Feb 15 2015

Duale Hochschule Mannheim

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Success is training both the BKO headquarters southern Germany EC (BZS), as well as the society for merchandise management systems mbH (GWS) for long years in various professions train. As innovative software house, the GWS opts for clever heads with a penchant for bits and bytes and offers training courses in the professions IT-system electronics technician/specialist and IT-system clerk. The BZS as successful and expanding wholesale company educates professional drivers of class CE and BA to the wholesale and foreign trade clerk, specialist for warehouse management/logistics, specializing in trade. Since 2009, the GWS in cooperation with the parent company of GAD and the Berufsakademie in HAMELN (BAW) offers 2 places for a dual Bachelor of Business Informatics with focus on application development and system integration. With the Duale Hochschule Mannheim, one once entered a further cooperation nearly a year ago. Special feature: It involves a training joint venture, which the GWS in cooperation with the BZS performs. The student Jana-Kristin Grahm from Kurnbach completed their practice part alternately at the BZS in Ladenburg and the GWS in Munster and Leonberg.

The practical operation the idea of dual study to educate the students two tracks – at the University on the one hand and on the other hand in a company – was extended in this case in the practical part, that these gevis receives the GWS, insights into the work processes related to the materials management solution the GWS as IT service provider, as well as the BZS than customer. Varied intensive study makes a dual course of study from a normal student”a young experienced students. It combines scientific teaching at the College with an early experience in the companies. In contrast to a conventional study, the practical portion of the training so that gets a much larger weight. Through the regular exchange of theory and practice in the BZS and the GWS in the solid rhythm, the three-year period of study is diverse and varied.

Feb 14 2015

Data Recovery

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Here there is a choice, but only if the data is not important or they are not worth the money, which would require the company for recovery. If you want to restore your hard drive, then the sum for the services may vary from 1 000 to 40 000 rubles depending on the problem. It is clear that the photographs of 40 000 rubles, few will want to recover, but the bookkeeping is necessary. Here, immediately wants to give advice especially accountants. Keep the data not one drive, and always make a backup copy on the media, which is not in use, and designed exclusively for data storage. This option is suitable for all who cherish the data.

Recovering data from flash drives will cost much less. Cheapest recovery – 500 rubles, and the roads – 15 000 rubles. Always remember that the flash drive is not designed to store information, it carries only the transfer function data. Causes of loss of information are different: the logical failure, physical failure, user error. In the first case, recovery occurs at the software level, in the second, as a rule, requires a donor to parse for third case, both possible recovery. In the case of logical failure in the most simple situation, you can make yourself data recovery, if there is some knowledge and a license software. But in the case of physical defects most definitely not worth anything.

After your intervention does not even experts can help. In St. Petersburg there are only 2 centers data recovery, which are engaged in serious cases. This Paradise-R and Q-lab. Therefore, if you need to make a recovery hard drive or flash drive recovery, it is better to apply directly to them, since other firms will just send your defective media in Moscow, or bring on the recovery Paradise-R or Q-lab. Do not risk your data, and especially its confidentiality. Perform recovery hdd and other media in specialized center.

Feb 12 2015

IT Outsourcing – Staff

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In recent years, people are much more clearly begun to realize that business people do, their expertise and approach to work is crucial to the success of the company. With highly skilled professionals, possibly significantly improve the quality of the company. Large-scale projects related to information systems, and not only often require additional human resources. It is necessary not only to find the necessary staff qualifications, but test it to determine the need for additional training. In addition, during project implementation may be necessary to supplement the group, and after the rise the issue of withdrawing from the experts company staff. These problems can be solved it outsourcing – staff.

To understand the essence of the issue need to understand the concepts because there are a number of similar terms that may confuse. Outsourcing – involvement of specialists – the provider to perform certain operations. Staff Leasing – attracting specialists of the company – the provider to perform certain operations with the right of the subsequent transition of these specialists on the staff of the customer. Outstaffing staff – the conclusion of experts from the staff (Irina Mazurova). All legal issues are reflected in the contract outsourcing. Based on experience, you will notice that the practice change contract in the process, that is transition from one type of personnel on the other. According to a study meta Group, it budgets of Western companies in 2005 will grow by 4-5 percent, but that policy will change the financing of it.