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But as a good entrepreneur, prefers alternatives: why boot CreditSegur (to market the products of half a hundred insurers), CreditMotor (sale of cars of occasion from recoveries made by financial institutions), etc. But he also argues that now is when the figure of the financial adviser that he created in Spain is more necessary. Consultants, experienced, looking for the best financing and legal solutions from among all the Spanish and foreign financial institutions, specializing in difficult financing even with defaults or foreclosures. CreditServices, formed by more than 1,500 professionals with experience demonstrated, dedicated to advising insurance, banking and business, has managed to reinvent themselves and rise like the Phoenix after a few years of economic turmoil and a global crisis in the financial system. Creditservices is a private company formed by economists, lawyers and expert financial analysts, with more than one decade of experience in the banking and business consulting to different corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and private individuals.

It is a member joined the National Association of financial institutions credit, and your goal is to find the solution to any financing or refinancing for businesses and individuals. Establish a franchise does not require local in an initial phase. The necessary investment include a canon from 6,000 euros (analyzing areas of exclusivity), and royalties of 5% of turnover (minimum 300 euros the first months). In a second phase the room must have 50 m2 to street, and the total investment, which recovers in 14 months, is around 12,000 euros. The Ensign also selected international franchise Master from 100 thousand euros of investment.

Sep 15 2014


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This demanded on the part of U.S.A. the highest investment, mounts of money these that could have been used to control and to intervine in other factors, such as: health, education, projects of social welfare, among others. Factors these that had seemed to have been left of side in the Government Bush. With elapsing of these Obama debates it wins the primary elections in its party against Hillary Clinton, conquering the indication of its party for the general election against McCain of the Republican Party. McCain that participated of the War of the Vietnam and with this represented does not stop U.S.A.

of what Obama, that is, was detainer of one sanctions of which Obama still was unaware of. But the first questions had soon appeared nationwide and international, such as: the financial crisis and the problems that came being boarded as health, education, social welfare, and the proper crisis of Yes, we can ( yes, we can Breaking for the scope politician, Obama became the first candidate to reject the campaign financing public. Obama also prezou in not accepting in its presidential campaign money of special lobbyists, or groups with interests. But nothing it hindered that individual employees of great corporative groups or industries made donations for its campaign. Between these we can mention: University/Education, pensioners, Computer/businesses of the Internet, Industries of the cinema, businesses of msica3. One notices that the administration in Obama version will not have easy life, seen the enormous confidence and hope in deposited it. But taking as premise its proposals in agenda, taken as already known in its candidacy, we can make mention of that the way will be trod in agreement the main necessities, and alone we will be able to judge such actions when elapsing of its legacy. Already we can referenciar as the one of such measures reaproximao with Cuba, that considered the end of the restrictions of Cuban-American money sending Cuba and the dialogue with the regimen of Raul I castrate.

Sep 11 2014


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You, consulting of sales, costuma to lose the sales when the business seem closed? He wants to know the way fastest to close the sales? Everything what the consultants of sales more search is to know the way most easy, efficient insurance and to close the business. However, what the majority of them does not know, he is that in the reality fast or easy way does not exist to make the customer to buy. What he exists exactly is a better form, more intelligent and efficient of if holding ahead of the chance of the closing. Fast the more the consultant of sales to perceive this, better will understand the process, becoming excellent in the art of vender. She is necessary, also, to remember that the customer in potential when boarded, makes judgments. Normally, it judges in first place the salesman, after that the environment of the store where if it finds, later the idoneousness of the company where it intends to carry through the purchase and, finally, will judge the product that it is negotiating.

Many consultants of sales know of this, what they do not give account is that these judgments are as stairs where it is only evolved, when surpassed the step where if it finds. It still considers, that the secret of the sales can be summarized in the perceived value. In case that the customer does not find value in the product or the proposal that is offered to it, hardly it will buy without benefits. When the consultant obtains to carry through a good volume of sales, however with edge sacrifice, he is well possible that is not adding value to the product. Not less important for the success of the closing of the sales, it is the comfort of the negotiation and the friendly relation between the customer and the consultant of sales. The more the customer to feel it will with the negotiation and ‘ ‘ desarmado’ ‘ in the relationship, more possibilities of success the consultant of sales will have.

