Aug 13 2019

St Petersburg Taxis

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Here's to take at least Primorsky district, home to nearly one million population, we counted how many of he visits? Taxis in the Primorsky district – a very popular form of transport, and you now see why. Leaving an area can actually count on one hand – this is a otnorok Kolomyagi coming to grief through Poklonnaya railroad crossing, again moving from the metro station "specific" – and also organized a small "appendix", only a relatively broad highway leading from the subway station "Pioneer" to Svetlanov area, travel to the southern tip of Prospect Kolomyazhsky to narrow the Black River waterfront – a barrier, and, recently, the newly built viaduct over the railway in the alignment of planar street. What do we have? And it turns out, that all "O" 5 – you can count on one hand, 3 of which blocked by the railroad, and 2 more require the driver to drive fast, some skill. Taxis in St. Petersburg is valuable not only quality cars, but also professional training of drivers, which allows them to quickly move around the city.

People go out of the Primorsky region in the center, on the southern suburbs to the east – in the civilian world, even outside of St. Petersburg. Many of them travel by taxi, not only because it is convenient and accessible, but only just a normal way to get there. Metro, of course, carries much greater mass of people, but that's why business people in St. Petersburg often used by taxi: morning stampede at Pioneer are odious phenomenon.

And because of the lack of ring on the subway ride branches inconvenient from the north-west to north-east have to go through the center, making many kilometers and mnogominutnuyu loop. Taxis in St. Petersburg – it's soft, comfortable lounges, which allow not only to go with all the convenience, but without prejudice to transport your belongings and documents. Taxis in St. Petersburg – are drivers with years of experience, who know not only the geography of the city, but heavy traffic in the streets at specific times. Finally, the taxi in St. Petersburg – a rational approach to mobility in the urban cycle, which is available all, except, perhaps, those who ride the trams and the hare. Taxi St Petersburg quality – this is the right choice in the northern capital. The presence of heavy traffic makes driving a personal self- car difficult, but the lack of complete traffic jams, like Moscow, allows you to use taxi service – and not worry about the road.