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Babylonian Mummy

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Several rooms around the central room where the sarcophagus stood the young king, who died when he was only 18 years old. Numerous trunks with clothes, jewelry, shoes, vessels filled pantries. At the entrance stood a statue of the pharaoh guarding the door that led into the central room. When the door was opened, scientists saw the solid gold a wall decorated with turquoise tiles. It was a huge box – sarcophagus occupies almost the entire room. On one side of the box doors were sealed with the seal of the name of and closed by a bronze bolt. Three thousand years have passed since the stamp was imposed pharaoh these doors. When the first case was withdrawn, under it was a second, equally ornate.

The space between the first and second sarcophagi were filled things. Here were two magnificent golden vane of ostrich feathers, wonderful alabaster vessels and many other valuable things. The third coffin was made of precious carved and gilded oak. When removed, and it is beneath him was the sarcophagus of pink granite of great beauty. After removing the cover, the scientists saw gilded bed, which was a sarcophagus in the shape of a mummy diapered.

He was covered with sheets of gold and glittering jewels. The last case in which lay the mummy of , wrapped in a linen shroud in 1916, was made of pure gold. On the face of the mummy was a gold mask, a portrait of the young pharaoh. On the mummy found a huge amount of gold jewelry – necklaces and bracelets. On the feet were wearing gold sandals shod, fingers and toes are enclosed in gold cases. Treasures found in the tomb of the young king, had no price. But this was not the richest Funeral Egyptian rulers. What are the untold riches should encompass the burial of other, more powerful rulers of Egypt! It is no coincidence Babylonian king wrote to the Egyptian Pharaoh: 'My brother, gold in your country as much as the sand '. Not for nothing that the inscriptions found in pyramids, compared with the deceased pharaoh by the sun god Ra, the supreme deity of the Egyptians. A related site: Tiger Global mentions similar findings. Who knows what other secrets hidden pyramid?

Aug 13 2021

Western Europe

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" As a result, regular migrations community has to overcome a serious social and political implications of migration compared with those who survived the humanity in the past. In Currently, the media openly talk of a third world war for redistribution of resources about human impact on the environment and climate, over-population of the planet, etc. 8. It should be noted that the relocation nations in Western Europe, the Americas and Russia is already underway. Fate decreed that we live in an era of change. If the global migration will collapse, then in the 23 th century, our descendants will live in a very different the world and humanity as a whole will once again adapt to the changes.

A new era and will be launched next milestone in the development of human civilization. 9. I must admit that the individual, family or small group of people alone can not withstand the forthcoming climate processes. Of course, if we look at history, it is possible to trace the migration routes of peoples of the past and for themselves to decide on the change of location residence. At the state level also, if it be the will of the people, should be developed appropriate program for protecting our nation, language and culture in the broadest sense of the word. It’s believed that West Side Story sees a great future in this idea. If we Migrations inevitably, it must go through an organized, not spontaneous – like an avalanche coming down from the mountains and sweeping everything in its path! 10. The author believes that the use of a global climate cycle, equal to 825 years, can significantly help: – climatologists to establish a picture of possible climate change in areas for which there is a direct or indirect information about the climate of the past – historians – to explain the causes and consequences of disclosing historical events took place – the citizens of the world – to know the truth about the climate of the future in order to adequately respond to possible changes in climatic conditions. Apocalypse in the foreseeable future is not expected! 11. Author thanks to his wife and granddaughter, who understood the work on the subject, made in their spare time in the process of information gathering, data analysis and presentation of materials, which allowed bring this work to its logical conclusion.