The initial phase of the sales is so most important of what the closing. to guarantee an efficient process of opening, the consultant of sales must be worried about questions of the type: how it walks my attitude? Strong Quo is my system of belief? I always have a great attitude? I believe fervorosamente in my company, products services that seeing? The customer has surplus reasons to buy of me and not of my competitor? Finally, the closing of the sales is not an only action, and yes the somatrio of small elements that disclose the decision favorable. It is, in fact, a delicate balance between the thoughts, words and acts of the consultant of sales and the perspectives and perceptions of the customer. Then, if you well are prepared, likeable, cativante, different, important, convincing, autoconfiante, worthy reliable and motivated, candidate considers itself the champion of sales. He thinks about this, excellent day and that God blesses in them.

Sep 11 2014

Catholic Church

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Place the second signature, my consent is not. I Glaucus will complain! "Aleksei Fedorovich on my report of the second signature is placed with a sigh, he did not like to let people from themselves, not by convincing them that they were right. And the next day I went on vacation, and then transferred to Vladivostok, so I do not know what Alexei Fedorovich his duel with the Chief Accountant has ended. I took the letter from the Minister, during his A report by Alexei Fedorovich and accountant's letter. Read everything, and prepared the following answer: "As you know, Earth is in the form sphere and rotates on its axis from east to west. Earth makes a complete turn for the day.

If you move around the globe on a ship, the man who sail around the world, will add or take away from the current calendar One day, depending on the direction of motion. If he moves from west to east, then going through the change of dates added daily, and then, as in this case, there will be two calendar days from one date. If the vessel moving from east to west, on the contrary, one day a month would have disappeared in the logbook. Incidentally, the first trouble associated with changes in the calendar for circumnavigation, Magellan experienced companions, who returned to Spain, found that they date different from that on the day was in Spain. And the troubles were due to the fact that the Catholic Church has imposed on them all penance for what they are, therefore, violated all the posts and wrong celebrated all holy days. This same paradox has been used in the famous Jules Verne novel "Around the World in Eighty Days." I brought the vice-president said, he read, to laugh, like Magellan's first space satellite delete, and then left. "If a minister with a sense of humor, he will understand" – he said. Six months later I meet him and ask: "Well, there is a sense of humor with the Minister of Finance?" And he told me in reply: "Yes, I think there is. He's my letter Resolution wrote: "Allow payment for two 22-February, but recommend further expeditions to circumnavigate the world from east to west."

Sep 10 2014

How To Raise A Puppy

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The first thing to keep in mind for how to raise a puppy is the Sociability. That’s why in this first article on how to raise a puppy, we focus on this important period of the life of every puppy. The socialization of puppy socialization and imprinting period determines the basis on which to form the temperament of the puppy. This is a time ranging from 45 days to 4 months old, during this time the puppy acquires the behaviors needed for life in the “pack” is the period which must have more contact with humans. It is the most important development of the canine species. If not done correctly can create fears, phobias, and anxiety.

It is very important that during this period live with people of different ages, adults, elderly, youth, men, women, pregnant women and especially children, also with other puppies and adult dogs and other animals such as cats, rabbits, turtles, horses, cows, etc. If you do not ever can live in harmony with them, always have problems of coexistence. It’s common in a family that some members like dogs and other cats also like, if your puppy is not lived with cats from the first 3 weeks and 4 months, you should know that bringing a cat the house can be very problematic A young couple who plan to have children should socialize your puppy with lots of children of all ages, especially those between 2 and 6 years. If your puppy is not lived with children during this stage, we may never accept them and may even attack them in the future. To avoid future problems with your dog I recommend that you pay close attention to this point, since by neglecting this issue is that unfortunate events occur in which we regret dog attacks children. To accustom to all this is necessary to take him for a walk every day during this time anger speaking firmly and gently to convey at all times that has no nothing to be scared and that all is well.

The puppy may perceive your emotional state and your energy and calm and will adapt well to these new situations for him. Never bring the pup snapped at something that causes fear or distrust. This must be gradual and progressive acclimatization, beginning just for 5 minutes a day and gradually increase every day a couple of minutes. Other things you should familiarize your puppy at this stage: 1) Vehicles of all types: cars, trucks, buses (buses) to prevent in the future have a habit of pursuing them. 2) Sounds: Sirens, speakers, appliances like hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, polishes, lawn mowers, etc. 3) Places: the spoon, crate, parking lots, parks, rivers, etc. 4) Surface: polished floors, tile, concrete, sand, stones, dirt, grass, etc.. 5) Actions: Touch it and review it all over his body: eyes, mouth, ears, genitalia, tail, hands and feet, abdomen, etc. Brushing hair, provide oral medications, be caressed by others. Given all this information, I recommend that when you decide to take a puppy to your house no more than 50 days old, in this way in its first 50 days socializing with his mother, siblings and caregivers of aging , then you … … If you want complete information about this subject and about everything related to the education of the cubs and their behavior problems and the best techniques and secrets to solve these problems just …. .

