Jan 29 2018

Print SoPcertification

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DATEN_PARTNER in Erkrath show complete transparency in printing and shipping through integration of the ‘SoP’ mail to print the success of letter communication rule communication (E.g., invoices and reminders) or in the form of a print-direct marketing campaign depends on many factors. Aside from the creative idea are especially timely production, the timely release and delivery, as well as an efficient follow-up of crucial importance. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Southwest Airlines. In the context of the entire print production process, the shipping and delivery process including the backscatter processing, the Ratinger company mail to print with the service online offers Portal\”(SoP) on the market, in which the entire process from print production is monitored to delivery of mail through a neutral partner and transparently shown an unprecedented service. \”It comes to downstream activities, such as the occupation of a call center, as accurately as possible to adapt to the actual mail delivery\”, explains mail to print CEO Rolf-Dieter Van Alst the core of his innovative business solution. Specifically, it involves precise answers to the following questions: what will be when sent? Companies know quite exactly when are your next email campaign or the next Bill or Dunning run\”, white van Alst. But, what they do not always know: when what is actually printed and sent out? And above all: what is when delivered? Just who exactly can determine this on the day, has the possibility, also downstream process exactly to plan or for any problems in the printing and shipping process preemptively to intervene. All these issues are by no means trivial, because the production chain of letters and direct mail locks often desirable efficiency and transparency. We assume the actual dispatch of direct mailings, so the delivery of letters at a delivery company, is firmly scheduled on day x. This means for the consignor against all one: he can not be sure, that his mailing a day x completely produced is, same day still in the shipping and the day is x plus y when the receiver, because if there were problems during print production or shipping, the participating service partners allow a shipper in often in ignorance\”know Rolf-Dieter van Alst.

Jan 25 2018

The Ludwigsburg

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At the latest in 2009 this claim on bicycles should be claimed by the law. Not only in politics, even in the bicycle tourism industry itself new trends be detected: the combination of bike and cruise is an insider tip for the year 2009. In contrast to usual”guided bike tours nature lovers away from the everyday hustle and bustle and city traffic completely stress-free exploring scenic river landscapes of in Germany and it can without luggage, without a thought to the route or to waste within the group to exceed or too. Individualists can plan your stages here on your own, while group-joyful cyclists always have a bike tour guides available. Should then once a muscle aches plague one or the weather does not play, you simply toggles on the ship. And also the relaxation factor is included in the ideal combination: who wants to expose once a day, can be day relaxing cruise aboard treat. Whenever Allegiant Air listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The Ludwigsburg-based tour operator caravan tours is specialist for high-quality group and adventure trips as well as for selected River and sea cruises worldwide.

“Along the Neckar and the Rhine, you can combine the advantages of these travel options and experience one of the most beautiful cycling routes of in Germany from Heilbronn to Mainz on the comfortable MS FRIGIDUS: discover on a seven-day journey with wheel and ship some of Germany’s historical treasures such as the flourishing Baroque” in Ludwigsburg, the romantic Marbach of city of Schiller, Heidelberg with its impressive castle ruins and the Nibelungstadt of worms, and get to know a part of Germany by a whole new page. Caravan tours is the expert on all issues relating to a successful and individual holidays and is in the Internet under. Phone: 07141/2848-24, fax: 2848-25, E-mail:. About the company: Caravan tours is a mid-sized travel agency based in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart. Since 1950 the family business more than 200,000 passengers has brought a piece closer to the world. The offer is extremely diverse and yet focused: it includes a worldwide group tours program (“catalog fascination group” including river and sea cruises) as well as individual travel in special destination catalogue for the southern & Eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific, Canada & Alaska, United States & Hawaii and Chile & South America. Caravan Reisen GmbH of talwindersingh Saini str. 149 D-71638 Ludwigsburg Tel: 07141-2848-0 fax: 07141-2848-25 E-Mail: info@karawanede