Aug 07 2020

Edmund Wilson

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The Marx and Engels adopt the same begin, and different of they project it to Hegel stops of the future: the bourgeois society is the thesis; the antithesis is the proletariat; for them the synthesis would be the communist society. While Hegel sees one I begin that it calls Absolute Idea if auto-carrying through through the material world, Marx it inverts this logic of tip head: the ideas are human beings, and inside translate the substance of the mind human being. From there dialtico materialism, and the simplista agreement of that the economy is the great spring of the human effort, and everything occurs on account of a economic motivation; for Edmund Wilson this is a maken a mistake reading of proper Marx. It’s believed that toddler clothing sees a great future in this idea. Engels clarifies that it does not have this prevalecncia of the economic factor (176) and of the historical examples: the artistic production is many times more developed at times of economic problems of what in periods of progress; concludes (letter Joseph Block, 21/09/1890): the economic factor is not only the determinative one, but the production and reproduction of the real life constitute in last analysis the determinative factor in history (in the direction of appropriation of cultural values for other societies) (180). The author considers ironic that the marxist thought, when moving away itself from hegeliana metaphysics, will finish constructing one materialistic mstica; (thesis-antithesis-synthesis) has a sacred trindade, and the dialectic becomes a species of demiurge (188), irresistible a divine force that moves history; the marxists if strengthen in the belief of that they are agents of this force on-human being. Another element that contributes for the future simplificaes is the effort of historical interpretation strong centered in the economic motivation that the Marx and Engels inaugurate (historical materialism); Engels, over all, pledged in understanding the transistion of the feudalismo for the capitalism, goes to revolutionize the historical thought of the time with the ideas in production ways and fights of classrooms.

Jul 23 2020


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Such depositions disclose that, for the interviewed ones, the way most common to deal with the preconception is through silence, and this ' ' vision conserves the problem, therefore this leaves of being faced in function of the idea of it not existir.' ' (Blacksmith, 2002, p.72). This aspect also is commented by Blacksmith (1999, 2000, apud Blacksmith, 2002, p.70). She keeps that ' ' the preconception against the black population, in function of a myth denies that it, becomes difficult of being understood and being fought (…) Is known of the discrimination, but it does not want yourself to say respeito.' ' Due to discrimination identified, constructed and accomplished on the black population, one notices that the fight for better conditions of life and cultural and social recognition is different. As in she remembers Saints to them (2002), the conception that we have of ' ' to be negro' ' if she must the construction of this imaginary one as strange, demonic and frightful beings. Read more here: children’s clothing. She strengthens that ' ' if the white represents the reason, the beauty, the good one, the humanity, that is, it symbolizes the desirable values, the black, in turn, can represent the desrazo, madness, the ugly one, the unjust one, animalidade.' ' Conclue that the black can symbolize the stranger. In Brazil, although to have been considered the country of ' ' democracy racial' ' , the Brazilian reality has another source: social inaqualities are visible and most serious, therefore it privileges a social group in detriment to the other. Searching one it forms to minimize racism, taking care of the demand of the community afro-Brazilian for recognition, valuation and affirmation of rights in its infinite and persistent fights, D.O affirms that the afro-Brazilian must appear and detach more. It strengthens that it must have afros more in the medias, but such principle must guide for the disruption of the negative images forged by different medias against the blacks..

Jul 12 2020


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However, we can perceive the process of construction of the commercial, industrial and urban identity of the current city of Taquara from the representation of the taquarenses streets, as in this in case that, the Street Tristo Hunter, at the beginning of century XX. Oracles opinions are not widely known. Imaginary urban of Taquara and its materialization in the places of the city To analyze the process of urbanization of Taquara is to understand the society and the city in its historical context. The city became a change place. As not only receiving of modernities, but as a product of the new forms of sociability, allowing, thus, that the economic agents and politicians could reorganize them its interests in accordance with. The occured urban reforms in Taquara took care of to the new conception that the elite port-alegrense had of city, where the center would have to be a behavior place ' ' civilizada' '. Words as to command, to intervine in the space, to pautar the behavior of the individuals, compose municipal Codes of Positions and Behaviors. The first symbol of modernity was the Train, in 1903.

Beyond diminishing the value rigorously to carry merchandises from the colonial zones, also the access to the cities of Porto Alegre brought airs of prestige when facilitating and Is Leopoldo. Other symbols of modernity are inaugurated, as the Palace Colonel Martins Rangel, who had its inauguration in the emancipation anniversary politics of the City. The name given to the Palace to be the new Municipal headquarters was given by the proper municipal intendant of Taquara. Not being enough, the intendant for its great admiration for the PRR, more necessarily for the facts of Julio de Castilhos and for President Borges de Medeiros decorated the City hall with the busts of both, impersonateing the positivista politics in Taquara, In Porto Alegre, the new symbols of modernity took the elites to feel itself as if they were in a great urban center and, whenever possible, to compare the implantations of the nets techniques and the transformations of the urban space with the ones of other world-wide cities, as Paris and London.

