Jun 29 2014

Portable Networks

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In late 2002, the corporation Intel, already known earlier support for wireless standards for local area networks, began developing the latest standard, which became known as WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and designation of 802.16. WiMax is created only to give in disposal of Internet users wireless "last mile". To promote and support the latest standards established WiMax Forum, which was attended by such industry giants as Airspan Networks, Alvarion Ltd, , Wi-LAN, Proxim Corporation, Nokia Inc, and others. Throughput of channels WiMax does not exceed 100 Mb / s, and almost at the level of 10-30 Mbit / sec. So WiMax can not compete with DSL and other "wired" networks in terms of bandwidth. Advantages of WiMax in the other.

Access points 802.16x (at Currently, the most "viable" is the protocol version, 802.16-2004) must be installed on high buildings and towers of cellular networks. Radiating in the frequency range from 2 to 11 GHz, they provide the possibility of wireless access to the channel width of up to 70 Mbit / sec. Provided a well-developed infrastructure, WiMax as consumers may be the likeness of the world's mobile Internet. At the appropriate level of access points covering the territory, and the same way with a special software consumers will be able to enjoy high-speed Internet via WiMax-each device, not only at home but on the street and in cafes, office, car, etc. Because several providers have the opportunity to expand their access point in a coverage area, an Internet user can choose the provider.

WiMax devices themselves may be compact computers with special software, and Portable audio and video players. This is ideal. But … In reality, it turns out not quite so. The first network based on the fully WiMAX-certified equipment will be launched until early 2009, and in the Russian Federation – not before 2010. Despite this, still not entirely clear what standard would be preferred. This situation is somewhat similar to the one that evolved in the early days of WiFi networks, with the only difference is that when placing a local network can be ordered all the equipment from one manufacturer and thus solve the problem of incompatibility. Taking into account the vagueness of the standards in bringing WiMAX Forum decided that candidates for certification will be WiMAX- to be combined in threes in this form to prove the possibility of sharing data devices.

Jun 27 2014


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On the other hand, this deramlugar macumba; for another one, the rules of condombls were amoldaram it nags, not sedistinguindo of them seno for a bigger tolerance. The bantos cults emgradativo decline had received the espritos of the indians, what &#039 would go to take aosurgimento of one; ' condombl of cablocos' ' , and they had adopted cantos in lnguaportuguesa, to the step that condombls nags only uses cantos in African language. Already the Sudanese proceeding from the fricaocidental, Sudan and of the Coast of the Guin, had culturally contributed for aformao of an identity afro-Brazilian, since much of its prticasculturais reign currently as, for example, candombl, practical religiosados enslaved Sudanese. In Brazil these groups: esudaneses bantos had joined resulting in biological crossings, cultural ereligiosos. In accordance with Paiva (2001, p.36): Etnias information, assimcomo, cultural practical traditions joined and.

New colors were forged colonial pelasociedade and for it appropriate to assign to different groups depessoas, to indicate hierarquizao of the social relations, to impose adiferena of a world inside each more crossbred time. Of the color of the skin to the one of it hid panosque it valued or it until the motley of the colonial streets, reflected plurality of migrantes knowledge, applied to vegetal, mineral, animal and cultural the substance. One notices that the cultural crossing entreestes African peoples propitiated the construction of a culturalbrasileira identity, or culture afro-Brazilian. A time that, they had not feared in ' ' inventarcdigos of behaviors and to recriarem practise of sociability culturais' ' (Paiva 2001, p.23). Thus, this crossing was resulted of long processoque propitiated peculiar a cultural wealth to Brazil. In accordance with Paiva (2001, p.27), can-secaracterizar this cultural crossing as resultant of an approach entreuniversos geographically moved away, in hibridismos and impermeabilidades, (reverse speed) appropriations, adaptations and overlapping of representations and cultural deprticas. Thus, the African influence was setornando visible in some pursuings of the colonial society, such comoculinria, practical religious, dances, amongst other cultural values queforam incorporated for the Brazilian population.

Jun 26 2014

Macmon Security

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Presentation of the new version 4.1 with coupling other security products at CeBIT in Hall 12, booth C60 the macmon secure GmbH presents at CeBIT (Hall 12, booth C60) 2013 the new version of its intelligent network access control (NAC) solution. You has not only significant functional performance improvements, but also boasts an integration of security products. For example, a completely new and powerful reporting engine of most modern technological expression is one of the innovations of the macmon version 4.1. Not only the spectrum of possible evaluations, they characterized also by a comfortable handling for fast creating of clear reports. In addition, the representation of statistical information about the security conditions in the network was expanded and accelerated. Thus, users with simplified ways to pursue concrete remarks and anomalies within the macmon user interface. Also provides an extension of the 802.1 X authentication to macmon 4.1 any attributes.

