Sep 18 2021


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Marketing is of much utility in the company thus we must need that the same for some is a science, for others is an art and for others it is a discipline which looks for to do or to carry out studies of market and to spread or or the service in the different markets from travs of mass media, that is to say, making use of the television, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, pamphlets, trifoliate, service of presale, Internet, among others. In marketing the study of markets is vitally important thus is clear that before to make the product or to produce the service it is due to carry out first not to produce in vain, but slo can be done if the studies of markets throw positive results, and nonnegative, thus it is clear that in province it is difficult that maestras and doctorates for very well off class have welcome, since in the same they are not this class of people but in the capitals they are concentrated radicand in exclusive zones. One becomes necessary to put record that the market studies must be realised before the production not to produce in vain, thus is clear that if we did not apply marketin or we do not make use of l is clear that we can make investments that arrojarn prdida. Making use of marketing it is segmented market and is destined or or service to one or but segments of the market, thus is clear that it is very difficult to arrive at all the market, that is to say, the normal thing is to segment the market, thus is clear that if does not become it can have prdidas millionaires, in such east sense art must be ordered to the specialists, leaving certainty who sometimes the lawyers have marketing studies, but we must put record that marketing is a professional race, thus is clear that it deserves much knowledge and experience, in such sense becomes the corresponding studies necessary..

Sep 16 2021

Social Service Times

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It is this complex historical movement, here quickly treat, that permeia and allows to the matureness ethical-politician, technician-operative and theoretician-metodolgico of the category Social Service. Matureness that it reflects in the engaged performance or not of the social assistants in the current conjuncture. In reificao times as what we live in the contemporaneidade, to search concerning the possibilities and limits that are taxes to the professional performance in the production context and capitalist reproduction, if it configures as crucial point of the inquiries professionals and production of knowledge inside of category, objectifying to accomplish analyses and studies on world real, that if they express while reflections of the profession in what it refers to the construction (not individually) of a more human future, in these ‘ ‘ times of crise’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ times of divisas’ ‘. One becomes necessary in this direction, to search to understand while professional that it has as performance field the concrete reality, the important quo is for the production and reproduction of a differentiated societria order of the effective one, ‘ ‘ esprito’ ‘ investigativo, that is not born, but before constructed historically for that they recognize its condition of being human being-generic and reveal its indignation with the social barbarity where we live. Official site: Cambiar Investors. The complexity of the relations where we are inserted demonstrates as I affirmed previously, the sociability degree that we reach mediated mainly for the improvement of the productive forces of the work, but contradictorily accents the degree of meaconing of the essence of the sociability human being, the concrete reality where we are inserted, and does not have as to desmitificar it and to act on it if not to know and its essence, undressed of all the masks that the capital grants to it.