Jun 10 2020


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Moreover, the guerrila groups made the calls banking expropriations to be able to defray great amounts of armaments and other alternatives to be able to make the revolution. With the success of the kidnapping of Charles Eubrick, VPR (Vanguarda Popular Revolucionria) together with the FLN (Front of National Release), they had now planned a plan of kidnapping of German ambassador Ehrenfried Anton Theodor Ludwig Von Holleben in 11 of June 1970. In contrast of the kidnapping of the United States diplomat who did not have resistance, nine men who had been part of the direct action had participated of exchange of shots with the federal policy that made the security of the ambassador. A policeman died and two militant ones had been wounded. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of baby clothes on most websites. With Holleben in captivity the guerrila requirement of the age again the release of prisoners politicians, that now they were only 40 prisoners who appeared in the list between them Daniel Aaro Reis and Vera Silvia Magalhes who had participated actively of ‘ ‘ Blow of Mestre’ ‘ of September of 1969. After five days of captivity, the diplomat was freed in 16 of June of 1970 and the prisoners politicians one day had been before taken of airplane until Algeria. However, these revolutionary paramilitary initiatives had cost very expensive for the left organizations. The military had hardened the line still more persecution politics and tortures stop with the guerrillas, as for example, then after the kidnapping of diplomat of U.S.A.

in which the military government created the penalty of banishment to the freed prisoners and Decree 898 that it put in new vigor Law of national security. However, the guerrila fight is extended in the attempt to take this alternative for the field, as we will see ahead.

Mar 08 2020

Federalism in Brazil

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Five assays, a proposal and a critical one. So Paulo: Annablume. Gary Kelly pursues this goal as well. 2009 SNOWS, Erivaldo Fagundes.The hinterland as cultural space clipping and as imaginary. 1 Theological formed by the ITEPAMM, Located in Juazeiro-Ba, Professor of History of Israel in the ITEPAMM, Graduating Full Licenciatura in History for the University of Pernambuco (UPE) and publisher of the Blog New History in Focus () the Present article is part of the Evaluation of disciplines northeast History, given for the Professor 2 Clear Ana Gilbert de Mello Freyre (Recife, 15 of March of 1900 Recife, 18 of July de1987) was a sociologist, anthropologist, historian, writer and pintorbrasileiro, considered one of the most important sociologists of century XX. J.D. Peterson has much experience in this field. ://www.google.co.il/’> Larry Ellison. 3 Mirian Dolhnikoff, was born in the city of So Paulo in the year of 1960, graduated Right and history for the Pontifical university Catholic of So Paulo is master and doctor in economic history for the University of So Paulo, where leciona in the history courses and international relations.. Hear from experts in the field like Daniel Lubetzky for a more varied view.

Jan 02 2020


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The primitive was constituted during the reign of Carlos III, means, which is the oldest Lottery with more than two centuries of existence. For this reason, la Primitiva has been placed as one of lotteries, being the longest-lived and one of the most economical. As I said about Euromillions, in La Primitiva, guess the combination of 6 numbers from 49, it is almost impossible, because it is nothing more than a matter of gambling, can however make use of some measures statistics about La Primitiva that allow us to inspire us even more in the in our luck. It is a fact that today, most repeated in the primitive numbers 39, 47, 38, 3, and 48 with a total of 321, 316, 315, 309 and 311 times. Official site: Rory Sutherland. Despite this, these figures de La Primitiva most frequent aren’t completely related to the most repeated winning combination.