Sep 10 2014

Butik Star

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He promised to look after the breakfast, did not want to understand what we do not like 4 * is better than 3 *. Brought the notebook, went online, found some exactly the number we booked and was told that it well, very, very different from the one in which we dwell. Then he still went off somewhere to call and investigate. Then he said we can go over things and settle in to your reserved number. So already spent a lot of time talking, so quickly packed up and went back to Butik Star. They said that we should wait until the room will be removed.

That is, it was just someone handed (though I specifically wrote a letter in advance in a hotel with a warning that we will arrive late at night). Decided not to wait, and leave useless things and go for a walk. Returned in the evening to receive his 'surprise'. Here everything was like in the picture (only without the wine and fruit), plus gowns, slippers and all. Before you pay for a room in 4 * hotel decided to look on the Internet, how much is there a standard room and it turned out that it cost the same amount at the time, how much and luxury 3 *, that is what the beauty of the stars not 4 * clear. Fed for breakfast, by the way, the same way. Perhaps our 'adventures' we then compensated. First, the money for one night pre-deducted from the card, then paying separately for each hotel.

Sep 07 2014

Roman Empire

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After the fall of the Roman Empire, invasions are succeeded, want the Germanics in 500 d.C., want the Arab in 714 d.C. In this period it About Moura was constructed, circular wall whose walls if extend until a edge of the Tejo. Next to the river the craftsmen would place themselves, fishing and the traders. In 1147, with the conquest of the city for D. Alfonso Enriques, of – the expansion of the city beyond walls.

Between 1373 and 1376 (in this period, given the growth of the city, the city was become enlarged, having appeared habitacionais nuclei is of the amuralhado enclosure), wall is constructed to it Fernandina due to expansion of the city. The development of Lisbon always was related with the interests of the Kingdom. During the second half of century XIII and first of century XIV the city it knew fast development. Interested for the urbanism of Lisbon, D. Dinis carried out the construction of a main street – the New Street of Chainses.

There the commerce and the finance were about important businesses related with. Already during the reign of D. Fernando, between 1373-75, had been widened the territorial limits of the city, protected for a new wall, as behind relates already it. Also during the period of the Portuguese expansion, in century XV and first half of century XVI, the city knew, again, widening of its space, form to shelter new inhabitants. In the second half of century XVI the city had 24 parishes. In the end of the same centria it counted already on 34. In 1704 the parochial registers gave account of 90 a thousand fogos for about 360 a thousand inhabitants. About 1729 200 a thousand inhabitants counted themselves; about 1755, before of terramoto, 250 a thousand inhabitants, what perfazia 10% of the population of the kingdom counted themselves. The city, cut for hills in front of the estuary of the Tejo, could be divided in two separate parts for a valley, in the direction South-North.

Sep 06 2014

Marilyn Monroe

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Now, collectors are willing to buy vintage clothing "to heap" copies of these miraculously survived, despite their current status. It was flying supplies to the another culture and not just arrive from afar, but from another dimension – from home of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe – gave T-shirts with non-Russian letters special, nor anything comparable to the appeal. Later, during the restructuring, the latter-day entrepreneurs use a magical property of T-shirts with the letters in a purely commercial interests. Not a single state of the then "new Russian", but today just for rich people skolocheno clandestine production of T-shirts with drawings and inscriptions. They bought no matter what: ignorance of language and lack of money. The most amazing thing that this nemudreny business remains profitable and now, when in use applied to T-shirts instead of the terms "design" and "label" sound "prints" and "logos".

Oddly enough, this simple little thing with not less straightforward picture or inscription can help you in many ways. You can buy T-shirt kind of a symbol, and then learn more about him. The symbolic component of the image or inscription is of great importance. Like tattoos, you can literally "the hard way" to try to try the role that you in real life is alien. Suppose you are naturally shy nerd, and you can show off his chest the words "Sea Wolf" or "real macho." Or are you a girl "bluestocking", but this inhibitory interaction sexes fact you can not stop to put on a shirt that says "Want to see my favorite asana?". That's room for creativity distinguishes ordinary T-shirt to the rank of things that can cope with problem, which is not always tough for some well-known designers. It is the eternal problem of the maximum for all the fashion platform, which sounds like "combine incongruous," and in satiety and spoiled society consumption, it becomes less soluble.

