Aug 30 2016

Nowruz Reception

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Hafiz society greeted the Persian calendar year 1391 on the occasion of this year’s Iranian new year (Nowruz) the Hafez company based in Hamburg on March 23 for a lunch reception at the Ocean Club at the new Jungfernstieg invited. Among the approximately 50 invited guests from politics, science and Economics were among others the Iranian Consul-General Mostafa Khoshahval, Turkish Consul General Daniel O’Brien, Mayor a.D. Dr. Henning Voscherau, as well as a.D. Reinhard Stuth Senator for culture.

President of Hafez society Kourosh Pourkian stressed the importance of the Nowruz celebrations for the world’s 300 million people as a Festival of joy, of new beginnings and the reconciliation in his welcoming speech. In Hamburg alone, the Festival will celebrated by more than 15 000 citizens and was therefore an important expression of the cultural diversity of the Hanseatic City. With a quote of the American President Barak Obama, who congratulates every year especially the Iranian nation for this festival, Pourkian reminiscent of the harmony and Peace-making intention of the Festival of which should bring not only families but also peoples of each other. Culture Senator a.D. Reinhard Stuth, pointed out that the Nowruz Festival to a certain religion or a certain nation is bound.

Sometimes its implementation on the part of Government forces had been hampered. A special importance therefore three thousand years, after this was celebrated for the first time, the recognition of the Nowruz celebrations of the United Nations as part of the cultural heritage. Accordingly, Nowruz should not be ignored in the Hanseatic City. With views of the namesake of the inviting company, the famous Persian poet Hafez, Santos stressed that the Nowruz Festival like the great work of this Schirazer poets belong to all people. The poetry Hafez ‘ formative sense of beauty, good and true, as well as the deeply human themes of the poet, of love, separation and enjoyment of life Act, a big door to a much deeper understanding of Iran opened in addition, beyond the policy”. so Santos. The Iranian Consul said Khoshahval like today Nowruz in Iranian families is celebrated simultaneously with the beginning of the year to renew relations with the members of the family and to consolidate. Disputes and dissonance would settled through mutual visits respect for the relatives and sympathy expressed in his life. Consul General Khoshahval turned out the peace-loving tradition of the Iranian nation, which has a heritage of more than three thousand years, and wished for the future a peaceful co-existence of all peoples–equal to a family that is reconciled through the Nowruz Festival. Traditionally, fish during the Iranian new year feast is celebrated 13 days, is served as a main meal. This happened also on the reception of the Hafez company. Then Persian sweets and dates have been submitted, and those present gathered around the festively decorated new year’s table the so-called arrest, sin. On it were the seven traditional Objects, that names all begin with the same letter sin in Persian to every Iranian new year’s table include, and set up. There, the Festival took its rightful conclusion. Hafez-Gesellschaft e.V. maintains cultural relations between Germany and the Iran Association for cultural dialogue the Hafez company events, which are open to any interested and are largely free of charge to members and supporters. These events contribute to a better understanding of the political, socio-cultural and economic developments in the Iran, as well as in the region.

Aug 24 2016

International Students

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Successful training launch of the MSc programme ‘ renewable energy in Central & Eastern Europe the postgraduate university course “Renewable energy in Central & Eastern Europe” launched on October 17, 2008 already for the fourth time. The course Director, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Haas and DI Martina Prechtl (Chairman Deputy of the energy park Bruck/Leitha) led by the program and welcomed many well-known personalities from science, economy and research, as well as representatives of the main sponsors of this program. Above all MR Dr. Gerhard Burian (Federal Ministry of Economics and labour) and the like.

Gottfried Hamid (Raiffeisen Leasing GmbH). Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schimak (TU Vienna), which was significantly involved in the development of this programme, initially spoke about the history of the course. Prof. Haas was Prof. Dr. Miklos Nemenyi, the Vice Rector of the West Hungarian surprise University Mosonmagyarovar, with a certificate of commendation of the University Mosonmagyarovar.

Following Dr. Dorte Fouquet, the Director held by EREF Brussels their speech on the topic of “Banking, Financing and Governing Crisis Climate and Renewables”. Finally, all 28 students were presented. International program by the countries of origin of the participants of this class is still being underlined: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Croatia, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary. Good luck to all course! For detailed information, visit our website at Contact and other information like Vienna University continuing education center. Verena Salim Opera lane 11/017 A-1040 Wien T: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41701 F: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41799 E: H: continuing education center at the TU Vienna your competent partner for career hunger and thirst for knowledge, we see our mission is to unlock the full potential of a technical scientific training graduates. We open initiatives figures according to relevant practice new occupations in the economy. “We develop tailor-made training programmes together with initiatives of companies and institutions. Together we provide the adventure of innovation and technological change also on competitive, but always interesting markets us.” Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans Kaiser of the postgraduate study to the in-depth seminar we watch us on the intensity of your needs. Our unique expertise at the interface between technology and economy, between innovation and market, ensures a balanced and always up-to-date portfolio of training programs in conjunction with our international network.