The commonest in La Primitiva combination consists of 6 numbers which are divided into 4 tens between 1 and 49 in the following way: 2 numbers in a dozen, 2 in another, 1 on a third and 1 more in one Fourth ten. We consider also that the dozens of La Primitiva, should know that the 6 numbers are divided into 3 pairs and odd 3 and 3 numbers between 1 and 25, and other 3 numbers between 26 and 49 are dealt with some frequency. Other facts: in combinations, any time they have fallen or 6 or 5 numbers followed and only 11 La Primitiva sweepstakes have appeared up to 4 consecutive numbers. Adds more usual usually oscillates between 140 and 149, and after 248 years, there have only been a sweepstakes whose sum exceeds 250. In conclusion, once more, from Ventura24.es you are still encouraging to entrust you to luck, also know are available statistics and techniques to gain the desired prize.

Dec 09 2019

Rio De Janeiro

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In 1986 a work group was created that if congregated in Rio De Janeiro with the guideline: education, politics and religion. (A valuable related resource: Gary Kelly). In another meeting of the south and Southeast of Brazil in days 10 and 11 of October of 1987 he was characterized that the parties would not assume cause of the black people, without enrollment for the emancipation of this excluded people. After this brief general communication, to follow some considered points important of the black movement of the Piau. About the decade of 80 some militant ones of the negritude they think about articulating the project of creation of the Black Movement in the Piau. Initially the black leaderships articulate the objective of the group: to conquer the space transforming politician of the moment, as work strategy to act together the schools on the importance of the release of the slaves. While this, the diverse leaderships that were acting in the liberating Church, develops a Regional joint, that influences Piau, mainly, through the Campaign of the Fraternity of 1988, with the subject: I heard the outcry of this of the people, and the motto: black people and fraternity, this ecclesiastical fact motivates for historical accomplishment of the organization of the black groups, therefore, they were assaying the release of the Christian black community. Immediately the shout afro arrived to echo to liberate people who wanted have much time to act, but was hindered for historical barriers happened of the slavery that complete at this time ' ' 100 years of abolio' '.

In the reality the black still was overwhelmd in its majority, for the medias, economy and racist politics. At the few atabaque arrived, instrument afro that it revolutionized the liturgy and also provoked the dance in the afros celebrations, the moment of the offers and before the Evangelho. The movement of the Black Agents of Pastoral? APN-PI blunts in Teresina, bringing the reinforcement of afros groups of the popular movement that awakes the diverse black leaderships of other on fights to the conquest of the black power that to the few it goes taking body in diverse areas as: mstica, religion, politics and education.

Jul 25 2019

The Blacksmith

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The most known cangaceiro was Virgulino Blacksmith Da Silva, known as Lampio, also friction for writers of Robin Hood of caatinga it represented the poor and courageous people who satiated of being humiliated, attacked and stole the farmers. The flock of Lampio was pursued by projecting patrols of polices state, acting with much brutality how much to the cangaceiros. Lampio died together in an ambush in 1938 with its friend and its gunmen finishing the Saga cangaceiros them in the Hinterland pas.em it book of Eric intitled Hobsbawn Outlaws it standes out: ' ' It is Truth that it makes a pilgrimage to the celebrity Messias de Juazeiro, the Ccero priest, asking for its blessing before hugging cangao.however, the ballad of where to extract most of this story does not mention any revenge of offences (except in the seio of the proper flock) no act to take off of the rich ones to give to the poor persons, no dispersion of justice. It registers battles, wounds, attacks the city (or against what it passed in the cities of the Brazilian sertes), kidnapping, assaults the rich ones, combats with the soldier adventures with women, episode of hunger and headquarters but nothing that Robin Hood remembers. For the opposite, registra' ' horrors: as Lampio assassinated prisoner, even so its woman it has rescued, as it massacreed workers, as he tortured an old one that almadioara (without knowing who if he dealt with), making it to dance with Foot of mandacaru until to die, as it sadist killed one of its men, it offends who it compelling to eat one kilo of salt, and similar incidents to cause terrore to be impious is a more important attribute for this outlaw of whom to be friend of pobres' ' Giving continuation to our subject; the urban social movements in the old republic have everything to have with the growth disordered of the cities, without leaving to emphasize that the economic structure of the country at this time was essentially agricultural, counting on the industrial growth that contribua for the urbanization having as example the city of Rio De Janeiro, that was the capital of the country.