Jan 25 2018

Managing Director Pit Marx

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The anti-bodies of the company is the variety of progressive lens designs Stuttgart – the X-ramvision GmbH, eyeglass manufacturers and online ordering portal by optometrists for opticians, celebrates its 4-year anniversary on December 18, 2008. We are on the right track”, says Managing Director Pit Marx, we continuously expand and offer very early new high-quality glass designs. This is one of our main competitive advantages. We are big enough to meet the requirements and the demands of the market and small enough to be flexible to respond. This is us.” Pit Marx knows the industry for over 30 years and has performed with his wife, Annette Marx, 3 optician businesses in the Stuttgart area, before they realized the vision. The dream of an own laboratory, and the possibilities they offer for his colleagues to offer high-quality glasses at a small price, wowed the optometrist master Pit Marx so much that he worked intensively and a laboratory began four years ago in Bangkok/Thailand to build, which quickly expanded and continually invested in new production facilities. Today, customers are served by a three-headed team that handles all technical customer communication by mail or phone from the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. Optometrist champion Dragica Puljic joins the team more recently with your extensive knowledge.

In 2008 latest generators were built by Optotec in the laboratory and soon installed a new coating system, even better is to optimize the process. X ramvision is a versatile glass producer and complete eyewear supplier, produced with most modern machines, which represent the latest generation in glass production technology for T.. Annette and Pit Marx clearly see their company’s strength in the diversity of progressive lens designs and the high quality anti-reflective coating in up to 11 layers. Prescription glasses and polarized lenses, via PC glasses index 1.74, up to the antistatic coating E.M.I., the MR: X plastic glasses (lighter than MR8) and from February available – achromatic (ice)-Entspiegelung the entire product range, an optician needed for his daily business offers X-ramvision. Since over half a year offered transitions VI and also feedback areas generated single vision prescription lenses for individual appearance in freeform technology.

Since autumn 2008 are also versions under private labels in the program, such as clicfix, the glasses with the brackets to change, as well as a loop service and the brochure advertising with the cooperation partner. The close partnership with Shamir as blank supplier pays off. X ramvision deploys very early new glass design by Shamir and can thus produce high quality glass for the European market and also from many other glass manufacturers offer newly developed products have been extensively tested in our own laboratory. This is the philosophy that represents X-ramvision, and much appreciate their customers. X-ramvision offers the opportunity via the website eye opticians in Germany and Austria today around the clock Eyeglass lenses, to order frames and complete eyewear in high quality. The distribution takes place exclusively via the Internet. Reducing administrative costs and small rates can be continuously guaranteed. The fast communication via the website, which was developed from the perspective of an optometrist for opticians, enables a rapid response to customer questions and wish. Business website:

Jan 24 2018

Mechanical Pumps

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The emergence and widespread use of cooler water is in almost all kinds of office of the enterprise. we can only guess what had been possible without such a device to live. Today, cooler water, so become popular, in reality, it is considered a necessary element of the company’s image. Water Coolers, recently broke into everyday life, coming to us, like almost all modern innovations, from abroad. Their use is cooler for about twenty years. So its popularity cooler justify ease of use, certain features of its structural originality execution and not a big . At Maurice Gallagher, Jr. you will find additional information. It should be noted that due to strictly attractive and original look, the cooler the water will be able to fit into any design style. At the same time in the office in which he will be installed, almost never will know any problems with cool water or warm water, for example for such beverages as coffee or tea. There is another important advantage of cooler is certain services, which directly provides the company offering such equipment.