Also a selection of catalog allows you to define of many additional attributes them. In this way, you can now group-wide defines rules for a very granular control of network communication. Of these functional enhancements, the integration strategy of macmon can be read very clearly on the new version of NAC. This is evident not only on the coupling of products of from multiple antivirus vendors via the new module”antivirus-connector. But after last year already was the integration of the IT emergency management tools INDART professional, the integration approach has been developed in the meantime offensive. So the endpoint security product DriveLock Center tools and the central master data base (CMDB) have been added now uniDB the unidatagroup.

Thus, the entire infrastructure data that macmon keeps in the live inventory management, can be uniDB passed to the system and made available to any of the other tools. The extension of DriveLock with a comprehensive client compliance in combination with macmon allows the automated Isolation of systems that do not meet corporate guidelines. The specific added value of a combination of macmon NAC with other leading security products German manufacturer is in the reduced implementation and maintenance of the entire security infrastructure,”explains Christian Bucker, Managing Director of macmon secure gmbh. But that the benefits not limited. At the same time the security infrastructure with additional quality effects benefits, because in contrast to the existing island solutions creates a harmonious and perfectly coordinated unit.” To implement such an approach of integration on the part of the provider, but also the communication between manufacturers is a major success factor.

Jun 25 2014

McGregor Storelocator

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Online shopping in a clean look with highlight products and the world of McGregor Berlin, 27.08.2012 – McGregor fashion presents itself online now in the new design and the 2 in 1 concept. Corporate site and McGregor shop are now with the introduction of the autumn / winter fashion 2012 collection hunting for Royals’ new address. Elegant sportswear can be ordered now McGregor fashion lovers with more online shopping convenience. In the trusted shops certified McGregor shop under can be ordered without long registration immediately at usual free delivery within Germany. Products, larger pictures and clearer sorting of range of feature highlight the new store design in the clean look. “In the McGregor firing range, the world of McGregor”, can skip B2C and B2B customers seamlessly in the history of the brand McGregor founded in 1921 in New York City and more to the collections, the twenty one by McGregor denim-lifestyle Williams F1 team information line, the racing fashion collections and the sponsorship of the brand such as the. In the McGregor pressroom current press releases to the new collections and high-resolution images of McGregor fashion made direct download available. McGregor fans stay with the 2-in-1 relaunch more up to date than ever: the latest news, Tweets and McGregor Facebook posts are displayed directly on the home page.

In addition, men’s business fashion grant wrapped McGregor videos, such as the new distinction, detailed insight into the new trends for autumn/winter 2012. McGregor fashion is shopping itself through the clear sorting by category, collection, color, size and article even easier and more intuitive. And for those who prefer offline like, can find its nearest store with the built-in McGregor Storelocator. The customer has the maximum choice in the payment process in the McAfee of store certified McGregor online shop classic with credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. New customers will receive a McGregor during newsletter registration voucher to the value of 10. The latest McGregor autumn / winter fashion 2012 collection is inspired by the upscale upstate New York Country lifestyle and his rustic hunting culture. Parallel to the development of McGregor’s leading sportswear brand in the United States founded in 1921 in New York, especially powerful dynasties such as the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Ford’s dominated this leisure culture at their country lodge weekends. Hunting for Royals’ looks in the fashionable autumn winter – Spotlight brings numerous modern interpreted classic-cool and preppy.

David D. Doniger, Scottish tailor and member of the famous McGregor clan, founded the brand McGregor in 1921.

Jun 25 2014


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Histories in the Policy that are difficult of if believing, exactly for exist had testified who them and therefore many finish turning folklore. As the deceased friend said, the campineiro broadcaster Wanderley Owner, many cases had finished ' ' in the Basin of the Almas' '. But as the people it says that ' ' all rumor has deep of verdade' ' who are we we stop contradicting the popular wisdom, we are not same? , we go to disclose to some of these ' ' causos' ' in chronicles. This would have happened close to important Police stations of Campinas (SP). A policeman just incorporated the institution, a strengthenn youngster, was radiating when receiving the tip of an informer on possible great departures from ' ' farinha' ' – in the police slang he is as if he treats narcotic the cocaine that would be unloaded in a commercial establishment of those immediacy, almost in beards of the policemen most experienced. As the transaction she was done well early, in ' ' madrugadona' ' perhaps exactly, nobody if has given account in containing audacious ' ' traficantes' ' , it would have said the such informer, certainly to value its information. Certain of that an instant of such transport would be important for the career, the young policeman did not measure risks or consequncias.

