May 22 2019

American Society

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Many people wish you more success in what they do. But most know not what they really want, or they have a wrong destination, or not the necessary discipline. This text by Vitus Lindau time four success errors and their solutions. Mistake no. 1: I don’t know what I really want.

In what area of your life you wish more success? You really want to you know what in this area? Many of our clients especially know what they do not want or have only very vague ideas. While numerous studies show that the chance of success increases significantly, if we can call our goal clear. To wish for more success, but to be unclear in what you want, is unfair. Even toward them, your fellow man and the universe. Ambiguity will produce ambiguous results. The following information of the American Society of training & Development gives an indication of how we can ensure our concrete success.

According to this study the probability of achieving a goal is 10%, if We have an idea or hear; 20% if we consciously decide to accept this idea; 40%, if we decide to implement the idea; 50%, if we specifically plan how we implement the idea; “65%, if we commit ourselves to others, to implement the idea, 95%, if we other people a kind of check authorisation” type. In other words: our success is very likely, if we find a clear goal, formulate and are also publicly available. Why do so many people at unique destinations? Here four of the most common reasons why we struggle us with clear objectives: 1 uncertainty has become the collective norm. If the people with whom we spend most of our life our family, our friends, our colleagues live even not targeted, the probability is great, we don’t come to the idea, to do it yourself.

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