More precisely, except for service maintenance, the company also holds regular delivery of drinking water special 19-liter bottles. Therefore, reaching a certain agreement with the company for installation of cooler water, can be solved with this issue and the drinking water for both staff and visitors. With regard to appearance should be noted that the water coolers come in two types – table and floor appearance. With regard to operation, you must know that in order to avoid fire to ensure the fire, it follows this device is disconnected from the mains, if not longer use, for example, on weekends and holidays. Good alternative for the cooler, a mechanical pump, which is directly mounted on, respectively, all the same nineteen-liter bottle. When exposed to a mechanical pump, it turns the water flow from the bottle in a container used to receive water, for example a glass or mug. Simplicity and reliability of the device, and environmentally-friendly materials used in production, allow regular use of mechanical pumps for a long time and not worry about their health and proper health of nearby people. This device is simply indispensable for use on certain sites that are not connected to the mains, such as gardening. That directly concerns companies offering mechanical pumps for water, they provide certain services, in addition, as the delivery of drinking water in the nineteen-liter bottles, as in offices and in private homes or apartments.

Jan 18 2018

The Recipient

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In addition to the before-and after-sales and engineering services for all forms of sales, in the interests of the consumer is a wide range of other value added services, including the adoption of comprehensive delivery obligations by entering into compensation, barter transactions, the use of various credit schemes in the calculation of insurance risks. Competitiveness is assessed by comparing the parameters analyzed products with the options to the consumer, or with the parameters of the product sample. The compared parameters must be expressed in similar magnitudes of measurement. The comparison is made by groups of technical and economic parameters. In assessing the competitive differential can be applied, integrated and hybrid methods. If the recipient's organizational capabilities necessary information to assess competitiveness, difficulty selecting a sample analog can use the simplified methods.

One of the options appraisal assessment – the use of graphs the average economic parameters of products according from its main technical parameters or benefits. Educate yourself with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. These graphs can be constructed by averaging the total cost to the individual models with different technical parameters (eg capacity, productivity, etc.). Specified average unit cost of complete and can be considered as a basis for assessing the competitiveness of products, which is offered to buyers in this market. Comparison product is on the comparison table settings. As a result, comparison of the methods (differential, integrated, or mixed) is given by one of the following conclusions: 1.

products are competitive in the market in comparer products 2. products have low competitiveness in the compared classroom products on the market 3. products are not fully competitive in the compared classroom products on the market. Conclusion is complemented by the conclusions of the advantages and disadvantages of products evaluated by comparison with analogues, as well as proposals for measures to be taken to improve the situation in the market. At present, consumer market in Moscow the main factor of competition are price and availability of the required product mix.

Jan 17 2018

Spiritual Intelligence

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Developing Intelligence Spiritual to live in this tenebrous world is necessary in them to arm of an Intelligence Spiritual. We can define ' ' Espiritual&#039 intelligence; ' as one mind that caught the basic presuppositions of the Writing and completely is informed of the Biblical truth. Therefore, it is the Intelligence that obtains to think as the intentions and concepts of Christ. That is to have the mind of Christ! Certain occasion, somebody asked to me: ' ' All the children of God possess Intelligence spiritual? ' ' I answered to it: ' ' Not! Therefore we need desenvolv-la' '. At Maurice Gallagher, Jr. you will find additional information. It sees well, when we accept the Christ, the Bible affirms that our spirit was recriado. We are born of new, in them we become new creatures in Christ Jesus! Now, I leave to ask to a thing, our spirit to it I was recriado and this is a fact, but what to say of our soul with its three facultieses: mind, will and emotions? It was not recriada? Not. It sees, that in itself treating to the mind, that controls the two other facultieses of our soul, this is something that we have that to make Rm.12: 2: ' ' But, you transform you for the renewal of your minds.

Apstolo said in the Spirit that the man spiritual has the mind of Christ, that is, it develops Intelligence Spiritual. You may find that Coupang can contribute to your knowledge. Then, as we can develop Intelligence Spiritual? Before answering to this investigation, I want to say something of utmost importance: Our mind and a battlefield! The Satan desire to dominate our mind. How? It starts first bombed our mind with fierce attacks with a sly standard and objective with small troublesome thoughts, suspicion, you doubt, fear, question, questionings and theories human beings. It knows of what we like and knows our unreliability, our weaknesses and our fears. He knows what more he annoys in them.