Simple knitted item for the upper part of the human body long and firmly holds top spot in the top of the most necessary things of the individual. Banal T-shirt with print with incredible ease of coping with the dream of the luxury industry – at the lowest cost for maximum impact, and even against the backdrop of endless possibilities for creative expression. Buying a T-shirt with a certain symbolic load, you can express your present state, to declare his dream or pronostalgirovat of the past. Thus, it appears that this subject is outside of time and distance, a unique therapeutic resource, and that some of the area, "directed by Sam himself." Nobody has been able to bring together all the shirts as a blank slate. And do not need to do this. Sometimes, in order to change lives, you just go out and buy yourself a T-shirt.

Sep 05 2014

Regressive Rolling

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The measure that to perfect the movement to increase altura.3.2 Regressive Rolling: of the seated position of, to initiate the movement as if were the coast fall, and to complete the rolling hurling the legs for tras.3.3 Lateral Fall: leaving of the seated position, to leave the body to laterally fall of side taking contact with the ground, cushioning the falls with the antebraco and palms of the hand and plant of opposing foot the fall, to also direct to look at pair torax3.4 Fall Frontal: with the hands in the position as if it was to grasp a ball, to put espalmadas, bent elbow to keep the arms in an angle of 90o degrees, is projected for front, to cushion the falls with the antebraco and palm of the hands, not to leave the trunk and the barrel to touch in the soil, to turn the face for the side, thus preventing one causes an accident, to start the educative one with the pupil of knees, the measure that the pupil will be acquiring ability to increase the height until it is in pe.3.5 Fall of Coast: leaving of the seated position, to leave the trunk to fall stop backwards raising the legs simultaneously, imitating a kill-blot, to keep the bent knees, to keep the bent neck directing the look for the thorax, at the moment where the coasts to touch in the ground to cushion the fall with the antebraco and palms of the hands beating in the ground stabilizing the body at the moment of the fall. To increase height the measure which the pupil to acquire security and ability in tecnicAPOSTILA SELF-DEFENSE – GMI – JACKSON VIEIRA DOS SANTOS – SGT PMBAHIA – MAY – 20104 USE OF the NATURAL WEAPONS OF the daily CORPONo of operational nor always it tera the chance of if defending with EPI (equipment of individual protection) or appealing to the use of batons or tonfa, the person in charge of the law tera that to use the proper body arms and legs, and for this its motor abilities, valences of gallows, agility amongst others, must be elevadas.4.1 Prohibited and attack of hands livresAtraves of the superior and inferior members can defends itself or to grant attacks as socos kicks that can tie to be mortal, used the techniques of the arts marciais.5 PROJECTIONS and IMOBILACOESProjecoes techniques in if uses the proper gallows of the opponent and with the arms, legs and hips the adversary to the ground hurls, and immediately he immobilizes it. . .

Sep 02 2014

Basic Education

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In this process the professor was losing, or he did not have the chance to form its condition of knowledge producer, the reality is that the pupils are each time more if distanciando its agreement of a critical Geography that not only studies maps, regions places, but that he shows to the formation space partner of its daily one, the paper of Geography are of to teach to facts or events, when the professor searchs through its formation and of its knowledge, it looks for to make with that the pupil is co-authors of knowing, elaborates texts from the reality of its pupils. 3.1 – Characterization of the School: The State School situated Elvira Saint in the district of Elvira Saint city of Juscimeira- TM, was published in 22 of July of 1974, is kept by the official net of Education of the State of Mato Grosso, where its modality of Education is the cycle of Basic formation that is divided basic Ensino in cycles and phases, authorized for the resolution of n 849/76, and recognized for would carry of n 3277/92, authorized not professionalizing Average Ensino for the resolution of n 317/01 of 2001, for 514/04 CEE/MT would carry n, and still the modality of Education Young Education Adult. The School takes care of the three turns matutino, vespertine and nocturnal, a total of 487 pupils, being that this school is the only one in the district therefore is considered as agricultural school, where it takes care of the pupils of the small farms, farms and nestings, possess a team of 48 employees, divided in Administrative Managers, Professors, Technician and Support. The school until the present moment does not possess formed professors and qualified in Geography, also they are not effective being thus to contract professors of other areas as: Biological Pedagogo, Sciences and tie Physical Education, only exist a formed effective professor and qualified in History, where it contributes with some lessons of disciplines of Geography.