It would make the alone operation, in total secrecy. Said and fact, the policeman loads and confers the ammunition of its weapon, leaves ready handcuffs and is of ' ' campana' ' , that is in comment, to wait the great moment. The night passes calm, the dawn arrives frozen and it does not have no alteration, until it appears a Kombi and it parks close to the establishment. The cautious policeman if certifys of that ' ' traficante' ' he did not bring escort and he thinks: ' ' the arrest will be more easy of what I thought, ' mala' he is sozinho' '.

Jun 25 2014

Spend Expenses

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It prevents economic stress!Many of the reasons for insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, depression and stress, due to economic reasons affecting our finances. Therefore you below 12 practical ways to carry your personal and family economy, and avoid stressful situations. 1 Spend according to what you earn if you spend more than what you earn you are creating debt. Don’t let that these debts do not overcome what you earn, monthly. 2 It takes a record of expenses if you do not know where will that desire can not correct it.

Program your expenses. 3 Save it is not important how much you’ll save, the important thing is to start. Save not having to borrow you when making a large purchase. Save with the intention of investing and, thus, increase your capital. 4 Get rid of cards that charge you maintenance through the maintenance of their accounts, credit and debit cards to those banks that do not charge you.

Although there is some discomfort having to change at the beginning, in the long run you’ll. 5. Purchase in installments (a month) no interest if you pay with credit card, which charges interest, is not a good buy. Get a credit card that you charged last month, interest-free. 6 Uses discount coupons there are supermarkets that monthly, issue these coupons; avail you of them and purchase in larger than usual amount, knowing that yes or Yes you’ll use it. Take advantage of the three by two that take the malls in promotion. 7 Buy needed No abuses of shopping months, interest free. Buying, just in case, if I will be useful should not be and you’ll be buying something useless you’re going to pay anyway. Avoid superfluous expenses and buy by buy. 8 Remember you’re not by what you have the order wrong is: have, do, be. To which they should aspire is: be, do, have. 9 Avoid be guarantor of someone shuns it by all means. In the event you decide to exit catch someone, ask yourself if with what you have will be able deal with the debt of the other person; If it isn’t, you run the risk of losing everything. 10 Presta only what you can give when you pay run the risk of not return what you or that they returned in poor condition. If you can not give it better and not lend. 11 Dispenses with borrow is a quick way out of step, but first must make sure that you can return it. Remember that it is the best way of people you avoid and that you close doors. In spite of everything, if you provided: returns immediately! 12. Don’t spend in vices alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, games, etc., in addition to bring you the money you have now, Bill pass you in the future because of the consequences that can lead you. Worse still, if you must borrow to spend on these vices. The y team are going through a stressful economic situation?

Jun 22 2014

Make Yourself Project

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Learn to build a house yourself! School of the young builder. Hello, Dear Reader, You mechtaetepostroit home by yourself!? Of course, this is great! If you buy an apartment than a personal home can cost two to three times cheaper, you just have enough money to make a choice and apartments. But if you build a house yourself, you can save a lot. As a result, the building will house a couple of times cheaper than buying his apartment. In addition, you build your dream home, where everything is done according to your choice and will, where convenient, warm and thoughtful. And yet, there is no higher quality work done by yourself! But the trouble is that you have great difficulties: the Do not have enough money, you – not the builder, you do not know how to build, you do not know where to start! I will help you solve these problems, I will teach you the construction business and tell you about all the wisdoms of construction, you will know how to build a house and a cottage, garden house and a bath, you will learn how to run the project independently of your building.

With age, the person has a desire to share with others their experience, their capabilities. That's me advanced in years, a specialist, it was necessary to teach the knowledge of people stretching out the basics of construction, to share experiences, give people the knowledge, the use of which will house vozmozhnympostroit with his hands while saving big money, "I know how …" and this knowledge would like to convey to people who need them. Call me – Julius Hoffman. I was born on May 9, 1933 in Dnepropetrovsk in the Ukraine. He graduated from high school in 1950 in the city of Donetsk. In 1950, he enrolled in 1955 graduated from the , Civil Engineering Department, specialty CBC (Industrial and Civil Engineering) 5 years at UNR-72 Trust 108 Ministry of Construction of the USSR in the position of the master to beg.

Jun 16 2014

Financial Liberty

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This time, based on the book we want you to be rich, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump, I want to talk about some of the features that rich people have in common, with the intention that you identify what you must change or improve if you want to be rich and financially free. MINDSET results that we get in life are determined by the actions that we perform on a daily basis, and such actions, they derive from any thought. Therefore, to change our results we have to change our way of thinking, in other words, if we want to solve our financial problems, we must think like rich and stop thinking as poor. Poor people usually has a mentality of merit; they expect the Government to take care of them, but if the Government does not deal with them, who will? with a nation in crisis and with you watching and critiquing from your Chair, how you expect different results. Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expect different results Albert Einstein.