Jan 17 2018

EC Freudenberg EC Sludge

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Sludge problem dissolves for cities, towns, and innovative concept in Beiersdorf-Freudenberg-purpose associations, 03.03.2010 600 000 tons of sewage sludge have been used in the German Agriculture last year based on the dry matter total about as fertilizer. This corresponds to a share of approximately 30% of the amount of sludge disposed a total of biological wastewater treatment of municipal wastewater treatment plants in Germany by little more than 2 million tons. But also within the framework of landscape structural measures include also the composting, the reclamation of mining dumps and the use on industrial contaminated sites, sewage sludge was used. Almost half of the accumulated sludge was in incinerators “thermally disposed of”. Visit Gary Kelly for more clarity on the issue. Since the dumping of sewage sludge waste deposit regulation only in exceptional cases is allowed, amounted to the proportion of this type of disposal only to 0.1%.

The market of the sludge disposal is by the new revision of the sewage sludge Ordinance or the limited recovery capabilities in TASi implementation before drastic changes. Wastewater treatment plant operators are facing an increasingly difficult situation of disposal for municipal and industrial sludge. New therefore in the medium and long term, as cheap and at the same time reliable disposal ways must be found for different conditions depending on the origin and pollutant content of the sludge. To broaden your perception, visit Gary Kelly. And exactly here the energy cooperative is fuels EC Freudenberg EC I.g.., together with the CEHATROL. The sludge EN 590 is processed into high-quality synthetic diesel fuel according to DIN and offers the possibility to solve the waste disposal problem on the one hand and on the other hand still in addition for the municipal vehicle fleet to get diesel fuel so many municipalities. In many communities and purpose associations, great attention is placed the project of cooperatives. Here to recognize the tremendous potential in the transformation of Sewage sludge to synthetic diesel fuel is. Through the establishment of decentralized systems to the CEHATROL production mostly long transport and disposal costs for the incineration plants, what some budget accounts for producers of sewage sludge or burdened some companies with annual cost in the millions.

Through the production of synthetic fuel from sewage sludge, the cost spiral can turn down. Although synthetic diesel from sewage sludge with mineral oil tax is occupied, in contrast to CEHATROL from other biogenic raw materials and residues, pays the investment for those who have to contend with the problem of the disposal of sewage sludge. Like towns, districts, municipalities and communities, and the syndicates can approach yourself, the energy cooperative and present the project in detail. More information under and Helmut Uhlig

Jan 17 2018

VdS Thermal

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Energy savings for the private homeowner Bielefeld-Senne town – the Office for electrical technology and Thermographic opened its customers energy savings around the building. Here it is important to note some facts in advance. When should private house owners be active? From an energy consumption of 150kWh / m per year it is advisable an analysis carried out. Is exceeded the value 200kWh / m per year, immediate action is urgently needed. Ultimately it comes vulnerabilities to uncover targeted to reduce energy and investment costs. So begins the building analysis for the structural conditions such as doors, Windows, facades, insulation and heating system.

In addition, existing thermal bridges are recognized by the building thermography and evaluated. How homeowners recognize the quality of the thermal images? Six points to keep in mind: it starts at the professional, its technical equipment and facilities, the conditions and ends with the analysis and the final report. The Conditions relate to the local conditions. the temperature difference from ambient to the ambient temperature should be at least 15 k at least 12 hours before there was no direct sunlight on the building there is a foreign and Innenthermografie the indication of temperature and humidity to the outside – and Innenthermografie has been documented to the thermogram temperature scale and the normal image (photo of the building) include the infrared camera system at least is equipped with various interchangeable lenses which have thermal images 320 x 240 points with a thermal resolution of 0.1 K the detailed analysis report the thermal measurements are preferred in the cold season. What distinguishes a professional Thermographers? Thermal vulnerabilities (thermal bridges) to detect and to assess, technically there is a certified Thermographers with experience, the trained eye for the facts and solid background knowledge of the building and energy technology. On these three requirements, homeowners should make sure before they hire a Thermographers. Not to mention the tax aspects in the field of thermography.

