Dec 28 2014


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CARPEDIEM GmbH develops an alternative to commercially available distribution systems Seligenstadt February 2011. The financial industry faces a major problem according to the CARPEDIEM GmbH: Harte approval criteria for brokers require long training periods. During this time, are business partners only ear and make only small money. The big money is earned only as a mediator. While the newcomers were previously motivated with large, in the short term in view of earning, they must settle this long with small amounts.

The CARPEDIEM GmbH with the MULTI, CONNECT SYSTEM now brings a new, innovative alternative on the market. The MULTI CONNECT SYSTEM of CARPEDIEM GmbH requires no registration, no check, no expertise and also otherwise no requirements for new entrants. Because this system is no mediator, but moves and serves only people. Nevertheless, receives this income as a mediator. The masses”would be willing, to part-time get involved, if it would be fun and is profitable, the CARPEDIEM GmbH is safe. But as soon as the nighttime”learns that whatever is a sales activity of whatsoever, he feels alienated from and mostly through a large network.

For the activity as a seller only few in question come to experience the CARPEDIEM GmbH which know all those, the years in the organization. Because the most expensive training and training concepts help anything either man is a born salesman or not. The answer of CARPEDIEM GmbH it is: MULTI CONNECT SYSTEM. In this system, the career ladder is above all without climb every expertise and this solution works completely without consulting or sales pitches. Interested parties information on seminars and take the product to a workshop as a member of itself. CONNECT SYSTEM of CARPEDIEM GmbH must be in multiple business partners that’s why no expertise appropriated, because he almost invites people to seminars with his group as a promoter. Thus a more expansionary Organisationsauf and extending through the MULTI CONNECT SYSTEM is possible at any time.

Dec 23 2014

Southern Hemisphere

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In the first half of July was finally lucky first known who bought the first new iPhone. This event occurred in New Zealand, and to dream buyer realized he had to stand in the cold (the point is occurred in the Southern Hemisphere) as much as 60 hours. What could cause a person to spend so much time in not the most comfortable conditions (but at least would have the comfort)? What could make non-stop talking huge number of various media about this exciting moment – the day of the start of sales-to-date version of one of the products of a company? What, after all, iPhone Apple’s best fashion, expensive and, in general, better communicators of other firms? All of these questions, of course, may be called rhetorical – and so it is clear that Apple has with its inception, has managed to create his image of the legendary producer. Almost all the new products coming out (in and out, as we see) with large noise. And, at least in recent times, Apple is increasingly takes over the minds of consumers. Surprisingly, as the company logo which adorned by an apple bitten off, it becomes a trendsetter. How easy it corporate brand becomes synonymous with creativity. And how often a company gets into top positions surveys of consumers and professionals.

For example, a study Brandchannel’s 2008 brandjunkie awards, held portal earlier this year among marketing specialists. Among the 10 questions were absolutely positive seven nominations, six of which won the brand Apple. The brand is inspired by (the absolute leadership: 22% vs. 7% nearest competitor), not the brand can not be live (15% vs. 6% for the pursuer, excluding the option “no”) and the brand is likely to revolutionize the branding (22% versus 18% for Google and 2% of the next competitor, excluding the option “does not exist”). Around the same time (late March) on the Internet referring to the Journal of Consumer Research has information about the study, which were presented, in particular, the Apple logo, and Microsoft. The first effect on the creativity of man, and the second – on analyticity. However, throughout the course, there an explanation.

Whatever it was, an example of the brand Apple is contagious. Have the almost unsinkable positive image (and this is quite significant in the presence of the army of skeptics and critics of the company products), many would wish. In the meantime, happy winner of the first iPhone 3G sleep, we can only observe the controversial, but miraculously lead to success, steps Apple, each of which further strengthens the positive image of the brand.

Dec 22 2014

Micro Product

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Returning to the subject of profitable tips, do you think really that there is any reason why I you would say I do not want to buy profitable tips?. Answer: Whether because does not want you to be my competition. Anque without competition do not there are business, don’t you think?. Lately many of my subscribers have asked me that if Micro niche profitable really works, that which has been my experience with the course, they are undecided in that type of business incurcionar, believe that the excess of information keeps them paralyzed and they are not decided by any products or business that lately have recommended them or that they themselves have found on the Internet. DOWNLOAD PROFITABLE TIPS: => CLICK HERE. Although also have asked me a lot of other products, especially copy my business, personally at the moment I am focused 100% on the business strategy of profitable tips and in the businesses that have given me results to date, with respect to copy my business author of said method and the only thing that I can not I can comment much because I have not yet purchased it, but I know quite well to Jaime Reyna say is that Jaime is a great professional of the Negoce by internet and I have no doubt that the launch of its product will be a success from the experience that the has, also understand that your strategy based on social networks. Micro profitable niches my Opinion: I can say that Micro niches cost-effective is a product that same I am using at the moment, is always better talking about a product that I myself buy and somehow I’m already putting practice all their strategies with excellent results, at least always is what I do. Micro profitable niches is a product with a Clickbank product-based business strategy, which means that you to put it in practice do not need to have a unique product, or you can assemble your own Micro business on this strategy, including if you are a newbie in the business by Internet.