Another mentality particular of the poor, as I said in my article the reality of money, is to think that money is the root of all evil. That is a serious error to be corrected, money can be used for good, can bring you happiness, it can give you more options in life, can give you greater freedom, etc. what I mean with this?; Not want to fly in a private jet to save time lost in airports? Or afford such expensive treatment to save your relative? Or have more time free to spend it with your loved ones? Poderte or give tastes in clothes, video games, cars, etc.? I believe that we all want. Intelligence financial intelligence is the ability to solve problems. Identify a problem in your life, your work, your business, etc., gives you the opportunity to devise a solution.

Jun 09 2014

Direction Organization

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Critrios for conscription, election, promotion of used: The types of people who are contracted and the ones that have success are those that in accordance with accept and behave the values of the organization. It is basic not to have the favoritism of some people, where the paternalista character can be seen very strong in familiar companies to happen becoming the organization discredited internally. One applies with a conscription and election made for qualified professionals, where they are searched professional who if incase with the profile of the vacant and the objectives of the organization. Its return is of long stated period. It is important, however, to stand out that before any attitude a diagnosis of the current culture of the organization must first be made, to thus be able to make an action plan and finally to execute it and to control it. Application of the cited tools the mechanisms above cited, they can be applied, and they are really forms to make clearly with that the organization changes its corporative culture, that if must observe the size and the structure of each company and adapt in agreement tool its situation. The change of the culture certainly starts from top to bottom, and can and must be executed by the Direction. The intermediate controlling, supervisors, or heads of departments, must obligatorily be party to suit, or stages as of communication they would not function, is its paper also to stimulate the changes proposals, it is for them that the instructions normally arrive, and if to fail in this stage all the process can come below for water. Of this form one concludes that only with the integration of all it is possible to make with that if it changes the culture of an organization. ‘ ‘ Two ways only exist to change the culture of an organization: changing the people or moving of pessoas.’ ‘ (Unknown Author).

Jun 08 2014

Internet Resources

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As a result, they either become victims of cheaters, or spend time on the 'clicks' to give a penny for this monotonous work. Most of the anger become ardent advocates of the slogan 'the Internet to make money impossible ', but only a few eventually realize that earn income in the network can, if wisely invested in him their time and energy. Internet – a virtual space, which consists of Web sites. Of course, there are many ways earnings in the network without your website, but it is either an exception to the rule, any activity that somehow relates to a particular site. Consequently, the launch of the resource is one of the most effective ways earnings in the network. Before you start making money online, you need to refine the quality of your Internet access: to determine the maximum amount of traffic that can take your network to test the system for 'Glitches' and possible failures, check your internet speed. Since joining the network, your room will be the office, but directly to a pc or laptop – a tool that brings you income.

Consequently, it is very important to have opportunity at any time freely to the Internet and to ensure smooth operation of their Internet project. Take the test speed of the Internet, as well as to know their ip will help you a great assistant – speed-tester.info. It will help find ip address of your computer, locate ip, get information about open ports on your connection. The very first thing, with what is usually faced man, someone wanted to acquire their site – purchase the domain. Earlier, before the appearance of domains, computers are identified only by ip address, but over time began to be used for the convenience of marks, which if necessary could be converted dns service back to the figures.

As a rule, most domains are already taken, and search for vacant combination is very difficult. To save time, provides whois service – a service that checks the domains for their presence on the Internet. If necessary it can be of further service – find out someone else's ip, as well as data and the name of the owner of this domain name. So, you have acquired the domain name. Now is the time to purchase hosting. Hosting – hosting provider site on the server where the cost is dependent on obtaining a function of site management. Following the acquisition of hosting and posting data on a server, you type in the search name your site and admire for their offspring. Now the question is what to do next You can use the most simple form of the earnings on the Internet – selling links. You just hand over the site under the sponsored links of various resources and charge for a small fee. If you need large earnings, it makes sense to place in your virtual space, contextual advertising, for which pay more, as well as participate in partnership programs and hang banners and. But these clients do not cooperate with each. The more you work on the traffic to your site and 'buildup TIC' (ie, spins), the greater the chance that major customers will want to accommodate you their advertising. This is the most basic ways of earning through your own website, without requiring special optimizer works. But if the process of monetizing your site to connect the imagination, then with the help of an Internet resource You can achieve far greater success than the payment of monthly bills for Internet access. Good luck!