Jul 25 2019

The Blacksmith

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The most known cangaceiro was Virgulino Blacksmith Da Silva, known as Lampio, also friction for writers of Robin Hood of caatinga it represented the poor and courageous people who satiated of being humiliated, attacked and stole the farmers. The flock of Lampio was pursued by projecting patrols of polices state, acting with much brutality how much to the cangaceiros. Lampio died together in an ambush in 1938 with its friend and its gunmen finishing the Saga cangaceiros them in the Hinterland pas.em it book of Eric intitled Hobsbawn Outlaws it standes out: ' ' It is Truth that it makes a pilgrimage to the celebrity Messias de Juazeiro, the Ccero priest, asking for its blessing before hugging cangao.however, the ballad of where to extract most of this story does not mention any revenge of offences (except in the seio of the proper flock) no act to take off of the rich ones to give to the poor persons, no dispersion of justice. It registers battles, wounds, attacks the city (or against what it passed in the cities of the Brazilian sertes), kidnapping, assaults the rich ones, combats with the soldier adventures with women, episode of hunger and headquarters but nothing that Robin Hood remembers. For the opposite, registra' ' horrors: as Lampio assassinated prisoner, even so its woman it has rescued, as it massacreed workers, as he tortured an old one that almadioara (without knowing who if he dealt with), making it to dance with Foot of mandacaru until to die, as it sadist killed one of its men, it offends who it compelling to eat one kilo of salt, and similar incidents to cause terrore to be impious is a more important attribute for this outlaw of whom to be friend of pobres' ' Giving continuation to our subject; the urban social movements in the old republic have everything to have with the growth disordered of the cities, without leaving to emphasize that the economic structure of the country at this time was essentially agricultural, counting on the industrial growth that contribua for the urbanization having as example the city of Rio De Janeiro, that was the capital of the country.

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