Dec 19 2014

Trading Indicators

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Should you or should you use non performance measures performance measures were used from the inception of the trade. This is because, as every farmer has a constant need to know whether its business is going well, or whether he should improve a specific aspect. However, it is no doubt that many people relied financial reports earlier only, believing that they constitute the means for assessing the success of a company. After several decades you have accountability been, that even though they had a constant cash flow, yet not productive were considered. This is the moment in which you have determined that there are other factors which influence the success of a company, among others: customers, satisfaction of employees, your skills and efficiency of social processes.

To measure the performance of a company, there is no applicable method, as the performance indicators indicators. However, there are people who are not convinced of the efficiency of the performance indicators are, that’s why it may be necessary, carry out a case study regarding the indicators. If you want to know whether your company should or not, use key performance indicators you can find out case study the reply through an indicators. This is a kind of case study, which will investigate the impact of key performance indicators. The differences between companies that use them and those who could not use them and how performance metrics affect your business.

Some organizations fear that the performance indicators are a waste of time and effort. In particular, this applies to non-profit organizations. This is due to their belief that the performance indicators only for commercial transactions are useful. The truth is that everyone can use it. In fact, they can be used in everyday life. While the performance key figure case study, you must the people questioning which will feel the impact of the indicators. These include the employees and the customers. In addition can conduct an investigation, to find out whether the companies use performance metrics, better than those who do not use them. Consider these companies from different view points, such as competency of across the Organization, your reputation, leadership and the ability to create a forecast. Like in any other performance measurement study, it is important that you or the team that performs the indicator case study, understand the purpose of the activity. A clear vision will make the work easier. In which case the aim is to find out whether your company needs the key performance indicators, or whether there are different situations or circumstances even without these indicators measure can. By using the indicator case study, you will can understand the whole circumstances and draw a conclusion at the end which will lead you to determine of a response regarding this situation. To measure the impact without the performance indicators, much harder will you be, but can nevertheless a decision whether or not these indicators for your company are suitable. If you want to learn more about indicators case study, please visit our page.

Dec 18 2014

Microsoft Gold Partner 2011: Excellent

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GmbH in the context of the Microsoft partner network again singled out in 2 skills with the gold status. Konstanz, 09.02.2011 (mwg). The in-GmbH has reprofiled himself successfully as a Microsoft Gold Certified partner. As one of the few partners in Germany, the in-GmbH for 2010/2011 reached the gold status for the mobility skills “as well as portal and collaboration”. Prerequisite for a profiling as a Gold Certified partner is proof of competence by reference projects and corresponding employee certifications. The Microsoft Gold partnership stands for tailor-made, custom software and Web solutions that are connected for the contracting company with a genuine added value and contribute substantially, better to identify business opportunities and to take advantage of.

The award highlights innovative solutions and business applications to realize the quality of the services the in-GmbH and the skills based on Microsoft technologies. “We are proud of the renewed award as a Microsoft Gold Certified partner. It is that Result of dedicated staff and our focus on quality products and solutions to support a business process,”explains Siegfried Wagner, Managing Director of GmbH. with these competencies is in GmbH, able to offer products and solutions Microsoft SharePoint of based on for example which can be effectively used by optimal integration into the Office environment, such as for example Outlook and quickly bring high value. Here our many years of experience our customers benefit, to link data and information from various systems along the process chain through workflows and to provide to users consistently in the intranet, extranet or mobile available. In particular, the distributed cooperation can help best projects internally and with partners.”

Dec 17 2014

Study: System Analysis BWe Mobile

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Future is considered ICT and energy infrastructure for innovative mobility solutions in Baden-Wurttemberg, ICT and energy infrastructure for innovative mobility solutions in Baden-Wurttemberg the integration of Electromobility in existing and future transportation concepts, as well as the intelligent connection to the energy infrastructure more important lever for the design of electric vehicles. In this context, information and communication technologies (ICT) represent interfaces, the the complex processes in a complete system electric mobility can control. The study shows that Baden-Wurttemberg is very well placed as IT site for the challenges ahead in the area of ICT and brings the best conditions to future mobility solutions to conceive and to implement, as well as to benefit from the resulting value and employment potential: E-mobility works as a system, in which users vehicles, charging infrastructure, the city and intermodal transport are closely linked. One While modern information and communication technologies play key role, providing only an intelligent networking. Through the development towards electric mobility new added value and employment potentials in Baden-Wurttemberg are generated. New and advanced IKTAnwendungen as well as the establishment and operation of a comprehensive charging infrastructure are important elements. Baden-Wurttemberg has in the areas of ICT, charging infrastructure and fleet management to actively over a very good starting position, the change towards electric mobility with system expertise and influence.

