are convinced need to buy winter tires. Why is it necessary to buy winter tires? It's very simple: the winter – it cnegopad and ice, and it is slippery and dangerous road. This, in turn, holds a significant increase in accidents on roads.

It is here that dates back to the most interesting. Necessary "to put on" wheels of own car in the bus, which could be ready for the "gift" of winter, a wet road, the rain and frozen puddles. Winter tires will save and auto people from the accident, the driver will be more confident braking and turning on the highway. Buy winter tires is not so easy. Although you can buy them in any cities of our country – in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, but before you buy should know what are these tires, and that should be specifically for the car you're interested. There are two types of winter tires – with or without spines. The first version of the tire, they still call studded, made of more solid matter and they have special cleats. Non-studded tires include a special type of rubber, with whom she at once tough and myagenkaya, depending on the coating, which moves in cars. Studded tires provide more strong grip and shorter braking distances. If you have a lot of travel around the frozen roads, the most advantageous to buy winter tires this kind. Studless tire is designed for snow-covered slopes. What choose? It must be remembered the advantages and disadvantages of such tires. Studded tires on ice is convenient to use, but not profitable on dry pavement. If you do not move out of town, in which clean sediment and ice from roads, it is much better used tires without studs. However, putting it, remember that stopping distances on ice to increase significantly. But the car's handling on the road with the soft snow will significantly increase, since such a situation the main thing contour of the tread, not the presence of spines. So what we have available? First – you must select winter tires While on a roadway would drive cars. Second – to buy winter tires in Ukraine is easy, since they are in all the settlements in Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv and the like. In winter, protect the driver and his companions will depend not only on the ability to drive and knowledge of traffic regulations. To a greater extent It will depend, as it is not surprising from the tires, especially if your route is where a lot of ice.

Nov 30 2018

Beijing Automotive Exhibition

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In late April, the Beijing Automotive Exhibition 'AutoChina 2008', which introduced the world to their new car. The Chinese avtomprome revealed several trends: the cars were made to go on flex-fuel vehicles have become cleaner and more environmentally construction vehicles are safer. China's largest automobile company BYD introduced its development in the area of hybrid and electric power aggregates. The car became the main exhibit E6 company BYD Auto. High ground clearance provides a good cross-country crossover. This 5-door boasts a spacious interior and roomy luggage compartment. Motor vehicle running on vysokoemkostnyh E6 battery ET-Power's own development. Charging the battery from the mains 220V in just 20 minutes.

The maximum speed that can develop this Chinese car – 160 km / h. Ripple understood the implications. Up to 100 km / h. E6 accelerates in just 10 seconds. Another exhibit of the company – a full-size sedan BYD F6DM – also belong to the category of environmentally friendly vehicles. The electric motor is capable of a torque to 400 Nm.

When fully charged, this sedan can travel 100 miles without recharging. The most affordable car on the group BYD – F1. Its value does not exceed 4000 Euro This is a city car is equipped with a one-liter engine in the 68 horsepower. Petrol consumption is very efficient – only 4 liters per 100 kilometers. China's largest carmaker Great Wall also boasted of his environmentally friendly car Kulla. The motor vehicle powered by a lithium-ion batteries. This urban two-seater can travel 140 km at an average speed of 65 km / h without recharging. On the other electric vehicle charging from Great Wall – Peri – you will spend no more than 1 euro. The electric motor is charged by any outlet in just 15 minutes. Some of the exhibits in the Beijing Motor Show will soon be seen on Russian roads. Ltd. 'Irito' Chinese trucks and SUVs

Jun 19 2018

Buying a Car

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Subtleties of buying a car in the showroom … Coupang has firm opinions on the matter. If you buy a car in the showroom, keep in mind – its members in matters of purchase / sale of cars is much more experienced than you. There are lots of ways to make the customer pay more more than you planned. If you want to save a few tips to read? In the showroom you can try to impose long-term guarantee. Before you agree, you should think carefully. Why do you think, for a new, just bought a reliable car, need a warranty? Guarantee, among other things, will cost you far from free. In this case, paying, you become a kind of hostage to a particular dealership service center. C bleak prospect of becoming a "cash cow".

Especially if you get the luxury car. For example, maintenance and repair of car Honda, whose price is not small, can significantly hit afford. Your car will change quite yet workable detail, and argue that it needs some special and mandatory procedures. Labor times for services such outrageous! Yes, you can at any moment abandoned, only to further guarantee in this case would be to put a cross. Do not forget that the car would be great as it did not look before you buy, you need to break in.

The car must be felt. Quite it may be that its mark does not suit you. Even within the same range of driving experience can be sharply distinct. A proposal to exchange an old car "with a supplement" to the new – in general should be viewed with great suspicion. Of course, if you do not have money to spare. Motor Used Cars by taking the sum, which they themselves and define. Of course, this amount is far from the market price. Is there such a transaction and the pros. You almost instantly get rid of the old car. But much more profitable to sell an old car first, and only then go to the dealership. By the way, good price offer in car dealerships that specialize in buying and selling used vehicles. Buying a car loan, be careful. Especially in the context of the global economic and banking crisis. In the Motor Show will focus on the advantages, for example, on a small the amount of monthly payments, and may be "ignored" does not draw your attention to some important nuances. For example, the term of the loan or the amount of the overpayment. And in conclusion, than to save is not worth it so at your safety car! In this regard, it is possible to fork out. Installing car alarms, immobilizers, blocker, "secret key" for the comfort setting parktronikov, all this can also order from a dealer, but the triple overpaid for the equipment and the work you provided. Often, after the rejection of the installation of security systems in the showroom you hear the threat of skimming from the guarantee. Do not fall for the bait! Installation is possible in a professional, certified installation center. The question price is much lower and the equipment and to work. And such work is not conveying.

Mar 14 2016

Change Engine Oil

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The question of when to change car oil change has an indefinite answer. The fact that oil changes should be made in time, say many experts. Because of the friction arising between the engine parts can However, his failure to happen, a good motor oil does not drop in price. But the oil change to make is easier for smaller financial investment than the engine repair. So how do you calculate the optimal spacing? First, be aware that this may affect the interval. Known: 1. Model and brand of machine 2. Under what conditions are traveling by car (short trips in the urban cycle / travel for long distances / seasonal Trip) 3.

Climatic conditions in which to travel to cars. In addition, the oil change interval may also influence the style of driving, and even place to store the car. The first factor in determining oil change interval should be for you technical advice to the machine manufacturer. In general, the majority of cars recommended service interval varies between 7000 -10 000 kilometers. However, the very proizvoditelvyschityvaet the interval sufficiently averaged.

For example, luxury cars to take into account the relatively high speed and ignored the fact that he can move on rough roads. Every driver must take into account the known operating features of his own car. These factors include: the use of bad gasoline, the use of cheap oil previously auto maintenance at long intervals. When was the last time was rapid oil change, then the following change should be undertaken before that time. Most drivers in recent years, prefer to used motor oil with a longer service intervals – Longlife. It is not necessary to be led by advertisers. Please note that the use of this product should be provided by the manufacturer of your particular car model. In addition, in the service book must be written mode, in which you can use with extended oil service intervals. When purchasing a car with a hand, do not forget to ask the seller of the service, “the past” purchased cars. In severe operating conditions (maintenance of cars on the roads broken in areas with dusty air, etc.), recommend changing oil and filter every 5000 – 6000 kilometers.