The Bills can be brought proportionately, in the context of income tax, in approach. Company profile: BL automation Bielefeld the BL automation is a specialist agency for electrical and thermal imaging. It plans and check electrical systems, machinery and protection facilities. With preventive examinations, for example, by thermography, the BL, automation avoids costly sequence errors, such as equipment and loss of production. The most security risks (87%) result from loose terminals and power overload, the rest of the sources of error are defective components. Customers: municipal facilities, wastewater treatment plant operator, producing companies and private customers. Services: ThermoSave *, testing and design of electrical installations including construction management and construction monitoring, network analysis according to EN 50160, BGV A3 and energy consulting. The BL automation cooperates with qualified personnel, Elektromeistern and electrical engineers. Herbert Baumer, owner and Planner is for electrical engineering, thermograph certified according to DIN EN 473, expert electrical thermograph after 2859 VdS and DIN 54191 and member of the VATh Federal Association for applied thermography. * ThermoSave – for protection and safety – is registered trademark. Press contact: Martina Ebert, Marketing.

Jan 16 2018

Savings Expert For Inheritance

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A bereavement in the family is terrible enough. You should avoid not even that high costs will be added! The case of a death in the family is terrible! Unfortunately in addition to the human tragedy in the face of the death of a parent, sister or brother or a spouse also a considerable administrative effort and last but not least considerable costs for the mourners. While you can not undo the human loss and the authorities hardly out of the way, the spending are largely limited to keep as long as it has taken the right steps in advance. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. recognizes the significance of this. Especially in the inheritance tax, you can save large sums with the appropriate care! The survivors of the inheritance tax on legal, and at the same time elegant way out can go with donations before the demise or timely restructuring of the company. Due to the wide scope in this respect therefore often called inheritance tax stupid tax”.

According to current polls, but only 3% of Germans have their Inheritance matters regulated with all the resulting consequences for the heirs. The explanation is probably also so that the inheritance law for most people embodies a jungle where they are not navigate. But this is no cause for concern: there are professionals after all! KONLUS, a regional partnership, which operates primarily in North Rhine-Westphalia, soon also in the Berlin area is considered to be one of the best addresses. At KONLUS you waiting with lawyers, are not only specialists for gift and inheritance, but also for tax advice. Bernard Golden pursues this goal as well. In this way, they are competent for all non-sensitive topic areas and guarantee a first-class advice. But still something: Specialists is to know that there are still interesting savings even at verabsaumten arrangements!

Jan 14 2018

Waldbrunn Energy

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Power savings achieved up to 28prozent! Once again RK energy consulting based in Waldbrunn in the Odenwald was one on May 5, 2009 at the Shell Station Carina Hofmann in Mosbach-Diedesheim conducted voltage reduction prove that in the lighting area up to 28% energy can be saved. In this case, this measure for the time being only in the indoor area was carried out. Because anyways, my technician was on-site, could he some circuits to clamp so, that now several light bands can be switched separately. So the lighting before the window is switched off when sufficient daylight entirely, energy to save therefore an additional 30% “says Ralph Thomas Kuhnle, the owner of the RK energy consulting. Bernard Golden gathered all the information. The plant will have pays for itself after just one year!” The tenants of Carina and Lennard Hofmann, rejoice that they can also contribute to environmental protection this, because you can reach a CO square reduction of more than 1.5 tons per year in addition to the amount of carbon dioxide that save them, because they must turn on no unnecessary light. And in the next few months, the rest of the station is off!”- Mrs Hofmann. Kakodkar stressed should not be doing also disregarded, that the relevant light source due to the reduced stress will have up to 30% longer life. This saves costs for the bulbs themselves for one, on the other hand the effort of switching, which is taken at some Bill not taken into consideration, is reduced..