To make the most of this good starting position, is to expand existing business areas and to develop new, what requires a cross-industry collaboration of all actors involved in joint projects and networks. In the current study BWe system analysis “that are mobile in the structure study BWe mobile investigated from the year 2010 challenges and opportunities for the automotive industry in Baden-Wurttemberg on. expanded the areas of ICT and energy infrastructure for innovative mobility solutions. The result is a holistic and comprehensive consideration of the electric vehicles of change in the country. Trial download more information you will find under: 689.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

Dec 10 2014

Soviet Union

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Chkalov in 1957 began manufacturing high-altitude aircraft supersonic interceptor "T-3", developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau (a little later the aircraft will be named "Su-9"). "T-3" was really "piece goods". They took on board 3,250 pounds of fuel. By May, sixtieth in Novosibirsk has created aircraft, who got 3,720 lbs. A half-ton of extra fuel – this is a much greater range, larger line interception and well short of altitude of 20km. It would seem that the history of Soviet rocket troops shot down over Sverdlovsk May 1, 1960 an American spy plane "U-2", piloted by Francis Powers, know everything, but the question, "So who shot down a spy?" remains a "mystery" in the history of the Soviet Union.

Since 1956, high-altitude reconnaissance Powers flew over the Soviet Union, across virtually the entire country at an altitude of 20 thousand meters. He flew over Moscow, Leningrad, over, over top-secret facilities of the country – including Baikonur over, and over the Semipalatinsk nuclear testing ground, and on secret polygons in Sary Shagan,. (According to U.S. intelligence, the Soviet Union has neither the aircraft nor missiles capable of destroying inaccessible Y-2"). Airplane Y-2" had an extremely lightweight airframe with a large wingspan, equipped with special high-altitude turbojet engine. Powers by May 1960 has made 27 flights over the Soviet Union, had flown a total of more than 500 hours. By 1960, flights, "U-2" got Nikita Khrushchev, as the saying goes "to the livers." Khrushchev was proud of the cosmos – the first satellite, flying dogs.

Dec 08 2014

Infrared and Heat

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In the course of our work with clients, we had many questions about gender and infrared doubt about answers dealers, resellers and manufacturers of infrared films. The answers to these questions, we decided to obtained empirically. Infrared warm floor under the linoleum? First, we are interested in the question was: "whether an infrared heated floor lay directly under the linoleum with no plywood or gypsum fiber board?". The answer is – yes you can, but if … …

.. we bed in order substrate, film, vinyl, because of the inherent softness of linoleum and heat reflecting substrate at high risk of mechanical damage to infra-red film. If we exclude the substrate, then the risk mechanical damage is reduced at times, but it suffers from efficiency infrared film. This means that while you will not get warm the concrete base to set the thermostat to the temperature, the film will be continuously heat, while spending precious kilowatts. So, my advice is do not skimp and do it right – heat-substrate, an infrared film, plywood or gypsum fiber board, and only after the linoleum. How much power consumption Film? To this question I can answer both – it depends on many factors.

One of the main, is the type of flooring. It all depends on what his heat. If the floor holds the heat for a long time, so thermostat will be less likely to include heating infrared film exposed to the temperature you. There also appears next factor that influences the consumption of precious kilowatts – the difference between the temperature setting on thermostat and the air temperature in the room.

Dec 06 2014

Stable Banks

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Panama was including once again like " fiscal paradise not cooperativo" , but it is small country has worked arduously so that this image changes. If you are interested in the banks of Panama for intentions in the country or outside him, you must learn about the policies, processes, risks and functions related to the transactions of businesses in a financial institution of Panama. Panama has recently reinforced its legislation against the money laundering and has created a banking system that is very private and very competitive, Also has been controlled well by the international extra-territorial banking community. If you decide to make businesses with a bank of Panama, you can be sure that our privacy strictly will be reserved and their goods will be in a bank that is reliable and safe. Before the great reforms of half-full of 1990, Panama was the home of more than 150 extra-territorial banks, but that number has been reduced to near 80 banks. The remaining banks are due to adhere to the bank and all the strict regulations of privacy, while they are guaranteed that the illegal activities will not be allowed. The banks of Panama have many advantages on the banks in other extra-territorial jurisdictions or. The unique type of money that is subject to taxes in the Republic of Panama is those that are generated within Panama (the derived income to foreigners are not subject to taxes).

If he decides to incorporate his business in Panama, but you decide to handle his business elsewhere, you can deposit all assets and the income in his banking account of Panama without being responsible to pay the local taxes on his money. The banks of Panama offer many banking services for the banking client whom it requires of different options for his business. There are three types of accounts that you can obtain in a bank of Panama: commercial accounts, personal accounts and accounts of the companies.