Aug 09 2016

Reception Dari

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Pepe gives me information on the opening of the reception DARI II (in the city of Tetouan, Morocco), in collaboration with the NGO Malaga Centre Aid Children of the World. The NGO Aid Children of the World has been working in the North of Morocco (Tetouan), for the development of two foster homes for children who have been abandoned at birth. The first House of refuge (Center Dari I), welcomes children aged between 0 and 7 years (currently in the Center 30 children). The kids who were not adopted by Moroccan families had to pass, after serving 7 years, official centres, thereby lost all the affective and family benefits that had been receiving in the House of refuge. Therefore, it was decided to cooperate with implementation underway Center Dari II who will receive the children aged between 7 and 18 years. On Saturday, September 18, 2010 took place the inauguration of the Centre host Dari II (Mi Casita 2), where they receive family care and food, health and educational assistance a group of abandoned children.

Many of the friends Pepe, of disinterested and anonymously, have collaborated to make this project a reality. Facilities are already in operation and in them staying six children (ranging in age from 7 to 18 years), mostly from the first Centre, Dari I. At the ceremony were present five aid workers from the NGO AID CHILDREN OF THE WORLD, people belonging to the AMAL Association the ATFAL, the Spanish Consul in Tetuan, two aid workers from the NGO solidarity project, as well as other people collaborating with the Centre and the children themselves who are abiding in him. Prior to the inauguration of Mi Casita 2, the CHILDREN AID associations OF THE WORLD and AMAL to the ATFAL signed the collaboration agreement with in that AID CHILDREN OF THE WORLD is committed to a stable economic contribution for the support of the Centre, as well as to advice and follow-up of this project. I put the photo gallery on Facebook.

Aug 05 2016

Social Recruiting Via The Internet

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How does the recruitment on Facebook & co.? Social networks are useful not only for the private sector, also can be found where employees, which perfectly fit into the company. The following things should be considered here. Personnel search in job groups on Facebook there are many job groups, where looking for jobs. It involves practical focal point for recruiters seeking employees. Job seekers imagine or are explicitly looking for a suitable company. Companies need to find only a single candidate and write this. Search options with name tags who puts on his own Facebook page tags.

For example, #suche work, with that keyword in the Facebooksuche shows up, if that is looking for. As long as the profile is public. Recruiters can so play around with keywords, use the internal search function to reach candidates. What companies should note who as a company or as an employee, working is a company in social networks, should strictly private such as professional separate. Because the applicant also expects his future company a reputable presence in the World Wide Web. Some employees have Partypix, so they make the entire company in a bad light. What private does someone is beside the point, but he must not hang it on the large Bell. Agencies, for example, which are looking for promoters for different projects, find now also some matching faces in the Internet constantly build our own network.

The advantage of Facebook and co is that companies can instantly connect with candidates in contact. The larger the network, the faster there job prospects. Who is represented as a company of House on Facebook, you can start, for example, a job call directly on the employer side. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages, who searches in social networks for employees, must separate from the litter much wheat. Apply due to the fact that a Facebook message is quickly dispatched, for many people, even those who are not absolutely suitable for the job. Try known goes over studying. But, when the own email folder, the selection is in the long run no fun. It is recommended to specify always an email address. The listing should include also from the outset any information needed. For example: Location, payment, working hours. The more in advance are indicated, follow the less demand. Seeking candidates in the social network is quite simple with these tips. More information under: B2B Photo: peshkova text: Happy ending marketing

Aug 04 2016

Social Media

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Herkenhoff test recruitment via Facebook Osnabruck, 02.08.2012. Germany, the land of poets and thinkers. Germany, the world export champion. Germany, the country in which the formation is the highest good. The specialists go out exactly this country. The effects of demographic change come increasingly in medium-sized companies and belong to everyday work. This problem not on the policy to wait, many companies have the advantages of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and co. discovered for himself and use them among other things for the procurement of new staff.

Also the company Herkenhoff from Osnabruck, now almost 60 years of experience in the field of window, front doors and roller shutters, has currently search after new personnel Facebook inserted and turned to the professional implementation of this measure at the advertising agency team4media. The shortage in Germany can be felt clearly. The reality has already hit many companies and so they fight with the Problem finding qualified employees. This problem not a solution in the policy to wait, companies make increasingly social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and XING also use. The opportunity, become known as a company with an authentic appearance, affect the image and provide a conversational approach potential candidates, this approaches the success. In the recruitment process, a well thought-out performance can serve as a source of information for potential employees and finding the right candidate profiles targeted help. The network Facebook has now more than 20 million users in Germany and offers to enter the way in touch with friends, to inform, to share content or are all free of charge and with enormous reach also fan of companies. Such interaction communities, it is in addition common users to specify their current place of residence on their own social profile. So they can be found easier by friends. This regional reference can also for Helpful used by companies.